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The Case against Lorem Ipsum

As designers we are always looking to optimize our design process for efficiency and speed. Using Lorem Ipsum as placeholder text has become an accepted practice in design. However, the use of Lorem Ipsum forces us to abstract our design and get away from envision the final product that we are designing. This is especially […]

Drawing Tablets for Designers

Most digital artists have some kind of drawing tablet, like a Cintiq or an Intuos. Rather than using a normal mouse to create their work, the pen and tablet work together to replace it. The tablet’s drawing area is mapped to the computer monitor, so if the pen is in the center of the tablet, […]

Color Palette Resources

Knowledge of color is an integral part of being a designer. Color is what gives our pieces emotion and feeling, and color has the power to communicate all types of messages in a design. We, as designers, must be wise with what types of color we choose to put into our work. However, when starting […]

George Mason and Desire Paths

Today on Reddit, someone posted a before and after picture of the picture of the Ohio State University’s quad. After planting the grass, students would walk across the field to get where they wanted instead of on the sidewalks around it. A more recent picture shows an overhead view of the quad today, and what […]

Design Students’ Summer Break

With summer break fast approaching, graphic design students like me are trying to figure out productive ways to spend their time. Work for money? Work for experience? Summer classes? I’ve spent the past few months doing everything I can to find an internship this summer. Finding a company that isn’t an MLM and will actually […]

For the hype

High-end designer companies have been known for come out with beautiful handbags, accessories, clothing, etc. Nowadays, it seems like people buy expensive products just for the hype instead of the product itself. They want to feel part of an exclusive group of people who can afford these products. I think these design companies know that […]

You Are Getting Swindled by Design

Life is full of wonderful promises and opportunity. Though, things don’t always turn out the way that we’d hope. The amount of falsehoods that occur day by day, is something that many had to learn the hard way. Deception happens everywhere, even in design. However, it seems like people are getting swindled by package design […]

Released Too Early?

The long-anticipated galaxy fold is finally releasing this spring. It has been given away early to reviewers to mostly positive praise but there was some negative feedback. The Samsung Galaxy Fold has a couple of design flaws like the front screen being surrounded by massive bezels, and a notch on the inside screen. The biggest […]

How Did I Always Get Stuck with This?

Over the past year, I somehow gotten stuck dealing with designing programs for an organization that I’m apart of. I made every single one, despite the efforts of giving the job to other people. However, it was a rewarding experience because I learned to better organize information and design it as attractively as possible. Yesterday, […]

Italian Product Design: Moka

Founded in 1921, Alessi is Italian design mainstay. Alessi has taken the iconic stove-top espresso maker, often called a moka, and creatively designed and redesigned it to perfection. Alessi plays to a multitude of aesthetic tastes, currently producing fourteen different models of stove-top coffee makers. Many Alessi espresso maker designs are inspired by architecture, like […]