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Movie Packaging Designs


Indiana Jones Blu Ray Packaging


X-Men: First Class Brazilian Blu Ray Packaging


G.I. Joe Steelbook Blu Ray Packaging


Transformers transforming DVD Packaging

I am a big Blu-Ray collector and I am always looking at which stores are offering special promotions, exclusives or different packaging. Many movie studios offer many different versions of the most popular movies when they release them on DVD and Blu-Ray. What really intrigues me is the amount of detail and design that goes into these movies. For example the first image of the Indiana Jones Collection. It is designed as a book with a slot on each page that holds the disc for each movie. The design on each page is really beautiful. They have arranged images and concept art for each film in a college. Designers really get into the design of the packaging, it is crazy what they come up with for all the fans. The Transformers DVD case is also so well designed. It folds up from a DVD case into a full robot, Optimus Prime to be exact. Not only did they have to design the packaging but also make sure that its functional. Packaging definitely makes me pick certain retail stores over others. Are you a frequent movie buyer? Does special designed packaging factor in when you buy a movie or do you just grab the first one you see?

Windows or OS X? – Software Design


Laptop running Windows 10


Macbook running OS X Yosemite


Many people like to compare Windows to the Mac’s OS X software, just like they compare Apple’s iPhone to Samsung’s Galaxy. Comparing the two and discussing which one is better can be like opening up Pandoras Box because many people like them both. Many people like using windows since its the most common operating system and while many others (a lot of designers) use OS X that only runs on Apple Computers. Leaving competition aside and strictly taking a look at the design of the operating system and its functionality, which one do you prefer over the other? Do you like using Macs with OS X  more the windows? or do you prefer to stick with Windows?

Noticeable Car Designs

When you’re walking through a car park what cars do you see? Or more to the point what cars do you take notice, that aren’t yours?


Car designers put a lot of work to make the car’s body safe, functional, or more aerodynamic, but it seems mostly they make it look like any other car. This might be due to the fact that not all car designs that are noticeable are noticeable in a good way.


Let’s take this car for example:


This is one of the cars I saw while in Milan, Italy. It’s a Fiat Multipla and straight away you know that if this car passed you by you’d do a double take of it. This was produced from 1998 all the way till 2010.


As far as I can find out about the reasoning behind the design of this car is that the windshield is lifted for more space and headroom. It holds 6 people with only two rows of seats (including the drivers).


This doesn’t mean that all cars with a different look are ugly and horrible for no reason. So when you’re walking through the parking lot maybe it’ll be apparent what cars stand out to you and why.



Electronic Doodling!


Can you imagine drawing anything and creating an electric current?

Wait. Let me rephrase that. Is it possible to create light by just drawing simple circuits? YES.

The Circuit Scribe is a rollerball pen that obtains “conductive silver ink.” In other words, you can create different types of circuits with just a paper and batteries. Once your circuit is completed, you can apply your batteries into the circuit, and immediately receive electrical current. With that being said, now anyone has access to any electrical circuit. There is no need in buying specific prototypes; which are the different types of batteries needed in a circuit.

When I came across this new development, it definitely brought my attention. I’m not a science geek or even a fan for circuit development, but the design it’s so unique that brings attention to other viewers. In other words, now people can be creative and add their own personal touch to interactive items. The design is so simple but yet so astonishing based on its functions and access it provides in a simple small device. What are your thoughts? Does it complicate or make things a lot easier?

Want to know more information? Check out this video below and it will tell you all about it!



Kern in g is Ke y

As graphic designers we know that what we depict, whether it is words, images, patterns or placements of all the above, the overall design creates a visual meaning.

We also know that we have to pay special attention to detail so the meaning is not misconstrued. Things like font choices, word choices, hierarchy choices, image choices, and placement choices all come to mind first.

What could be left behind after many hours of staring at the same screen, are editing errors, type errors, even placement errors. That is why it is very important to have another set or two of eyes looking at your work. Because if you don’t spot the error, and your piece goes public, everyone else on the planet will spot it.

Here is a link to a hilarious Buzzfeed article about just such errors. Most of the errors submitted in this article have to do with kerning. Kerning is key!

Google Search

Who knew that google had a design search team? I didn’t.

From this particular video, something simple such as a search engine has gone under changes to create a better experience for their audience. We’ve probably seen the posts about Google slightly changing the kerning on its lettering. But this video gives us a more behind the scenes glimpse of what google really does with its designs. Jon Wiley, part of the design search team, took on the project of redesigning the google search engine and giving it more functional features. From a longer search box to auto-completion, things so small makes for an easier experience on the user.

I believe the exemplifies the beautiful relationship between technology and design. Technology creates possibilities for people to access more information or do more activities. Design helps to simplify problems and create solutions.

What do you think about google design team now?

What is Creativity telling you?

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 11.17.44 PM

We are all creative individuals. But how many of us listen to what our creativity tells us?

Creativity is like an inner-voice that exists within us. It communicates to us in ways that we may not even notice. Some people just instinctively listen to it. They can create and do wondrous things seamlessly. Some people have a hard-time generating ideas and work through a process in order to achieve their end result. Either way, these people are listening to their creativity. It can be hard to understand how our creativity works and communicates.

As Jonothan Tilley, from his Tedtalk, has said, “Creativity is as individual as it is universal.” And that thought started me on the track of listening to my inner voice.

  • Creativity needs space. Whether it be in your mind or in a studio, you need space in order to create. I always feel at my best when I can move and feel free.
  • Creativity is about making mistakes. That is true, we all learn by making mistakes. Some of my best work comes from making mistakes . And sometimes, that means getting messy.
  • Creativity needs to be shared. Being creative is great, but sharing it can contribute to something magical. I’ve learned a lot from sharing creative ideas with another person or group, and having it be refined. It creates this cyclical process of creativity . It spreads and inspires others to be creative.

I hope this helps to you to listen to your own creativity. Start by asking yourself: What or who inspires you? Where do you feel most creative? What kind of creative mistakes have you made? How do you share your ideas or projects with others? How does it feel when you get feedback?

If you like to listen to Jonothan Tilley’s talk, please check it out

Would You Purchase These Artsy Sandwiches?


Two graphic design artists combined their love for art and food to create a set of posters to sell on Kickstarter. These set of posters represent the four art movements: Abstract, Cubism, Minimalism, and Psychedelic. Each poster has an illustration of a sandwich to represent each movement.

I probably wouldn’t purchase any of these posters but I do think it is creative. I also think the illustrations kind of look like it was made with clip art but each picture does portray the movements extremely well. The only person I could potentially see buying these posters is someone who is opening or already owns an artsy cafe.

They are trying to raise at least $3,200 to kick start their project and they are also only doing a one time print run.

Would you help kick start their project and purchase these posters? Why or why not?

This is their website:

This is the Kickstart website:

Time Magazine: Most Influential People

I think Malala Yousafzai is such a brave, inspirational young woman. She was only 15 when she was almost assassinated by a Taliban gunman on her way back from school in Pakistan. After surviving the almost fatal blow, she has become a role model to women all around the world, inspiring many to fight for their education. She has also recently won the Nobel peace prize, becoming the youngest person ever to win.

She was on the cover of Time magazine in April 2013 for their 100 Most Influential People in the World issue.

I think this cover is such a good piece of design for so many reasons. This cover is very simple and clean; I love how the designer used a black and white photo because it makes it so much classier and fits the theme. I think the hierarchy is working well and the text on the side is aligned in an orderly manner. The thing I love most about this cover is that none of the other design elements distract you from the picture of Malala. This picture is so captivating; it feels like she’s looking out at you, drawing you in to read about her story.

What do you think about this cover?

Unbelievable Cardboard Sculptures

Bartek Elsner Paper sculpture














When I was a kid, I enjoyed playing with cardboard boxes and pretending they were cars or houses. As a kid, your imagination runs wild and we were able to have fun with just about anything and everything.

We all also know that cutting cardboard is not the easiest thing to do. Even folding them to properly dispose of them can be very frustrating, or is that just me? Bartek Elsner takes cardboard cut outs to another level with his imagination and creates these unbelievable cardboard sculptures. I am very impressed.

The detail and realism of these sculptures are amazing. Due to some of these sculptures being life size, it looks like it took him years to build. He’s done CCTV cameras, a crow, a fireplace, a huge tree, and even chainsaws. Some of them could be found on the streets and he also made a giant Ghettoblaster for the International Radio Festival 2012 in Zurich.

Check them out here: