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Design Crimes: Self Care Edition

  Attention designers: With finals season coming up, we could all use a little guilt trip to help keep our eyes off netflix and back on the prize so we can get our work done AND sleep. If, in the last two months you have done any of the following, you are a criminal. Staying […]

How Would Designers Change the Design of Flying?

  We all know that flying can be one of those things that people don’t look forward to. Cramped seating, not so great amenities, and long flights. When you give the idea to designers to change the way the inside of the plane looks with no restrictions, the possibilities are endless. Paul Priestman, the design […]

Using Tools in Photoshop to create color-blindness friendly versions of your art.

    Ok, so say you’re trying to sell a print(picture 1), but 4% of your customers don’t want it because it’s heavy in red and green. To them, it all looks the color of nasty yellow sewer water because they are color blind(picture 2). You can make a version of that print that appeals to […]

Pizza Wrapping Paper

Now, I know the holidays are in motion, and what better way to wrap your presents, for that pizza obsessed person, in pizza wrapping paper!? The designers behind Gift Couture have created this paper that looks exactly like a pepporoni pizza and comes complete with its own box and labels. Sarah Fay and Justin Colt designed the paper […]

Art Land

You have probably seen it already, but let’s talk about it some more — Waste Land is one of the best documentary movies I have ever watched, which is saying a lot cause I hate documentaries. It is about finding the beauty in an ugly place – the garbage in art, but also in the […]

Learn About 100 Artists in Minutes

Shea Hembrey was longing for more work that was appealing to a wider body of people, which started his idea of staging an international art show with work from 100 different artists. They all had to follow these sort of criteria, 1. He had to be able to explain the work of art in five […]

Art and Science

Tom Shannon is an artist who creates artwork inspired by science. Strongly driven by his questions of how things work, his sculptures and paintings reflect the ideas. I’ve always been a sucker for science, although I am not good at it – hence the art major – but to be able to integrate both art […]

Michael Bierut’s New Book

Michael Bierut, as we all know is a well established designer and the author of our current class book, 79 Short Essays on Design. He has recently published a book that might be something we all take a look at seeing as how it pertains to graphic design. It just may be a helpful resource […]

Star Wars Anybody?

  Have you recently been wandering down the dairy idle and been surprised with your favorite creamer embodying your all time iconic film franchise… Star Wars? Or maybe looking for a new pair of sneakers and spot Chewbacca? Well with the upcoming release of the new Star Wars film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it […]


If you want to make millions instantly this blog post isn’t for you. However, if you are just starting out as a graphic designer and want to realistically earn money, keep reading. Yaron Schoen, product designer with 15 years of experience, started his own studio and has tips to share with young graphic designers who […]