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Why is Helvetica so popular?

The original Helvetica was designed by Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffman in post-war Switzerland in 1957. After the war many companies were looking for a change to set themselves apart from the past. At the time many used companies fancy decorative typefaces. Helvetica was something new, it has sleek lines and modern simplicity which is exactly what many companies wanted. It was designed specifically not to give an impression or have an obvious meaning. Because of this many companies were able to use it for different projects and its popularity grew.

Contemporary Art

Recently I went to a museum with a friend of mine who knows nothing about Art. We first visited the West Building of the Nation Gallery of Art which has all the classical and historical paintings. He was very amazed at the detail in the paintings and how old some of the things were. Then we went to the East Building which has all the modern and contemporary art and his reaction was completely different. He has a look of confusion on his face for most of it and kept asking “This is art?”. I used to personally like historical art better myself but recently i’ve discovered a new love for contemporary art. It can look so simple but have a lot of meaning and a lot of the work is very eye catching and large-scale. The meanings behind contemporary are more interesting to me because they are not as apparent at first glance, you need to really study the piece or have background information to know what it means.

Design for Aesthetics or Functionality

When many people think of graphic design they just think of art. Although graphic design can be categorized as art, it is much more than that. Art is mainly aesthetic and created in order to express the artist, where as graphic design is made to convey information. Dont get me wrong, aesthetic is still a very important part of graphic design. Designers must make work that is appealing to draw people in and make them want to look at it or read it; but design must also be functional. Functionality is important in order to take the information the designer is given and produce something that is understandable and easy to follow.  Many people underestimate the work of designers but design is all around us: billboards, charts, magazines, etc and all of that designing was well thought out so that it is made in a way that is entertaining and easy for the viewer.

Starbucks Advertising Works

You know advertising work when everyone rushes to buy a frappuccino that looks like a unicorn shat it out. The Unicorn frappuccino came out two days ago and I’ve already seen at least 10 pictures of the drink posted by people I know. It was a smart marketing move for Starbucks to post about their unicorn frappuccino days in advance. They also made a snapchat filter about it. Starbucks hyped it up so much that by the time it came out a lot of people wanted to go out and get one. The snapchat filter was a smart idea as well because people want to post a picture of it with the filter, leading more people to go out of their way to grab one.


It’s Retro and Valuable

Old science fiction book artwork is dead. Face it, we don’t see bizarre outrageous technology and alien on book covers anymore like we used to in the 50’s. Why? because we have a better understanding of technology. While back then, we envisioned that the future would have flying cars like in, Back to the Future or the technology to visit other planets where we interact with  aliens. It made so much sense back then. We visioned flying cars that made no sense on how it would work, but only it was a cool concept. But now, with technology and better understanding how technology work—we no longer need to vision outrageous machinery. Thus, it makes this kind of retro designs of space art valuable.

My first logo design

I wanted to share you guys my very first logo design that I’d designed for online bakery store. When I look back at this design, It made me feel super embarrassed and found many mistakes that I’ve made in this piece. However, It’s my first important piece that make me pursuing in graphic design.Back in 2013, I was just starting my college year and I have absolutely 0 knowledge about Adobe programs, but I accepted the freelance job anyways. I was struggling with finding free versions of Adobe programs, then I have to learn how to use Adobe illustrator. It took me a while to get use to with tools and do all the designs on programs. I successfully finished my logo design, However, the design wasn’t right and they have problems with printing it out. I’ve learned big lesson on this project and it’s encourage me to learn more about graphic design.

Entries Close on Monday!


I was scrolling through my design newsfeed and found this pretty awesome opportunity. If you have heard of HOW Design, then you may be way ahead of us (me). HOW Design seems to be an amazing website for everything design. When visiting the page for the first time a few hours ago, what really caught my attention was HOW Design Live 2018.  This is an annual conference with top creative professionals offering life long worthy opportunities. There is a contest with the chance to win a ticket to this gathering and gain big exposure for your work. HOW Design shared an article with the top 10 reasons to enter:

All Winners Get Published. (last year they had 101)
High Quality Publishing. 
Best of Show Gets a 2-Page Story.
Wins Ticket to How Design Live & a Trophy. (ooh fancy)
Everyone Has a Shot.
Your First Ever Entry Could Land You a Win.
You Could See Your Work All Over.
You Get Expert Eyes on Your Work.
There’s a Perfect Category for You.
Past Winners Are Loving It.

Pretty interesting right? Check out the categories, such a wide range:

Client Promotions
Designer Self-Promotions
Personal Promotions
Pro-bono Promotions
Illustrator Promotions
Photographer Promotions
Student Promotions
Miscellaneous Promotions

A McDonald’s Anime?

At one point or another we’ve all seen a McDonalds ad on TV. We’ve see all the variations of them too. A couple friends looking for a place to hang out and eat, the staff providing good friendly customer service, or the mascot Ronald promoting happy meals. Roughly the same ads can be seen around the world as well. In Japan, they’ve taken it to new level. For one of their ads, they’ve designed it to play out as an anime, one of Japans chief media productions. To some this might not seem like a big deal, but I just thought it was real refreshing approach to their ad campaign. The ad took a different approach to presenting the famous fast food franchise, and it worked. In my opinion it worked because they used a new style to present themselves, while still being respectful to what that “anime” style is used for. It showed a common story in most anime shows but was able to make it its own by using the McDonalds environment, so “good job” McDonalds.

I Got, I Got, I Got

I’ve got to review Kendrick Lamar’s new album’s art work.

Generally Kendrick likes to keep things simple with his album art work but in ‘Damn.’ He takes it to a whole other level. He is an artist, so all his choices are planned and very intentional. The fact that the period at the end of damn just merges into the red bar on the side makes me uncomfortable. On the inside there are columns of centered text with the details of the producers and then these bars flipped onto their side with the mixing details. He sadly did not include song lyrics, he certainly had the space. Most pages had only two songs with the exception of the first page which had both the intro and DNA’s details on it. The back cover of the album had the song list at an angle. Maybe these choices were made to induce a kind of discomfort. I actually do like the way the tracks details were displayed on the inside though. This album is definitely a masterpiece musically but I’m not sure about how I feel about the aesthetics. I have to assume that Kendrick had some greater Idea that I just don’t get.

Marvel, You Could Have Done Better

Come on Marvel! You can do better than that! The third installment of Thor’s movie poster, Thor: Ragnarol is lacking of creativity. The previous Thor’s movie poster were filled with grays and washed out shades of blue and sharp bright red that said a little story the poster. Where as the new poster had washed of saturated yellow and green and an old space 80’s typeface—a totally shift in the vibe of the previous designs with just Thor’s back to us. The designers could have just done it to go with the movie trailer or it’s starting to become a trend to use retro typefaces, such as its Marvel’s other movie, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. I have to admit, Thor’s Ragnarok poster has got to be the weakest movie teaser art that have released. There isn’t any originality. The whole warrior vibe that we have seen before in the Gladiator’s poster, the font looks like it was pulled from Word Document, and having the whole 80’s movie poster vibe similar to Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is just stale.