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Underground Guerilla Street Art Tactics 101: Wheatpasteing Posters

Do you feel frustrated when your voice is not heard? Do you not like the government or media censoring your voice? Do you believe in creating a revolution using art? How about spreading your message using underground guerilla street art tactics like wheatpaste! In the 1970s, punks in Great Britain used wheatpaste to spread the […]

A Strange New Way to Cure Stress

Recently, I have found an outlet for relaxation among the hustle and bustle of school and work. However, where this new found stress relief was found surprised me. It was in the pages of an adult coloring book. As an art major, I did not hesitate to pick one of these up at my local […]

Better to see in Black and White

Here’s a tip for anyone who are unsure on their logo design, or any project they find themselves working within their future. Take your design and simply change it to a grayscale color-scale, and see whether it still works when the color saturation is removed. It is helpful to see the color harmony at work […]

Shady Internships

Recently, I applied for a graphic design internship for a non-profit company, and it was quite interesting. I sent an email to them, and immediately, I received a response. The response email read “when can you start?” I was quite surprised. Although, I did send them my resume and portfolio, there were no further questions […]

Package Design Critique

This eye catching design sparked my interest as I constantly am drawn to analyze packaging. I find this design is working very well as a natural vignette is created by the trees and the light seeping in. This concept is strong as it pushes the consumer to think the product is natural and earthy. This […]

Design Inspiration at Your Local Art Gallery

I recently visited an exhibition titled “The Way I Think” by contemporary artist George Condo. This show is installed at The Phillip’s Collection and showcases a large amount of his mix media drawings. I was completely taken aback when I stepped in to the gallery because of the presence his work commands. There was so much […]

The age-old question

The never-ending debate amongst graphic designers is if Mac better for graphic designers than PC’s. As a student designer who recently switched over to a Mac last Christmas, (my peers said finally when they noticed the difference) I never understood the big deal. My PC did everything that I needed it to do and I […]

Because I’m not an artist, I’m a designer.

I find it so interesting that until becoming an actual design student, I was never exposed to the differences of art and design. Although I enjoyed designing and felt inspiration to create, I was always hesitant about becoming an “art student” because I didn’t believe I was an “artist”. All I knew was that I […]

The Frodo Design Template

Look at this cover here, what do you see? If I had to guess, this story is about some kind of hobbit looking teenager that looks very similar to Frodo. The cover is showing the main character of this story, Fitz. The person shown on the cover, is nowhere near close to Fitz physical description […]

Target: Shooting for a New Image

I recently read that Target, the much beloved discount store, will be receiving a major updates in all of its stores across the country by 2018-19. I was initially surprised by the announcement because Target is not the first place I’d think needed to be redesigned. After so many years the store’s layout has become […]