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Why did you choose to be a graphic design major?

Lately I’ve been thinking about how different my life would have been if I chose to major in something other than graphic design. Part of me has always been interested in programming, but instead of choosing to major in computer science, I decided to go for graphic design. I like working with visuals and designing things to make them pretty and appealing. Choosing the path of a graphic designer was a risky decision though. It’s very competitive, and design can be very subjective.

The other day I overheard someone talking about how they chose to get a degree in graphic design because there are more jobs in this field of art. Her heart and talent was in traditional art though. She loved painting and drawing, but she didn’t pursue that career in fear of not getting a job later on. This made me wonder about how many people juggle between if they chose the right major or not.

If I had chosen computer science, it would have been easier for me to get a job. It was something I was interested in too, and I used to think about switching. I’m about to graduate though, so it’s not likely to happen. I’ve been learning code on the side, so I hope that helps my career. I’m not sure if I made the right decision, but I also feel that if I were a computer science major right now, I’d look at the art and design building and wonder the same thing.

Why did you end up choosing graphic design as your major? Would you switch if you could? Mention it below!

Harry Potter, Book 1

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 8.35.04 AM

This one is for all you Harry Potter fans or anyone who simply enjoys an easy and fun animated mini sketch. I personally am a huge fan of Harry Potter and when I saw this I was so amazed by how simple it looked. However, I am not an animation major or a film major. So I am sure those of you out there can give me feed back on how long this could take or difficult it could be.


Personally I am always one to favor the opposite spectrums of things; therefore I love simplicity of this mini movie. I am sure I am not the only one who draws on their notebooks in class. The fact that it looks like something we all could doodle on our notepads and then came to life to tell the story of the first movie is so interesting to me. Even the characters are very basic, the person who created this was sparing on colors, only using ones when they are needed for the story to tell different aspects apart. I love it!


Please share in the comments below any links to more of these little videos or what your thoughts are on this.


Video link:

Suda the Elephant


As I have said before artists come in many shapes and sizes, as you can tell from the photo above this artist happens to be an elephant.


Now if you think like me you probably thought about how this barely compares with what we have found that chimps can do. But, this is an elephant, which is even more astonishing. This beautiful little elephant can paint an elephant and write her name, the only help she needs is for someone to assist her in dipping the brush in the paint.


As people we might look at that and this that it looks like a child drew it so whatever but as artist we look at that and our heads just go crazy on the depth of a painting can have. Then when you tack on the fact that an elephant drew this it makes it even more priceless because we then start to wonder the thoughts that the elephant had as she painted. We do the same thing when we walk through gallery’s, you wonder what the artist was thinking and what made them want to produce this certain piece of art work.


When I saw the video of her painting, I was amazed the whole time. She actually put effort and took her time to make each stroke. Well done Suda, well done.


Link to video:

It’s so Squishy! <

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have something round and fluffy to just squish every now and then? Well what you need is a Squishable. Squishables are a brand of stuffed animals that take cute to a whole new level. Each of the squishables is more or less a big round circle, and there are tons of them to choose from.  Would you like a puppy? Or a turtle? Or a narwhal? Or a cupcake? Yes you heard that right, they even have a line of “comfort foods” for you to love and squish!


And not only do they come in a wide variety of animals and foods, you also have a veriety fo sizes to choose from! You can get a small keychain size, to a small pillow size, to a huge 15 inch friend, to an even more massive 24”diameter bean bag in you favorite animal shape!

They even let the community have a go and try to design new squishables. Members can vote on other’s submitted designs, and they may even be selected to become produced stuffies! What are you waiting for? Do you want to hug one? Or design one of your own!


Visit the squishy awesomeness at

I have the corgi squishable 🙂 His name is Winston and he moonlights as a secret agent.

Rainbow Makeup

If you appreciate makeup, you probably know what highlighter is. For those that don’t, highlighter is typically a very light, sometimes sparkly shade that is applied to parts of the face in order to make it capture the light. In order words, it’s pretty, makeup artists like it, it makes your face look more defined. I recently saw that there was a highlighter that was released by an Etsy user for $22. I had to look it up because it sounded COOL and I was not disappointed. Check out these pictures!

I think this product is amazing! I have absolutely no use for something like this but would for sure stare at it all day like the meme I posted above said! I read some reviews and watched a couple youtube videos and they all said it looked like a prism was being reflected onto their face which seems really awesome. Here’s a link to a girl on youtube doing a review of the product!

Emojis and Diversity

I read an article from The Guardian about how the diversifying of emojis is even more confusing. I think Apple has made a wonderful choice by making sure *most* groups of people are represented in the iphone emojis. However, more often than not, my friends who are not white have opted to use the default yellow emoji, much like the writer of the article stated. The emojis seem diverse because there are differences between them but it definitely does not embody each and every person well. However, just because they seem diverse doesn’t mean they are. For example, the “young male” with no mustache is blonde. This is very limiting when someone pf any other color than white wants to feel represented because more often than not, their hair is not platinum barbie blond. I don’t know what a great solution for this would be other than having the option to customize all of the emojis before using them. Let me know if you guys have any ideas! And here’s the link to the article:

What if Pokemon were companies?

A friend recently shared with me a neat project done by design shop Pictogram, founded by and run by Sebastiaan de With, that gave individual Pokemon their own brands as if they were their own company. I thought it was really clever how he combines the Pokemon’s elemental type and their nature to make creative business descriptions and logos to represent each of their brands! Some of the descriptions even make subtle reference to their ‘futures’ which are actually the natures of the Pokemon’s next evolution which I thought was pretty cool. The project also has a fun statement which is:

Since the Pokémon Corporate Personhood Act of 2015, as spearheaded by Professor OAK, Pokémon became free to start their own companies, mandating the design of Pokémon brand identities.

We were on the forefront of this radical development and designed several visual identities for Pokémon.”

Here are some samples of his work:


“A mysterious company also under the Team Rocket Holdings umbrella, Zubat is rumored to be the company used for clandestine operations by the Team Rocket Holdings’ enigmatic CEO, Giovanni.”


“A Team Rocket Corporation subsidiary, Ekans is a medium-sized but tight-knit company that controls the Kanto and Johto region’s online gambling industry and game halls.”

“To pay homage to its business as a casino and gambling company the brand was designed with elements resembling a dice’s six-face for good luck.”


“Often called the impulse that powered a generation of Electronic Dance Music artists, Pikachu makes unparalled beat computers and synthesizers. Some say it has sparked a revolution in music!”


“Beedrill is Kanto’s premiere honey company, although has endured a fair amount of bad press lately due to rumors of poisoned batches of honey.”


“Bulbasaur is a relatively new but booming plant fertilizing company that has quickly become a consumer favorite. Some say the business is growing so rapidly it may soon evolve and flower into an entirely new business model.”


“Charmander’s claim to fame are its long-lasting matches, which both illuminate and burn brighter and longer than its competitors. Analysts have indicated high growth potential for this company.”


“Oddish started as an organic farmer collective in Maine, but has taken to the internet to spread its seeds and pollen far and wide. Some say its future looks dark, or even gloomy as the market presssures are increasing on the small green upstart.”

Are there any designs that you like from this project? Would you want to work at any of these Pokemon companies? You can find more from this project here and more of his other works on Pictogram’s site!


The Beauty of Islamic Art

While doing research for my Art History paper, I found the most fascinating fact about the geometric patterns. According to several sources, Islamic artists purposely create a imperfection in their geometric patterns and mosaics because the belief is there is nothing perfect other than Allah (God) himself. As a muslim, I thought this was the most beautiful nod to Islam and it’s beliefs.

August 1998, Samarkand, Uzbekistan --- Detail of Islamic Tilework --- Image by © Gérard Degeorge/CORBIS

August 1998, Samarkand, Uzbekistan — Detail of Islamic Tilework — Image by © Gérard Degeorge/CORBISh

This is a piece I like a lot because of two reasons. First, its a piece that I have seen in multiple scenarios such as family homes or mosques back home. The second is the blue pattern on the outer is slightly altered in each corner so its not a perfect patterns, however it is mimicking the flow of the lines of the word Allah in arabic.

I personally, am in love with Islamic art. Is there a specific style of art that you guys enjoy? What do you think about making the art imperfect?

Go With the Flow

I’ve always loved drawing or designing organic lines in my own work.
I also enjoy looking at any kind of architecture, furniture, or any other kind of item that wasn’t made the ordinary way. Literally there was some “thinking out of the box” going on to make this stuff happen, and I’m here for it! I just think it’s so intriguing that people can create something that has more natural curves than man-made straight-edges.

Not only can organic furniture designs look unique, but they can also bring more comfort(if the designers gave it that much thought, yes that is even better!).



I mean, you see it a bunch in nature. Nature literally GOES WITH THE FLOW (and especially if they’re plants since they lean in the direction of sunlight…)

You will see these kind of designs on shower curtains, bed sets, and etc. mostly because they looks so unique and appealing and beautiful (at least to me). My bed-set right now has a monochromatic organic design and I LOVE IT (so much).

This is pretty much a mini appreciation post about how awesome organic designs are, but I think it’s better, with any design someone finalizes, that it’s not something you would ordinarily see, every day, and it’s a company or client you’re working for that ENGAGES that kind of creativity..Go for it!!

Do you have any opinions on organic design? Have you seen any organic designs you’ve found to be unique? Please comment below~~!

The Artist Formerly Known As Prince

imageAs many of you have heard, Prince passed a way earlier today. Some of you may be very familiar with his music and others of you like me, have heard his music before and appreciated him for being an influential artist for others. I didn’t know much about Prince but what I did know was that he paved the ways for a lot of artists, he spoke his mind and was very in tune with himself and his music. He was a true artist. He was also not of the world or into fame and constant publicity. He was even was known as multiple different names and a symbol. Yeah, a symbol. I did some reserching into the symbol and its meaning because I was curious about the meaning behind it. After doing some research, I found out that it was a combination of the symbols for male and female. This symbol Prince created was also called the love symbol and was used in replacement of his name for several years until he went back to being known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince then back to Prince again. It’s a very unique symbol and one of which no one can replicate. This is another testament to how much of a unique artist Prince was. He truly embodied what it meant to be a real musician and a talented artist. The world has lost a legend today. May he rest in peace.