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Windows or OS X? – Software Design

  Many people like to compare Windows to the Mac’s OS X software, just like they compare Apple’s iPhone to Samsung’s Galaxy. Comparing the two and discussing which one is better can be like opening up Pandoras Box because many people like them both. Many people like using windows since its the most common operating […]

Noticeable Car Designs

When you’re walking through a car park what cars do you see? Or more to the point what cars do you take notice, that aren’t yours?   Car designers put a lot of work to make the car’s body safe, functional, or more aerodynamic, but it seems mostly they make it look like any other […]

Electronic Doodling!

Can you imagine drawing anything and creating an electric current? Wait. Let me rephrase that. Is it possible to create light by just drawing simple circuits? YES. The Circuit Scribe is a rollerball pen that obtains “conductive silver ink.” In other words, you can create different types of circuits with just a paper and batteries. Once […]

Kern in g is Ke y

As graphic designers we know that what we depict, whether it is words, images, patterns or placements of all the above, the overall design creates a visual meaning. We also know that we have to pay special attention to detail so the meaning is not misconstrued. Things like font choices, word choices, hierarchy choices, image choices, […]

Google Search

Who knew that google had a design search team? I didn’t. From this particular video, something simple such as a search engine has gone under changes to create a better experience for their audience. We’ve probably seen the posts about Google slightly changing the kerning on its lettering. But this video gives us a more behind […]

What is Creativity telling you?

We are all creative individuals. But how many of us listen to what our creativity tells us? Creativity is like an inner-voice that exists within us. It communicates to us in ways that we may not even notice. Some people just instinctively listen to it. They can create and do wondrous things seamlessly. Some people […]

Would You Purchase These Artsy Sandwiches?

Two graphic design artists combined their love for art and food to create a set of posters to sell on Kickstarter. These set of posters represent the four art movements: Abstract, Cubism, Minimalism, and Psychedelic. Each poster has an illustration of a sandwich to represent each movement. I probably wouldn’t purchase any of these posters […]

Time Magazine: Most Influential People

I think Malala Yousafzai is such a brave, inspirational young woman. She was only 15 when she was almost assassinated by a Taliban gunman on her way back from school in Pakistan. After surviving the almost fatal blow, she has become a role model to women all around the world, inspiring many to fight for […]

Unbelievable Cardboard Sculptures

                          When I was a kid, I enjoyed playing with cardboard boxes and pretending they were cars or houses. As a kid, your imagination runs wild and we were able to have fun with just about anything and everything. We all also know […]

His Household Objects Are Cooler Than Yours

I am such a sucker for what I consider “cool art.” When I came across Gilbert Legrand’s pieces, I instantly got excited. Gilbert Legrand is a French artist who takes ordinary household objects and creates playful characters by painting on it. Reading a little bit about him, as a child he always saw objects differently […]