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Coolest Voting System Ever

Dramafever, a website to watch Asian dramas, holds an annual festival at the end of the year to present the best actors, actresses, and shows of the year awards for their outstanding performance. Because the website is supported by loyal fans, Dramafever releases a voting poll for us to decide who and what should win. Usually […]

Leave the 90s in the 90s You Hipster…

It seems like vintage will always be in style; what’s old is new again. It is common practice in design, among other creative fields, to make things with a “retro” feel. Whether is be color, a particular shape, or layout, it is used to evoke a feeling or time. Up until the past couple of […]

The Dog Factor

While walking through Target I saw three advertisement posters that had dogs in them. They were for shoes, towels, and dog food. I thought of something then, does the addition of a dog in an ad automatically increase popularity or chances that someone will buy that product? Let’s face it; we’re all a sucker for […]

McDonalds Mascot Designs

What was the first mascot for McDonalds? Surprisingly it wasn’t Ronald. He was the second mascot for McDonalds.   The first official mascot for McDonalds drive thru was Speedee. He’s been around since 1948. A simple little chief with a burger for a head, winking, grinning, and always had a little sign that read “I’m […]

How Much Fluff Do You Need to Feel Good About Yourself?

The way I see it, form follows function. To extend that philosophy onto design, the best design serves the content, rather than the content serving the design. The words of a book should not be created for the paper they are printed on, it is the other way around. Less is more. Get my drift? […]

WARNING: Bad, Weird Designs Not For The Weak

Being clever and funny in an ad is an awesome accomplishment that can really draw in viewers and leave the ad memorable in their minds. Like this piece for condoms. Condom and KY ads can be funny or at least get a chuckle out of the viewer. There are some other ones like this one […]

Who shot the Serif?

I have noticed lately that designers are choosing a sans serif font that has perfectly round bowls with no variance between thick and thin stroke. Avenir, Century Gothic, Gill Sans, Helvetica Neue, Neuzeit S, Open Sans, Raleway, ScalaSans, and Segoe UI, are but a view in my own font collection that fit this description. I […]

Creative Design

I came across a redesign competition held by Norway’s national police. The project involved updating the security features of their current passports. The winning design came from Neue Design Studio who executed the project flawlessly. The clean minimalist design on the cover is nothing compared to the surprise inside. Neue Design Studio decided to use […]

Tis the Season

With the holiday season quickly approaching, the world is suddenly bombarded with a plethora of designed advertisements telling you to buy this or that product. You’ve got advertisements on TV, flyers in the mail and newspapers, and emails alerting you about the best deals at each store. In all of these advertisements, graphic design plays […]

Bullshitting: How Many Levels Deep Are You?

Since I’ve been working on the topic for my final paper, I have begun to wonder just how much Bullshit I involve in my life and work. Things that I once believed to be just and true, I find myself questioning. I feel as though I have broken through some hypothetical wall and on the […]