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McKamey Manor

Tis the season of pumpkin patches, trick-or-treating, and haunted houses. Most everyone has been in a haunted house at some point in their life, but can you imagine being stuck in the haunted house for four hours living your worst nightmare? McKamey Manor is not the average haunted hay-ride, it is a several hour long […]

Newly Designed Wine Labels

  When strolling down the wine section just how many of us choose a wine based solely off of the label design? I know I definitely like to try new wines and use design to help. Recently designers are teaming up with wine makers through the Bare Bottle project. On a monthly basis, a designer […]

Business Cards with an Edge

Who wants a plain and basic business card that doesn’t fully embody or say who you are as a person? As a designer it is important to brand yourself in person but also on paper. With business cards you want to display who you are and companies such as Hatch and JAQK cellars believe in […]

Packaging with a Pop!

Who knew cereal could look so good… even quinoa cereal?! With the debut for the new product by Pereg Natural Foods, Quinoa Pops has the best packaging to sell the healthy new cereal. The company went through Squat New York firm who delivered a really playful and flashy design for the cereal with the color […]

WhatTheFont App

  Finally typography anywhere can be easily saved and identified , thanks to the WhatTheFont app! Have you ever been out and saw a typeface you really admired but didn’t know the name, or were not by a computer to look it up? Recently I just discovered that the people over at WhatTheFont have created […]

McDonalds Concept Drink Packaging

Imagine a world where McDonalds strayed away from their known Red and Yellow colors. CRAZY RIGHT?! Honestly, I don’t know how much I’m into it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all in for a pop of color, but this concept just doesn’t feel right to me… What do you guys think? ALSO, THIS IS JUST […]

23 Fun and Creative Package Designs

I am always a sucker for creative package designs, but when I was flipping through my Flipboard account I found some that made me smile. When you go about your daily life coming across numerous consumer items, wouldn’t you like some kind of packaging from the company that makes you smile or even think about […]

Design your interior space!

Moving stinks! It is possibly one of the most arduous tasks we have do during our lives. It’s inevitable, though. We all have to do it some time or another (or many many many  times, as I have). After all is done and everything is boxed up in your new space, the next step is […]

dan mountford

dan mountford is a 24 Graphic designer and photographer, he works on double exposure photography, and when you look at his work you can see the details of the photography that he did. When you look at his work you can see the exposure of the work that he finished without using any Photoshop

Colorful designs by Maria Grønlund

Maria grønlund’s work is so amazing and colorful, she is a graphic designer specially in branding, digital art, color and design. She likes to do branding in different shapes and styles, also she used to play musician that what makes her trying to do all the shapes play together like a music. Her works are […]