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I believe research and sketching before doing electronic work is ALWAYS important. As much as I used to hate when professors didn’t allow me to immedately work electronically, I’ve come to terms with that work is best created when it has a bit of planning behind it. Not only that, but when people showcase their work, I LOVE seeing the sketches before they started the electronic work, actually, that’s sometimes my favorite part. It gives the audience to dive into the head and heart of the designer and see what they were thinking when they created their work- for this, their work gets a lot of personality. Now, whenever I’m designing, I’m researching, sketching, and planning before I even begin to open Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop. It’s important for making your designs relevant, up-to-date, and clean. An architect wouldn’t construct a building without research and drawing it out first, would they?

Knowledge of HTML & CSS

I feel as if it is important for graphic designers to know web design, at least the basics of HTML and CSS. As time moves on, more and more things are becoming put only online, therefore, why not open up more opportunities for design jobs? It appears the in the design world, more designers are becoming acquainted with HTML and CSS, therefore, I feel as if a graphic designer doesn’t have this basic knowledge, they’re almost putting themselves at risk. When I think of websites for learning HTML and CSS, I would always think of W3 schools. However, the design was so boring and the content wasn’t always the most exciting- therefore, W3 schools is not always an option…and then I discovered Team Treehouse. With Team Treehouse they teach you HTML, CSS, Javascript, Mobile App development, etc. I believe it’s a better option than taking a class because you’re able to work at your own pace, learn what you feel is necessary, work on your weaknesses, and even learn things that you wouldn’t in class. 14-day free trial and then $25/month (which is decent considering how much one would spend on a class to learn these kind of things). Best of all, the design of the website is beautiful, therefore, it provokes to you move forward and learn more.

Check it out.

What do you guys think? Do you think it’s necessary for designers to have basic knowledge of CSS & HTML?


-Colton M

Spec Work

This blog topic is from the third paper that I am going to be writing about for the class. What is spec work? Spec work or speculative work is basically work that is done without any fee/compensation or you could say work that is done for free. Personally I think I had done quite a lot of spec work through out my college life. Drawing pictures or design a theme/concept for friends and even strangers for free. I do not think that it is bad. It makes me feel happy whenever I am done with the work, and I would get “thank you’s” and gratitude from these people. It makes me feel human and appreciated. Though there are cases where some people do not do any of the above. Some would take advantage of that friendly gesture, being ungrateful, and they would create something totally un-call for (excessive dramas). I am torn many times, and even to this day I am trying to fight my conflicting thoughts “should I or shouldn’t I?”

What about you my fellow classmates? Have any of you been through any of the situation similar or close as I did? And what is your opinion/take on this issue? Should we or should we not spec work?


L.N ^-^

Nutrition Facts Label

After 20 years since Burkey Belser unveiled the current Nutrition Label, it is about to be changed for the first time. According to The Food and Drug Administration, one of the reasons to change the design is to reduce the public confusions about what qualifies as healthy food. Here’s the current and the new designs of the Nutrition Label.

Nutrition Label

In order to help customers to understand the facts better, the new proposals have a stronger typographic focus. The text elements are arranged with a clear sense of visual hierarchy. For instance, the number of calories is more emphasized by increasing the size and using bold. They put a more emphasis on the number of serving size, which I personally pay the most attention to, along with the calories. The percentages of daily value are placed to the left, so the readers could recognize them first. The proposal 2 has more customer-friendly approach by dividing the information into three sections: “quick facts”, “avoid too much”, and “get enough” This would be very helpful to people who have less understanding of what are good and bad for health. So, what do you all think of the updated labels?






The Effects of Creativity…

A professor of mine share this article with us resonantly, it covers the idea of us setting our own limits on creativity and it’s importance. I personally think I allow stress to build up when dealing with different work loads and getting everything done during the same week. Also not having the best environments and taking the time to relax does not help either. How about you?



UX Design Tips

Since my interest is in UI and UX design I thought I’d share this with anyone looking for inspiration in the interactive world.

Artsbus Trip

So I first want to say how incredibly happy I am for finishing up my artsbus requirement. I personally think it’s unreasonable to have to take this trip 5 times in order to complete your degree. Anyways…this last trip was the most interesting trip I’ve had. Other than enjoying what New York has to offer, I got to take a private tour of some of Nick Cave’s work at the Jack Shainman gallery in Chelsea. I am not someone who gets amused by art very easily, unless I’m looking for graphic design work for inspiration. Nick Cave is a contemporary artist who is known for his soundsuits, which I find very interesting. They are both sculpture and performance costumes. When I saw his pieces in person, I was for the first time excited to see art. If you haven’t see any of his work, definitely do! Just look up Nick Cave’s soundsuits. Check out his performances too.

Printing website

My best friend is getting married this summer, and i’m super excited that i get to throw her a bridal shower! I was struggling for a while, looking for a website that can help me with this fast and in a reasonable price. My cousin told me about this website that she used when her best friend got married. Its called VistaPrint. My favorite thing about this website is that it lets you print out your personalized design. I designed a bridal shower invite which incorporates all of her favorite things from when we were kids, and this website will let me upload my design in a PDF form, and will print it out for very very reasonable prices.

Here’s the link!

Creative GIFs

Hey guys,

I wanted to share a cool find (link below). This guy makes these cool GIFs using programs we learn here at GMU (after effects, illustrator, and photoshop). Take a look at the designs in the link and see what you can actually do with these programs. Sometimes it’s a nice refresher to see the different possibilities you can do with the tools you know.



Criticism for the sack of criticism

I am not sure if anyone else has ever felt that during a critic or just reading so sort of review found it bash for things that seem less important or even giving off a vibe that person is just being negative. A few times I felt that we have a habit of being negative for academic purposes or use it as a proof that we are intelligent. After the break I stumbled on this video, it is geared more towards video games, but I feel that criticism concern is consistence. Adam goes on saying that “criticism doesn’t mean being critical… that you look more intelligent and more negative you are.” I not saying that all negative criticism falls under this idea, but I do feel I myself and others would use negative aspects just sound more professional in our trade. What are your thought?