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It Matters: Keeping Your Files Organized

There’s been countless amount of times I’ve seen a disorganized and inefficient filing system amongst my peers. With countless files flying around your entire computer, it’s nearly impossible to find a specific file within a couple of seconds. Awkwardly waiting for someone to pull up a file as they panic and with you waiting is painful and annoying. Maintaining an organized and efficient filing system allows a little peace of mind for every designer. Keeping a coherent structure results in saving time, files, embarrassment, and stress.

            The first step in keeping organized files is deciding where you want to store them. Are you using a cloud service, a hard drive, a server, or your personal desktop? When deciding where to store your files, make sure it is a secured space for filing and that you have enough storage. Second step is assessing how you’ll name your precious files. Creating a consistent and logical hierarchal system produces efficiency and prevents less room for error. And last but not least – back up your files. Backing up your files on a regular basis is the safest and smartest way in dodging computer break downs, human error, or anything else that could possibly go wrong.

            In the end, keeping an organized filing system is the best way to go. It reflects how professional you are when it comes down to your job and makes life less stressful.

Sneaker Blowout

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A few weeks ago, the sports world was shocked when Duke basketball star Zion Williamson got injured from his Nike shoe ripping. This caused major controversy around Nike’s production of shoes and ended up in Nike’s stocks plummeting by $1 billion the next day. Nike flew in some of their top representative to Durham, North Carolina to inspect the shoe. Nike takes their shoe design very seriously, especially when one has a freak accident like this. After much investigation, Nike designed a custom shoe for Zion with their Kyrie 4 model. They design this show so that it could withstand Zion’s massive frame and quick movements. The shoe is sturdy but very light weight so that the player can move with more agility. In any sport, equipment used is designed to allow the athlete to perform at their absolute best. There is immense data that goes into designing the perfect piece of equipment and everyone is always striving to design something that will enhance the athlete’s performance. Things like aerodynamics, relationships to the muscles, and durability are all factors in designing the perfect piece of equipment.

The Future

Thinking about the future is terrifying. Especially when you’re about to graduate college. The further along I get in school, the larger that looming shadow of adulthood becomes. It’s scary to think about bills and getting a job and REALLY being on your own. And there’s things to think about as a designer as well. You have to decide what design path you want to take and you need to start valuing yourself as a designer. I find it hard to have confidence in myself as a designer. I don’t know how to charge for work or what I should charge, because I’m only a student right? There are plenty of articles about gaining confidence, this one in particular is about finding confidence right after you graduate. It’s good to start thinking about it now, as a second semester junior myself. Getting into the mindset of an adult and a real world designer now will only help prepare yourself for the future.

Trendy Patterns

Llew Meija is a New York City based illustrator known for his beautiful patterns. Although he’s currently focusing on textile design, he’s also done packaging, branding, and print design in the past. Llew has worked for many clients including Apple, Google, Adidas, and Starbucks Coffee. Most of his illustrations are of nature and animals. His illustrations also tend to be colorful, but he still has a few illustrations that are purely black and white.

In a recent project, Llew was tasked to design patterns for Adidas Originals. Adidas asked him to create florals for mature people, as well as repetitive patterns for younger people. Llew created three original patterns to achieve this. He created a black and white floral print, a colorful print with tree branches and birds, and a colorful floral pattern with pineapples as the highlighted subject. Clothes printed with patterns like these are popular and trendy (even I own some clothes with similar prints). Llew has also created illustrations for clothing brands such as AFENDS and Reebok.

Package Design More Important Than You Thought

As children, many of us were enthused at the thought of going to a toy store and buying that brand-new action figure or doll. But after a few weeks, some children lose interest in their new toy because there is an even newer toy. This could be because the child may feel that the magic has vanished after unboxing their plastic treasure. So perhaps, the toy is not what initially sparks joy into a child’s heart, but the graphic design of the packaging. The design of the packaging is vital in making the sale. If designed effectively using color theory, placement of text, hierarchy and incorporates the toy well, then a child may find it more appealing. For example, thrift stores often sell toys that come in plastic see-through baggies. These displays are unappealing and make every single toy at the thrift store look generic. So, without well designed, eye-catching packaging, a toy may as well be mere dust in the wind.

Graphic Design: Then and Now

Graphic design is everywhere: in every logo, magazine, package, webpage, and font used in a slogan. For newer generations these carefully crafted images and identities may seem like just another part of reality, but none of these designs were created in a vacuum. Everything is created for a purpose and as a response to what has already been designed. As graphic designers ourselves we need to know where the world of graphic design has been, where it is now, and where it is headed. That being said, here is the abridged version of graphic design history. 

Graphic design has been around since mankind could hold a pencil, but the most fundamental developments in graphic design practices began after the industrial revolution with Art Nouveau. Art nouveau merged art and design with elegant illustrations and typography. In the 1950s, however, this style started getting rejected in favor of Modernism, which calls for simple fonts and shapes, and bold colors. 2D, or “flat,” design is a good example of Modern design. At the same time Swiss Design emerged in Switzerland which focuses on simplicity and purpose. Modernism and Swiss Design share many similarities and have shaped and influenced one another over the span of history.

Next came Art Deco during WWI. Art Deco is characterized by its playfulness with simple shapes in design in order to create a lavish, sophisticated feel. Now in modern day, graphic design pulls from all influences and has no single, unifying style but rather goes through trends that are ever-changing due to the speed of development in technologies and innovation. 

Graphic designers today need to be aware of these trends so that they can bring the world into the future. Some of these trends are outlined in this article by

Handwritten Logos

Logos have been useful over the past years; they can represent a company by just the simplest design. Through time logos have been altered to create something new and innovating. Logos have been altered from 3-D design to flatten down logos that have minimalist colors. Lately there has been a new trend were logos have been handwritten these are called handwritten type face logos. Even though these trends have been around for a while they have come back and can be seen in famous logos such as Kellogg’s, Disney, Ray Ban, and Coca-Cola.  When the first time 3-D design logos came out it was something that no one could have ever imagined to create. Older styles have been coming back and these can be seen in clothing, home decor, and logos. If logos change would there be different innovative design for logos in the future? There have been new designs for logos and some of which are 3-D logos that have an animation to them.

Yes it’s a Tomato.

Yes. “Pomodoro” does mean tomato. Why a tomato? Why I am even talking about this? Well, it’s all thanks to a man called Francesco Cirillo. 

Francesco Cirillo invented what is known as the Pomodoro Technique. The Pomodoro Technique is a structured method to get work done while not wearing yourself out. The method focuses on providing rewards to the worker for time well spent in the form of breaks. The system also requires a timer which in Cirillo’s case was tomato shaped and thus the inspiration for the name of his technique. 

This is how the Pomodoro Technique works: 

  • You map out the time you’re going to spend working and break it up into work time and breaks. Each “Pomodoro” (work session) should be twenty-five minutes long with a five minute break in-between. 
  • Set your timer and begin working until it rings.
  • Take a 5 minute break!
  • Repeat steps 2 & 3!
  • Every four “Pomodoros,” take a longer, thirty minute break. 

The technique is really rather simple but if you can stick to it, it can take you a long way. 

If you want to know more, check out this article on the Pomodoro Technique and its origins.

90’s Shoe Collaboration

Are shoes companies bringing the 90’s back by collaborating with well know cartoon/anime shows? Big companies such as adidas and Fila are now bringing back the 90’s in the form of a shoes design. By either incorporating the color scheme from the character to the shoe or by just putting the character on the shoe. For example, adidas came out with a color scheme for the Dragon Ball Z collaboration not only the color but the pattern of the fabric. One thing about the adidas and Dragon Ball Z collaboration is that each character and shoe they came out with were not the same type/model. Fila worked with Rugrats they came out with three shoe designs. Two of the shoes designs had the iconic characters. Expect the Fila Disruptor’s were white with the characters incorporated on the inside of the shoe sole and have the name Rugrats incorporated on the outside.

Windows 10 still in progress

Windows 10 still in progress

Windows 10 is a great operating system and it includes a lot of amazing features that is predecessors did not. One thing that Windows 10 is lacking in is a consistent desing language. Windows Vista introduced us to Aero with its glass like transparent effects and Windows 8 brought us Metro U.I. Which is a design language that simplified the overall look of windows by including basic geometric shapes, simplified icons, and high contrast. Windows 10 introduced fluent design language which brings, plastic like transparency, light, motion, material, scale effects. This design language for their user interface is being used on all Microsoft devices and Windows 10 computers but there are still some inconsistencies in some small areas like icons and context menus looking dated. Microsoft is adding small fixes and changes with every new update, but it will be a while until a finalized version of their fluent design appears. Windows 10 will look and feel different and distinguish itself from it predecessors when fluent design is finished.

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