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Times New Roman

Is there something wrong with the state we turn in papers for courses we take at the college level? Are the MLA, APA, Chicago style, and other established style guides for producing papers wrong? Or, are they exactly what they need to be. The twelve point double spaced paper, with Times New Roman, a cover, […]

You are an Artist? So…You Aren’t Doing Anything Practical With Your Life?

I have been an artist of many mediums, my entire life. I began in the performing arts arena as a professional modern dancer, that held a company contract with the Martha Graham Contemporary Dance Company in NYC. Following retirement, I began my career at GMU as a graphic designer in the visual arts. A few […]

What beauty looks like

Esther Honig, a journalist and social media manager, that sent head to shoulder portraits of her face to 40 different artists in 40 different countries, along with text that simply said, “make me look beautiful.” Each artist, using Photoshop, altered Honig’s facial features, coloring, and expression to achieve the ideal model of what their specific country […]

The consumer isn’t a moron. She is your wife…

Advertising design plays an important role in selling products and services. It refers to the creation and organization of visual artwork used in advertisement. Having a good image and a good slogan will always help pulling in variety of consumers. However, there are companies out there that are very well known for their brand but […]

A Solution that Works

Having had beautician aunts expose me to skincare products since I was ten, all skincare pretty much looks and does the same thing to me: trying to make you look better. I never pledged allegiance to a brand because none were effective enough to be memorable. However, I received a free Laneige sample to try and was […]

Sometimes The Top Design Isn’t The Best Design

  Let’s face it…the design of the Colombian Women Team’s cycling outfit is…different. And naked! Well, sort of. In the recent Giro di Toscana, an international annual bicycle race held in Tuscany, Italy, the Women’s team from Columbia was spotted wearing outfits that gave the illusion they were partially nude. These uniforms weren’t see through […]

Evolution of the Apple Logo

Did you ever know how many times the Apple logo changed? We see this logo everywhere, especially us designers. However, I think it is interesting to take the time and find out the process of this logo that we see everyday and maybe learn from it.   The first logo was featuring Isaac Newton under […]

Friendly pictograms of 2014 Rio Olympics games

Pictograms for the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic games have been unveiled by the Organising Committee, marking the first time that all of the Olympic and Paralympic sports have been individually represented.The pictograms were inspired by the official Rio 2016 typeface – developed by Dalton Maag – and were first drawn by hand. They were […]

What Kind of Tostitos Do You Prefer?

  Memorial Day weekend my friends and I had a BBQ. We noticed that many people brought Tostitos chips, but they were all different types. It was the Hint of Lime, Scoops, Cantina Traditional and the Cantina Thin & Crispy. These chips have the same main ingredients that tastes like corn tortilla chips but the […]

Album Art

Just picture this: You log into iTunes and search for the new album that’s just been released by your favorite artist. You expect to see a little square with a cool design or artwork. But, you see nothing of the sort, just a blank square with the artist’s name and title of the CD under […]