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Anti-Forgery Passport Design

Many countries have been considering redesigning their passports lately. Apparently, their primary goal is to prevent counterfeiters. Improvement on travel passports usually comes along with advancement in technology that includes hidden electronic chips and more high security devices. Images used on passports’ pages are just a traditional security technique. So, wouldn’t it be beautiful if […]


A lot of times I find myself staring at my computer for countless hours trying to figure out what exactly I want to design. I take my frustrations to my search engine only to find results that have no relation to what I am trying to design. However, when I discovered Pinterest about 2 years […]


Growing up, I had rarely watched animated films that depict stories from the part of the world where I come from, Arabia. That is because only a few of them were released. Frankly, none of them seemed to be interesting movies to watch. However, I am hoping to watch an exciting one very soon. Barajoun […]

GraphicBurger: Have It Your Way…Literally

Imagine you’re designing a logo or a website for a client. It would be nice to see what it looks like on a smartphone, a computer screen, even a billboard. However, you want to do this without spending money on prints or coding a website from scratch. You only just want mock-ups to see if there’s any need […]

Bet You Your Mom Never Let You Do This

Have you ever had the urge to just.. I don’t know.. doodle on walls? Caroline, aka “Jo Bird” (her design name/alter ego) designs office spaces for a living, but in the most non-traditional sense you’ve ever heard of.  She’s not moving furniture around, or even planning out what can fit in a room. Instead, she’s […]

50 Shades of Creepy

So by now all the hype of 50 Shades of Grey has come and mostly gone but I would like to share an interesting view on the matter. It started when I was out to dinner with my sisters and I informed them that I’d be going to see the “oh so scandalous” movie. The […]

Buy a Printer, Make an Iron Man

Has anyone seen this amazing 3D model yet? I’ve heard of 3D printers, but never seen something this realistic before. Ron Wilkes, after seeing Iron Man 3 made a new years resolution to himself to make his own Iron Man suit so he purchased a 3D printer.  Costing him around 1,250 dollars and with 597 […]

Vines are “Hot” Long Lengths are “Not”

     Has anyone ever noticed that Vine has been a sensational hit and its just videos that are five seconds long? Why is that? Why are people so fascinated with medias such as vine or snap chat that only allow you to watch something for only a few seconds opposed to something that is longer. […]

Feel Old Yet?

Growing up, I played many video games on my PS1. I was never too exposed to a Nintendo 64 (I know, I know, HORRIBLE right?!) but I do remember playing a Sega game here and there. I remember being so incredibly fascinated by the PS1 and thought I was a cool kid because I had […]


People do some crazy things with art. What i’m about to talk about doesn’t fall short from crazy, but it’s certainly crazy in a good way. In Cincinnati, architects, engineers, and construction workers (as well as volunteers) came together for the 18th annual Cincinnati Canstruction competition, where they gathered as many cans as possible with […]