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It Matters: Keeping Your Files Organized

There’s been countless amount of times I’ve seen a disorganized and inefficient filing system amongst my peers. With countless files flying around your entire computer, it’s nearly impossible to find a specific file within a couple of seconds. Awkwardly waiting for someone to pull up a file as they panic and with you waiting is […]

Sneaker Blowout

A few weeks ago, the sports world was shocked when Duke basketball star Zion Williamson got injured from his Nike shoe ripping. This caused major controversy around Nike’s production of shoes and ended up in Nike’s stocks plummeting by $1 billion the next day. Nike flew in some of their top representative to Durham, North […]

The Future

Thinking about the future is terrifying. Especially when you’re about to graduate college. The further along I get in school, the larger that looming shadow of adulthood becomes. It’s scary to think about bills and getting a job and REALLY being on your own. And there’s things to think about as a designer as well. […]

Trendy Patterns

Llew Meija is a New York City based illustrator known for his beautiful patterns. Although he’s currently focusing on textile design, he’s also done packaging, branding, and print design in the past. Llew has worked for many clients including Apple, Google, Adidas, and Starbucks Coffee. Most of his illustrations are of nature and animals. His […]

Package Design More Important Than You Thought

As children, many of us were enthused at the thought of going to a toy store and buying that brand-new action figure or doll. But after a few weeks, some children lose interest in their new toy because there is an even newer toy. This could be because the child may feel that the magic […]

Graphic Design: Then and Now

Graphic design is everywhere: in every logo, magazine, package, webpage, and font used in a slogan. For newer generations these carefully crafted images and identities may seem like just another part of reality, but none of these designs were created in a vacuum. Everything is created for a purpose and as a response to what […]

Handwritten Logos

Logos have been useful over the past years; they can represent a company by just the simplest design. Through time logos have been altered to create something new and innovating. Logos have been altered from 3-D design to flatten down logos that have minimalist colors. Lately there has been a new trend were logos have […]

Yes it’s a Tomato.

Yes. “Pomodoro” does mean tomato. Why a tomato? Why I am even talking about this? Well, it’s all thanks to a man called Francesco Cirillo.  Francesco Cirillo invented what is known as the Pomodoro Technique. The Pomodoro Technique is a structured method to get work done while not wearing yourself out. The method focuses on […]

90’s Shoe Collaboration

Are shoes companies bringing the 90’s back by collaborating with well know cartoon/anime shows? Big companies such as adidas and Fila are now bringing back the 90’s in the form of a shoes design. By either incorporating the color scheme from the character to the shoe or by just putting the character on the shoe. […]

Windows 10 still in progress

Windows 10 still in progress Windows 10 is a great operating system and it includes a lot of amazing features that is predecessors did not. One thing that Windows 10 is lacking in is a consistent desing language. Windows Vista introduced us to Aero with its glass like transparent effects and Windows 8 brought us […]