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Brooklyn Bridge

The most famous bridge in New York City is the Brooklyn Bridge. This bridge is a tourist attraction to millions of people around the world. The bridge cross over from Manhattan to Brooklyn a span of 1,595.5 feet and a height of 276.5 ft above the East river and on it are commuters wether its by foot or car.

The man behind this amazing design was John A. Roebling. The construction started 1869 and wast completed until fourteen years later in 1883. The Brooklyn bridge originally was named  New York and Brooklyn Bridge and the East River Bridge but later in 1915 it was officially named by the government the Brooklyn Bridge. The design of the bridge was to make it easier for people to get to one side of New York to the other. The towers of the bridge was built out of cement, granite, and limestone. I have been on the Brooklyn Bridge plenty of times and I can say it is extremely beautiful and sightseeing.

Minimalism – For Better or For Worse?

A lot of people think minimalism is just an easy way to get by for designers. In my opinion, and in my years as a designer that is learning every day, I find that minimalism is a sort of practice. Using the least amount of elements in the most stripped down way is an exercise for the mind of the designer, that should be used as a challenge. I think that minimal design itself is sometimes a lot more interesting than super crowded, ornate design. Most of the time, I end up appreciating less elements with more thought, than just sporadically placed elements with no relation to anything.

The Art of Newborn Photography

Photographing people is not easy, but have you ever thought about what it’s like to attempt a photo shoot with a newborn?

Photographing babies is very challenging, and that’s mainly because you never know what to expect from them. Experts recommend starting an infant photo shoot when the baby is sleeping, because at that time the baby is easy to move around and their sleeping angelic face is the best thing to photograph.

Of course, the theme, background, and props are all very things to consider before the shoot. Babies look good in anything! But certain items can enhance their tiny features, such as wool outfits, small headbands, tutus, or a nicely wrapped shawl.

Once the baby is dressed up and the background is set, it is time to shoot. Natural lighting is the most suitable. Take as many pictures as you can while shooting in continuous mode, and don’t be afraid to try different angles and different settings. Sometimes focusing on the baby’s small hands or toes can give a creative a result.

Remember to try putting the baby in different positions, and ask for the parent’s assistance as needed. Although challenging, the final pictures can be worth every struggle.

Meet your silent bodyguard

While hanging out with my cousin recently, she told me about an app called Noonlight. It is an app for your safety, you connect your device to the app and it can sense danger. Or you can manually set an alarm to trigger when you need help. When the alarm goes off it sends an alert to a certified dispatcher who then responds quickly and sends help to your location. There are no automated messages or robots, instead humans are fully present because they believe your safety is their priority. My cousin who introduced me to this app explained how useful it is and encouraged me to download it. She has already used Noonlight countless amount of times when walking alone in the city at night and was useful. She felt more safe knowing she can immediately get in touch with 911 when she needed. The vast advancement of technology never fails to amaze me. It’s both good and scary knowing how fast technology has grown and how much our society relies it.

No Hate Allowed

Recently online there is a retailer called Keep and Bear and they launched a lego-like kit for Donald Trump’s border wall. The packaging with the letters “MAGA” is made to look very much like Lego’s packaging. Also on the packaging is an angry looking Trump figurine, as well as a Hispanic man wearing a sombrero hat in the desert. The building block set also includes a figurine of Hillary Clinton in a prison outfit.

This toy has angered a lot of people online and it is very obvious why. This should not be a topic for toys meant for children. Children should not be exposed to this kind of racism and should not be taught to discriminate at a young age. This type of negativity should not exist in a children’s life.

This will not help our country move forward, rather it is only causing us to move backwards. Let’s hope all children can grow up in an environment where they are appreciated and learn to also appreciate and respect others.

Making sustainable fashion accessories

Oskar Metsavaht, brazilian designer, developed the skin from the pirarucu fish found in Amazonian rivers as an alternative to traditional bovine leather, which is harmful to the environment. Metsavaht used the fish material in fashion accessories and garments.
Metsavaht founded Brazilian fashion brand called Osklen, where he decided to put the wasted fish skin to good use to create a “new luxury”. According to him, Pirarucu skin is more elastic resilient, thinner, and softer than bovine leather.
The process of getting this kind of skin starts when Oskar goes to communities that work with sustainably fisheries to buy the fish skin. A requirement to catch the pirarucu fish is when they reach a size of over 1.5 meters. After that, the skin is processed and delivered to Osklen’s suppliers where it became into recyclable material to make fashion items including shoes, wallets, and bags.
The purpose of the pirarucu skin is to make a positive social and an environmental impact. Also, processing this material generates extra jobs for the fishermen and their families, who can sell the fish skin. According to the Osklen, the fish skin was not easy to sell in the beginning because it was not appealing to all of the brand consumers. To make it happen, Osklen had to explain their consumers the sustainability of the skin and how innovative this material is in the future.

Font Licensing

There are so many aspects of graphic design that I am clueless about. One of those being Font Licensing. I set out to educate myself on this subject by turning to non-other-than Gram Smith thelogosmith.

I was shocked a couple of years ago when I found out that you could be sued for using a typeface for profitable use without permission. If you buy the typeface, then it is okay, but if you didn’t, then is it not. To begin, each typeface designer has what you call a licensing agreement. If you buy the font you have the license agreement, then you can use the typeface freely for commercial or personal use. But make sure to read the fine print!

The License also come with a limited number of computers you are allowed to download the font on. Again, you may also have to read the fine print for this. In some cases, it asks you how many computers you would like to install the font on. It is also important to know who gets the license on a font you use on a logo or product for someone else. In some cases, even if you (the designer) has the font and license, you may have to ask the client to buy the font and get the license to use for their business. This gets even more complicated when this font is free for download. Some come with zero restrictions and for others, you may have to ask the font designer for permission to use for commercial projects.

This doesn’t even scratch the surface of how complicated font licensing is. My take away is ALWAYS read the fine print.

Read more about font Licensing, and other design related topics you might be curious about on

From Peels to Food Containers

Emma Sicher, an Italian designer, created food containers form fruit and vegetable leftovers. Combining leftovers with bacteria and yeasts, Sicher created substitute containers to plastic and eco-friendly containers. Peels of fruit or vegetable are soaked in water with yeast, acetic, bacteria, and some sugar which turns vitamins and fructose in the peels to a substance like gelatin. After leaving the mixture for a couple of weeks, the mixture then being heated and dried. After being dried the mixture becomes translucent substance like paper and plastic. Sicher dried her mixtures in different surfaces and with different fruits accomplishing different patterns and colors. Calling her project From Peel to Peel, Sicher anticipations to substitute paper and plastic that are commonly used in food packaging.

It is interesting how the design of these fermented leftovers look colorful and appealingly accepted. Normally things that are eco-friendly do not always look nice. I admire how design and colors can change what source of things is and make them look pretty.

If Cigarette Boxes Like This How Dare You Smoke?!

Let’s admit, that smoking is very gross and harms people’s health. Each year, millions of people die due to cigarette-related causes, and yet, that can’t stop people from smoking. In the past few years, the government has tried so many methods such as increasing the taxes rate on cigarettes, abanding smoking from more public places and designing cigarette packagings that have educational messages on them.
Serbia designer Miroslav Vujovic Graforidza was one of the designers who jumped on the anti-smoking packaging design trend. His toothless cigarette box design convenes a strong message that smoking is bad for both your health and teeth. Every time people pull out a cigarette the box will reveal an opening, when the entire pack of cigarette is finished, the person on the package will be toothless. It makes you think twice before you want to have another cigarette.
Packaging design should have a meaning, not just to make the package of the product look good, don’t get me wrong, pretty packaging means a lot in the marketing industries. Packaging designer should focus more on the functionality of a product more.

Can it get easier than Apple Pay?

Over the weekend, I got an Uber, went to the bar, and then took a motorized Bird scooter home. All three of these took Apple Pay as my form of payment. The ease of use that comes with Apple Pay is still surprising to me, and usually I take it for granted.

With Apple Pay, you are able to load a variety of credit cards, gym cards, and other membership cards onto your phone. This essentially eliminates the need to carry your wallet around everywhere, which is very nice. When you scan your card on the card reader, you then are prompted to scan your thumb on your phone for 2 way verification. This makes the entire process foolproof. This weekend, my life was made so much easier with Apple Pay.