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Disney themed celebrity portraits

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens from Sleeping Beauty


Mikhail Baryshnikov, Gisele Bundchen, and Tina Fey as Peter Pan, Wendy, and Tinker Bell


Julie Andrews and Abigail Breslin and Blue Fairy and Fira from Pinocchio


Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella


Annie Leibovitz is a photographer since 2007, she is creating a series of advertisement and trying to do the Disney theme park in a different way, she’s an amazing and her works are more than amazing, I like the way of how she took the images and trying to make it more realistic. Annie Leibovitz began the series of the Walt Disney company after being approached and the idea behind of what she is doing is to promote the idea of Year Of A Million Dreams promotion. So all these images are part of her work.

Great Days Are Ahead ..

I have exactly two words that will change you adult life forever.

The Splat.

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 4.13.05 PM

For those of you who have not heard or have been wary of the rumors, listen up! Nickelodeon has finally listened to our cries and is creating an entirely new network that will play the 90’s shows we have all come to know and love. Believe it or not, this is actually a big deal! I am not sure why, but the 90’s was just the best decade when it came to a lot of things, especially cartoons.

I do not care how old I am, whenever I hear the Rugrats them song I grab my cereal and footsie pajamas and enjoy! I think it will be a very popular network, not only for nostalgic reasons, but kids of this generation will be able to enjoy the same lighthearted entertainment we did. I know one day I will have to grow up and move on from my childhood, but for right now, I will enjoy every last moment!

The network is scheduled to air Sunday, October 5th, at 10PM. Make sure to tune in!


What does it take to be GREAT?!

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 2.43.31 PM

Have you ever wondered to yourself if you have what it takes to be a designer?

I have.

Keeping up with the new rules and trends or graphic design can defiantly be overwhelming. I often find myself either envying over someone else’s work or complaining about mine needing to be better. This is what made me ask the question of ‘do YOU have what it takes to be a designer’?  Well the creative blog listed out 9 traits of a great designer that I figured would be cool to share:

  1. Observation “Observation is the most primitive and pure form of research. Research brings purpose to our actions. “
  2. Listening “Good designers are able to listen to others wants and make sure that a product delivers what people truly want and are willing to spend their money on. “
  3. Desire “Great designers have a desire to draw upon their observations then improve design standards.”
  4. Context “A designer needs to design solutions that are appropriate given the context of the scenario the product will be used.”
  5. Solutions If a design doesn’t solve a problem, it’s often considered a weak design. “
  6. Communication “Communication skills are vital and understated requirements for working with a team to bring a concept to life. “
  7. Integration “Great design is quickly adopted by consumers and is integrated into our lives.”
  8. Consideration “Great designers understand this and have consideration for those who will be affected by a design.”
  9. Unbound by rules “Designers often see rules as guidelines. This freedom of thought is what many call creativity.”

Honestly, there are so many things, outside of what professors can teach you that will make you into the great designer you can be. These 9 traits can be seen as a reminder of things to keep in mind whenever you ask yourself “do I have what it takes”?

London’s “Sky Pool”

London’s sky pool will let the rich swim through the air.

It is a 25 meter long swimming pool that is suspended 10 stories in the air between two blocks of expensive flats.

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 2.49.44 PM
It will be constructed with the help of aquarium designers using 20 cm thick glass. It will allow residents to swim between the roof-top bar and spa. It might be something that is really appealing until you see the price tag to live in one of those apartments. The prices start at 602,000 pounds or $942,572 dollars.

Although it may not be possible to ever live there, the idea of swimming in a transparent pool that is suspended 10 stories blows my mind. There are already places that have a glass platform that you can walk out on over a elevated area. But this just takes that a step further.

Branding with Uber


DSCF6224 (1)



Do we really want to read when we take an Uber?

You would think that conversation or even your electronic devices would suffice for a cab ride. Well Uber is introducing their customers to an additional option to keep them entertained by launching a print publication that will be available for customers to look at while going from point a to b. The publication, Arriving Now is geared more towards those who may be visiting the city for a short period of time or simply looking for a new experience out on the town. The publication will also be geared towards the designated city and will be different in whatever city you may travel to. Arriving Now is aimed to give a better branding experience and provide information for its customers.

Is it really necessary for Uber to add a magazine to their route? When looking at their service and knowing that an Uber is called to be picked up from a night out or a ride from the airport, do customers actually find themselves flipping through the magazine? This may be a success in certain cities such as New York City or Los Angeles since it is so big and their are endless options for places to go. I think this is an interesting approach to want to expand the riders experience but seeing how it works after the spring launch of their magazine Momentum for their drivers will express whether or not adding publications is the right move to make for expanding their brand.

A Mathematical Public Art Mural

A mural project that aims to connect Brooklyn students to the community is using mathematics to create a stunning visual representation of Pi. The project was a proposal by a visual artist named Ellie Balk and subsequently became funded by a KickStarter campaign. The Green School Students, Staff and Assistant Principle broke the project up into different parts. They created a visual representation of Pi that looks similar to sound waves, that represent the numeric values of Pi (3.14159). They did this by color coding the prime numbers found in Pi. They also created a golden spiral based on the Fibonacci sequence. They wanted to explore the relationship between the golden ratio and Pi. To do this they color coded a graph within the golden spiral, the colored blocks that vary in size and proportion represent the shape of Pi.

I think this is a great exploration of visual art and mathematics. A lot of people think that the STEM field has no room for the visual arts or in no way correlate to art. I think this helps prove that visual art can be applied to any field and can help students or the general public gain information on any given topic. A lot of people are visual learners, they obtain more information through graphics and a visual representation of information. I think this is a great way to represent information to a larger group of people that otherwise would not have gained this specific information any other way.

visualize_pi2 visualize_pi5



Thinking Inside the Box (America’s Perfect Square Miles)

On Instagram, the user The Jefferson Grid is all about thinking inside the box.

His odd Instagram account is full of interesting Google Screengrabs, each revealing an area of one square mile. While the area may look ordinary from the ground, looking at his photos proves otherwise.



He scours Google Earth for visually intriguing places. Once he finds a place he wants to post on Instagram he adds a touch of contrast and saturation and posts it.

Its cool to think about how these landscapes might have been made. The difference between the color of the grass from one side of the fence to the other may have been from cows that grazed within that field.

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 1.51.32 PM

Or maybe even housing developments that created a spiral effect trying to fit as many houses as they could in a certain area. Whatever they may be, each photo is facinating in their own way because each is so different from each other.


James Bond Spectre & Sam Smith Poster


Drawing for me is a feelings and not everyone is great to create it and show how deep it is. This is an amazing work project created by Mitchell Nelson to celebrate the release of the new James bond theme song for specter, ”writing on the wall” by Sam Smith.

157d7329773011.5603048e29087 baec9429773011.5602f89d0fc96 07b9bd29773011.5602f8c2a25f3 8e4d4629773011.5602f8e9e42de bcce6e29773011.5602fad625e4d


As it shown in the photos its an illustrated poster features Sam Smith as well as some of the characters that was shown in the trailer, at the first glance you can tell how much detailed the photos are and the style of the illustration it just has a great composition, this kind of advertisement you don’t see it everywhere, its so classic and unique. However the designer used different techniques and tools to support his poster he used pencils and Japanese ink with editing in Photoshop that gives a nice touch.

Lastly, from my perspective this is a really well done and accomplished composition of the characters according to the style and its just great how the designer kept the atmosphere of the movie with a really good sense of elegance and how it has a lot of details. I would like to hear what you guys think.



Ikea hacks, please.


I have a love/hate relationship with Ikea.

I love it because it has cool, modern design, and it’s cheap! The “Marketplace” section of the store is my very favorite. Their showroom has tons of ideas and setups to help me visualize the possibility of a piece in my own home. The inexpensive price tag  seals the deal, and boom. Another room furnished and the bank isn’t broken.

20154_codi22a_01_PH124906 20154_cols28a_01_PH124898 20161_cols09a_01_PH128522

Everything is great until I visit a friend’s home and they have the same “Malm” headboard or “Billy” bookcase or “Poang” chair or <enter strange swedish word here>. What a bummer.

malm-high-bed-frame-storage-boxes-white__0173794_PE328448_S4billy-bookcase__0252362_PE391155_S4  poang-chair-gray__0325490_PE517960_S4

That’s when the “hate” relationship kicks in. How can something so cool and original now seem so ordinary? This realization can only mean one thing; it’s time to grow up. Gone are the days of hodgepodge room arrangements and crappy particle board furniture. The only problem is, that’s all I can afford!

SOLUTION = Ikea hacks! This is actually a thing. It’s all over Pinterest and interior decorating blogs everywhere. Umm, AND there is an entire website dedicated to it:


In short; with a little DIY whimsy, I can customize my “ordinary” stuff into an original…or at least not the same ole same ole. There are photos for reference and instructions!

Happy hacking y’all!




The wonderful (older) world of Disney

One of the small things in life I have become obsessed with is cartoons, especially Disney characters, drawn in a different light as opposed to how they really are. What do I mean by that? Well sense you asked, seeing characters drawn out as to how they would look as humans, how they would look older or younger, and how they look as different races. Andrew Tarusov has created a series of drawings of the original characters aged as to how they would look today.


The lovely bunny couple seems to look like those grandparents that are highly disappointed you never call unless you need money.

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Both Donald Duck and Goofy remind me of old time war vets. Donald would be the one that tells his stories over a bottle of whiskey, which he drinks straight from the bottle. Goofy on the other hand just had a bad time getting back on his feet after the war, but in Goofy spirit, remains positive in life.


The Mouse couple seem like the elder wealthy couple, and Minnie appears to have had some work done in her younger years. But seriously, those weren’t there in the original cartoons…