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From Peels to Food Containers

Emma Sicher, an Italian designer, created food containers form fruit and vegetable leftovers. Combining leftovers with bacteria and yeasts, Sicher created substitute containers to plastic and eco-friendly containers. Peels of fruit or vegetable are soaked in water with yeast, acetic, bacteria, and some sugar which turns vitamins and fructose in the peels to a substance like gelatin. After leaving the mixture for a couple of weeks, the mixture then being heated and dried. After being dried the mixture becomes translucent substance like paper and plastic. Sicher dried her mixtures in different surfaces and with different fruits accomplishing different patterns and colors. Calling her project From Peel to Peel, Sicher anticipations to substitute paper and plastic that are commonly used in food packaging.

It is interesting how the design of these fermented leftovers look colorful and appealingly accepted. Normally things that are eco-friendly do not always look nice. I admire how design and colors can change what source of things is and make them look pretty.

If Cigarette Boxes Like This How Dare You Smoke?!

Let’s admit, that smoking is very gross and harms people’s health. Each year, millions of people die due to cigarette-related causes, and yet, that can’t stop people from smoking. In the past few years, the government has tried so many methods such as increasing the taxes rate on cigarettes, abanding smoking from more public places and designing cigarette packagings that have educational messages on them.
Serbia designer Miroslav Vujovic Graforidza was one of the designers who jumped on the anti-smoking packaging design trend. His toothless cigarette box design convenes a strong message that smoking is bad for both your health and teeth. Every time people pull out a cigarette the box will reveal an opening, when the entire pack of cigarette is finished, the person on the package will be toothless. It makes you think twice before you want to have another cigarette.
Packaging design should have a meaning, not just to make the package of the product look good, don’t get me wrong, pretty packaging means a lot in the marketing industries. Packaging designer should focus more on the functionality of a product more.

Can it get easier than Apple Pay?

Over the weekend, I got an Uber, went to the bar, and then took a motorized Bird scooter home. All three of these took Apple Pay as my form of payment. The ease of use that comes with Apple Pay is still surprising to me, and usually I take it for granted.

With Apple Pay, you are able to load a variety of credit cards, gym cards, and other membership cards onto your phone. This essentially eliminates the need to carry your wallet around everywhere, which is very nice. When you scan your card on the card reader, you then are prompted to scan your thumb on your phone for 2 way verification. This makes the entire process foolproof. This weekend, my life was made so much easier with Apple Pay.

Louis Vuitton’s Power Move.

As a fan of both Louis Vuitton and Virgil Abloh, I was so excited to see that Louis Vuitton named Virgil Abloh its new Men’s Artistic Director. I think it makes perfect sense that a brand as traditional as Louis Vuitton would hire a designer that is known to break boundaries in order to connect to a younger audience. Virgil Abloh gained worldwide recognition through his own brand, Off-White, and through his work at Yeezy. He is known for his bold street wear aesthetic that appeals to a younger clientele. Virgil Abloh brings something new to the table, and I think that his ideas will help Louis Vuitton stay relevant for years to come.

I really like what Virgil Abloh has brought to Louis Vuitton. I like that he is putting a new spin on things that have been around for a long time, such as the Keepall duffel bag. He takes classic silhouettes and modernizes them by changing certain aspects such as the color. His bold designs bring new life into a brand that has been around for over 100 years. I think that Virgil Abloh will continue to influence the fashion world in a major way.

Is Simple Better in the Cryptocurrency World?

Cryptocurrency exchanges are often advanced and cumbersome to navigate. This leads to new-to-the-market confused buyers and sellers that accidentally try to buy or sell at hyperbolically high prices. Experienced traders have better luck. The design of exchanges such as GDAX, Binance, and Bittrex have proved to be overwhelming to new buyers and sellers.

The design of these exchanges are littered with flashing numbers and lights that can confuse or trigger users. This causes people to use other exchanges, even for higher fees and slower processing times. Coinbase is an example of a company that has embraced simplicity, and new-to-the-market buyers and sellers have flocked to it. The accessibility and simplicity of this mobile app allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at any given market price, but doesn’t allow for the detail in placing orders that other exchanges have. I hope that the merging of in-your-face simplicity and advanced trading will come in the next few years.

Movies Opening Credits

Do you read the opening credits to a movie? In my motion design class, our current project is designing a title sequence for a movie of our choice that is roughly a minute long. I choose to do the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. At first, I was looking forward to this project until I realized I had to do illustrations, which as a designer is not my strongest skill. Creating an illustration of main characters in the movie has been a time-consuming task that I was not prepared for. On that note, I finally got through all the illustrations yesterday, but could not help to think how frustrating creating title sequences would be as a job. A designer would spend hours upon hours perfecting the title sequence of a movie just for the majority audience to talk through it or to not even read the names appearing on the screen. When I go see movies I am guilty of not paying attention to the opening credits even if it contains visuals to go with the names. With that said, on the Art of the Title, website it showcases shows and movies title sequences with a description that are successful. Check it out, and tell me what you think of title sequences.

The Secret is Out!

Alessandra Ambrosio at Victoria’s Secret Fashion in New York

Behind every Victoria Secret fashion show there is a team of amazing designers of every single catwalk done. This year’s designer is Mary Katrantzou a London based “Queen of Prints”. This year’s fashion show is all about women feeling confident and empowered with a side of fun. All the wings are designed so beautifully to match the lingerie worn by the Victoria Secret Angles.

Every wings are different from the color, size, patterns on them and the material that might have been used. The show is aired out every year right before Christmas just in time for the holidays. It is also viewed by millions.

Designers’ Favorite Typefaces

MOO, a letter business, and CR, a graphic design magazine based in England, did a research about what the favorite fonts are for designers based in the United Kingdom. Thanks to 1,161 people who participated in this survey, the results are surprising.

The top four fonts are Helvetica, Avenir, Gill Sans. and Futura. The typeface Helvetica seems attract young and old audience while Avenir, designed by Adrian Frutiger, was chosen as favorite font number two. Also, this survey showed recently designers’ thoughts on new fonts such as Nexa, Basi Grotesque, and Freight Sans. All these new typefaces were created between 2013 and 2017.

What all these fonts have in common are the simplicity and sans-serifs style so they attract designers. The creative director of MOO Brendan Stephens thinks that all the designers are trying to follow minimalism because how the fonts are simple and clean so they can give that look to their customers.


Recently, Vogue wrote an article about the Danish designer furniture brand, Hay. The article discussed that Hay only has stores in Europe and the furniture is not available to order online. Although, Hay is partnering with Herman Miller and opening a store in Portland, Oregon. Hay will also be extending their availability to the internet by making furniture deliverable across the United States.

The new changes will have a large effect on Hay and their role in American interior design. One way is that Hay will now become less exclusive in general, and more available to own for Americans. Another way is that Hay will now be able to play a role in Nordic interior design outside of Europe. This can influence what is currently being valued in American homes and bring in more values from Nordic ones.

Design For A Cleaner Earth

Every year the number of plastic pollution increases. According to, “The 7 billion people worldwide produced over 320 million tons of plastic. This is set to double by 2034.” Out of that 35 million tons end up in US landfills as stated by Healthy human blog.


In a response to this problem, a pen company named Pilot, had design the B2P (Bottle 2 Pen)ball point pen which is made from recycled water bottles. This design combines two products that make for a large margin of the world’s plastic pollution. Its inventions like this that will greatly reduce the world plastic population.


The design of the pen takes on a clear casing with multiple ridges and its label resembles that of a paper water bottle label. The overall design is meant to look like a water bottle to emphasize the fact that it was made from recycled water bottles. Being made out of old recycled water bottles, the pen does not look like it’s a low-quality product.


Finding ways to deal with waste that creates a product not only can help deal with the pollution issue but also be very profitable. Businesses that create products from recycled material don’t have to worry about a high production cost of the materials of the product. They also could cut down the cost of transportation of materials if they took ownership of recycling factories. By making the choice to go green for something such as a pen company can make it stand out and attract an audience that its competitors might not have.