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The Dreaded Portfolio

I’m sure there are amateur designers out there who are confident in their ability to impress clients. I’m certainly not one of them. Terror overwhelms me every time I think about reviewing my work and putting it together for other, more experienced, people to judge. But, I researched some tips for assembling a graphic design […]

Understanding the difference between typography and lettering

Typography and Lettering. What’s the difference? If people are not familiar with the words, it is quite common to see them questioning about the difference between both words, and mixing up these two terms and concepts. For example, I bet you’ve heard someone say handwriting or hand-lettering, even from college professors at least one. But this […]

Lamborghini Mercy: A Hypercar that Pushes the Limits of Design

We’ve all heard of Lamborghini. The Italian SUV/sports-/super-/hypercar manufacturer is known for some of the most extravagant car designs that are rolling on the road. From the sturdy Urus to the full carbon Sesto Elemento, each of Lamborghini’s designs pushes the envelope in terms of creativity. There’s one model in particular, the Veneno, that looks […]

3D Printing as a Cultural Disruptor

Not only does the technology effectively minimize the need for human interaction, but it also decreases human labor from a manufacturing perspective.  From desktop printers to pens, 3D printing has invaded our lives on a monumental scale.  Riding the wave of maker spaces and artisan sensibilities, 3D printing is likely to continue to grow in use […]


It has been over a year now since the death of Vine, but it is remembered by many as the birth place of some of the most well-known memes. Only after becoming a graphic design major could I finally come to appreciate the classic meme, FR E SH A VOCA DO. If you haven’t seen […]

Running Stores are Awesome, but what is with their Logos?

A month ago, my classmates and I were assigned a project in our Writing For Designers class. The project involved researching a company or store that required a redesign of their visual identity, including their logo and business suite, and writing a design proposal. I chose to write one for the Potomac River Running Store, […]

Designer Spotlight: Nick Chaffe on the life of a freelance designer

Nick Chaffe, a Manchester designer, illustrator, and typographer, recently sat down and spoke with Creative Boom on the pros and cons of his recent move to become a freelance designer. Chaffe has been working independently for nearly a decade, collaborating with companies such as Amnesty International, Lonely Planet, and the Guardian. When asked how he […]

With Hopes In Mind

The role of design in corporate public relations is to maintain the visual identity of an organization and its values. In campaigns, however, the design must represent not only the candidate’s values but also their hopes for an entire nation’s future. It’s difficult to keep the traditional red, white, and blue unique with every campaign.  […]


For my Graphic Design Principles class I had to read a presentation by Marty Neumeier, an American author and speaker who writes on the topics of brand, design, innovation, and creativity. The presentation was on bridging the distance between business strategy and design. It was absolutely eye opening that I figured I had to share […]

One for your Bookmark Bar

Ok guys, this site is seriously AMAZING. There are countless top of the line designs on this site that can serve for inspiration and just to appreciate. The owners of this site created the site as a tool of inspiration for all designers. I was navigating page after page, looking at incredible designs from graphic […]