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You Think THIS is Art? Please, Enlighten Me

Ever been walking through the city and in front of the Court House there’s a sculpture consisting of six or seven steel beams that are tangled together? Me too, and my thoughts immediately gravitate to: “how is this art?”

When I was in grade school, I hated art class. It was just a time to sit there and talk with friends, while the actual drawing and painting was just a chore, and quite frankly looked extremely bad for steel“art”, yet the teacher still considered it “art”. Now, in college, I’ve learned these have an official name. “Splatter paintings” are what they are referred to. The professor tells me that the reason these are so special is due to the process in which they were made. Okay? He grabbed a paint brush, dipped it in paint, and threw it at a canvas. So special.


But what about other people? What about you, maybe? Perhaps you look at these works deeper than I and see far more in them than I could ever imagine. Maybe you love these pieces and can help me out here.

Out of all the people in those art classes with me, am I alone in thinking this?

Yes? No? Maybe so? Check out these links for more examples of this “art” and enlighten me, please. ,


While going through George Mason’s art school you learn and realize that it is a lot harder than most other programs. Most other programs you study hard and know your stuff then you can get an adequate job. When you’re a design student it takes a little more than that, you have to have that little spark of creativity.

Since everything is changing that means we students have to always be on our toes and coming up with better ideas and concepts. We have to stay relevant, always one-upping everybody. Other designers are not the only thing we have to worry about; we also have to be up to date on software and new technology. This is so we look better on paper and have better ways to express our ideas. All of these things help us do better in school but they will also help us after because finding a job is not going to be as easy.

Once you found a nice job in design is just like how it was in school but harder because you’re on your own and do not have a helping hand from professors. This is where everything you learned in school comes in handy. You have to constantly be on top of your game and always improving your skills because you’re not the only starving designer out there looking for a job. All of the people you just graduated with and already existing designers are going to be looking for jobs too.

Lights, Camera, Action!

If you are in any sort of social media, you will surely come across different beauty related tricks, hacks and challenge, whether or not you follow any beauty related pages. Beauty products are everywhere and highlighters are the new talk of the town!

A recent video I came across, was called the highlighter challenge. Currently, the beauty world can’t get enough of the glowing look of the highlighter.  The dewy light it gives to the face, makes all eyes turn. The highlighter challenge takes it to the next level. It requires you to do your entire face with highlighting products! You contour and highlight your entire face using only highlighting products.

Another beauty challenge I came across include one-hundred layers of nail polish. This introduced other hundred layers’ challenges including layers of foundation, lipstick, hairspray. Can you imagine having your face covered in hundred layers of foundation? Just imagining it, I can feel my face break out!

What do you think of these new challenges? What are some other crazy beauty challenge you came across? Also, make sure to check out the highlighter challenge here!




Wells Fargo Hates Ballerinas (and Johnny Depp)

I read an article about Wells Fargo’s recent public apology for their new ad campaign, which appears to suggest that teens should set their artistic dreams aside and choose science careers instead. If you haven’t seen those controversial advertisements, here they are:


Of course artists and creatives everywhere took personal offense to this, blowing up Twitter feeds and other social media platforms to voice their disgust. Personally, I have mixed emotions on this, and not quite sure what to think. What is their message here? Since Wells Fargo is a financial institution, it would seem that finances are their concern. Yes, an engineer would most likely yield a higher income than a ballerina, but is that their message? Or do they have a vendetta against ballerinas? In contrast, many actors today net about 10 times that of a botanist.

I think the kicker here is that little sub heading, “Let’s get them ready for tomorrow.” To me, this implies that they were just day dreaming before, and now it’s time to get real. Is striving to be successful in the arts still considered a “childhood fancy?” Whatever the company’s intention was, they seem to have failed.

I’m sure those teen models in the ads wouldn’t be so pleased if they saw this message slapped across their smiling faces. In the company’s apology, Wells Fargo states that they are “…deeply committed to the arts” and that the ads “were intended to celebrate all the aspirations of young people and fell short of that goal…” Well that’s completely contradictive.

They must have a great PR guy.

Secrets within Greek Art: Aphrodite

Ever since taking an art history course on Ancient Greek Art three years ago, I have been infatuated.

With that being said, I attended New York University in the summer of 2013 and had the opportunity of taking an art history course on Ancient Greek Art

Statue of Aphrodite

Statue of Aphrodite

 Since then, I had become so fascinated with the beauties that Greek Art had offered to this world. One thing, which I really love, is the story that each sculpture has. They all express different auras and personalities in terms of posture and aesthetic features. Even till today, I think that Greek sculptures have the ability to communicate to the viewer through various ways.

One sculpture, which speaks for the female society is Aphrodite, the Greek goddess. She symbolized love, pleasure and beauty. She also embodied power in a world dominated by males. Instantly looking at the sculpture, she flaunts her dress as it flows with such a ‘wet drapery effect’. This creates such an ambience around her as a goddess, making her untouchable. In total effect, art has the ability to speak louder than to what meets the eye.

Altogether, I think that learning the beauties of Greek art has the ability to really open one’s eyes when looking at art. It allows you to open your mind to endless possibilities and meanings within art. Visual experiences, make you realize that when looking at art, you should not only let the art expresses itself, but allow yourself to express yourself however you want, towards the art.

To Code, or Not To Code

Did you know that outer space is only an hour’s drive away, if your car could drive straight up? Crazy right?! That’s just one of the many useless bits of information I’ve picked up while procrastinating coding my portfolio website. I’d like to discuss this dilemma graphic designers are faced with, is it better to build a portfolio site from scratch, or can designers go with a Content Management System (CMS) that uses templates like Squarespace or Wix?


First of all, as an artist and graphic designer, I feel it may be a conflict of interest to employ the services of a CMS website. These sites take a cookie cutter approach and sometimes take away business designers like me! A personal portfolio website not only is great place to showcase my coding and web design skills but I’d also be given full control of the branding and UX of my site. So in a way it’s more useful than just a place to display my work.

But, let’s get real… Squarespace is about $80/year for a clean easy to use site. If I were to code my own site, it would take a lot more time to maintain and update – but I would be able to have complete creative control. Knowing myself, I would love to tweak and update this constantly. Plus, as a full time student with two jobs, I don’t know that I’d be that on the ball with upkeep.

Do you believe coding your own site is truly more effective / worth the time commitment or are you on team CMS? If you want to learn more about coding your own portfolio site check this out:

Why did you choose to be a graphic design major?

Lately I’ve been thinking about how different my life would have been if I chose to major in something other than graphic design. Part of me has always been interested in programming, but instead of choosing to major in computer science, I decided to go for graphic design. I like working with visuals and designing things to make them pretty and appealing. Choosing the path of a graphic designer was a risky decision though. It’s very competitive, and design can be very subjective.

The other day I overheard someone talking about how they chose to get a degree in graphic design because there are more jobs in this field of art. Her heart and talent was in traditional art though. She loved painting and drawing, but she didn’t pursue that career in fear of not getting a job later on. This made me wonder about how many people juggle between if they chose the right major or not.

If I had chosen computer science, it would have been easier for me to get a job. It was something I was interested in too, and I used to think about switching. I’m about to graduate though, so it’s not likely to happen. I’ve been learning code on the side, so I hope that helps my career. I’m not sure if I made the right decision, but I also feel that if I were a computer science major right now, I’d look at the art and design building and wonder the same thing.

Why did you end up choosing graphic design as your major? Would you switch if you could? Mention it below!

Harry Potter, Book 1

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 8.35.04 AM

This one is for all you Harry Potter fans or anyone who simply enjoys an easy and fun animated mini sketch. I personally am a huge fan of Harry Potter and when I saw this I was so amazed by how simple it looked. However, I am not an animation major or a film major. So I am sure those of you out there can give me feed back on how long this could take or difficult it could be.


Personally I am always one to favor the opposite spectrums of things; therefore I love simplicity of this mini movie. I am sure I am not the only one who draws on their notebooks in class. The fact that it looks like something we all could doodle on our notepads and then came to life to tell the story of the first movie is so interesting to me. Even the characters are very basic, the person who created this was sparing on colors, only using ones when they are needed for the story to tell different aspects apart. I love it!


Please share in the comments below any links to more of these little videos or what your thoughts are on this.


Video link:

Suda the Elephant


As I have said before artists come in many shapes and sizes, as you can tell from the photo above this artist happens to be an elephant.


Now if you think like me you probably thought about how this barely compares with what we have found that chimps can do. But, this is an elephant, which is even more astonishing. This beautiful little elephant can paint an elephant and write her name, the only help she needs is for someone to assist her in dipping the brush in the paint.


As people we might look at that and this that it looks like a child drew it so whatever but as artist we look at that and our heads just go crazy on the depth of a painting can have. Then when you tack on the fact that an elephant drew this it makes it even more priceless because we then start to wonder the thoughts that the elephant had as she painted. We do the same thing when we walk through gallery’s, you wonder what the artist was thinking and what made them want to produce this certain piece of art work.


When I saw the video of her painting, I was amazed the whole time. She actually put effort and took her time to make each stroke. Well done Suda, well done.


Link to video:

It’s so Squishy! <

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have something round and fluffy to just squish every now and then? Well what you need is a Squishable. Squishables are a brand of stuffed animals that take cute to a whole new level. Each of the squishables is more or less a big round circle, and there are tons of them to choose from.  Would you like a puppy? Or a turtle? Or a narwhal? Or a cupcake? Yes you heard that right, they even have a line of “comfort foods” for you to love and squish!


And not only do they come in a wide variety of animals and foods, you also have a veriety fo sizes to choose from! You can get a small keychain size, to a small pillow size, to a huge 15 inch friend, to an even more massive 24”diameter bean bag in you favorite animal shape!

They even let the community have a go and try to design new squishables. Members can vote on other’s submitted designs, and they may even be selected to become produced stuffies! What are you waiting for? Do you want to hug one? Or design one of your own!


Visit the squishy awesomeness at

I have the corgi squishable 🙂 His name is Winston and he moonlights as a secret agent.