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Instead of Comic Sans, Why Not Try Something Else?

The history of Comic Sans is interesting reading. Most designers hate the typeface. Personally, few things make me queasier than hearing someone say, “I like Comic Sans,” or worse, “I used Comic Sans in a recent design.” The typeface is poorly designed, and it has also become cliché. Yet it remains popular. Many people love […]

Design to Change the World!

How powerful design can be? Recently I watched a video in TED talk, where the designer Ghada Wail talks about her new project. The project goal is to change the idea about the Arabic language and the Arabs countries. Wail used LEGO to design Arabic letters to teach and spread the Arabic language through the world. […]

The SmART Major

The SmART Major Rita Mulugeta   What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘design’? Close your eyes and think about it. Go on, just think about it.   Did you think about the design of logos, electronics, or fabrics maybe? Even if you didn’t, how did you […]

My Love for Rooms

There is a lot to design. So much of it too! Interior Design is my favorite of all. I find when rooms are designed, shaped, and sized differently to be more enjoyable to be in. Color is very important as well. Color is what brings a room together. You need to find the right color […]

Design and Technology

Nowadays, to continue pleasing our clients and people who appreciate our designs, we must always be aware of technological changes and how they affect our work as designers. I am sure that 50% of my class has an iPhone (including myself) or a product related to Apple. But why people prefer ios over android? The […]

Wartime Propaganda Graphic Design: The Finger Pointing

Amount All the themes of the hand gestures propaganda designs, the finger pointing is another common element of these posters. The finger pointing posters usually futures a well-known person pointing directly at the audience with his or her index finger, the most popular and iconic design of this category is the Uncle Sam poster   […]

The Hand Lettering Explosion

Hand lettering. I’m sure you’ve seen it everywhere: boutique logos, bullet journals, wedding invitations. How can some mere, pretty handwriting be taking over the world? Paired with watercolor backgrounds or embossed with gold leaf, this dainty form of typography has become a trend that keeps expanding and consumers are eating it up. Perhaps we can […]

Sustainability: How Can Graphic Designers Contribute?

Questioning our environmental impact is becoming a larger issue today. I try to find relevance with graphic design and environmental sustainability. Finding the significance is difficult because I have not experienced many conversations about environmental sustainability in the graphic design field. When looking at images of landfills I think about the fact that so many […]

The Dreaded First Week

The Dreaded First Week It is the first week of class, also known as syllabus week to most college students. Designers know it is just a coping mechanism we use to put less pressure on ourselves throughout the week. As I go into my first class the syllabus is gone over briefly, but then my […]

Graphic Design — A Commodity?

Vistaprint, Fiverr, and many other services have created a world where graphic design is often perceived as disposable, easy to create, and easy to consume. Consequently, many business owners – often cost cutting and not creatively inclined – resort to using these services. This is detrimental to the design community for a wide array of […]