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Bullshitting: How Many Levels Deep Are You?

Since I’ve been working on the topic for my final paper, I have begun to wonder just how much Bullshit I involve in my life and work. Things that I once believed to be just and true, I find myself questioning. I feel as though I have broken through some hypothetical wall and on the […]

A pair of Loubutin shoes? Yes please! Oh wait – I can’t wear those. In fact, nobody can – they’re edible!   These shoes are the creation of self-proclaimed “cake artist” Handi Mulyana of Handi’s Cakes in Australia. He got his start at the tender age of 10 in his family’s cake shop, and has […]

Gag Worthy

Conceptual art is all about the process and the concept, how it is made and the steps it takes to get there. The final piece isn’t as important. DESIGN IS NOT CONECPTUAL ART. All that really matters in an ad or packaging or a website is the final product. Take the ad below for an […]

It is all About The Package

I judge things by the way the look. I know it is harsh but GET OVER IT. In fact a lot of people do. Humans are attracted to well attractive items that hit a connection with us. When I am at a store looking for let’s say soap, I automatically am turned off by ugly, […]

E.T. Phone Home

I feel that sometimes design goes unnoticed. This is either because it may be a good design but it isn’t a great one or that it is simply not in the right place. A lot of designers fail to utilize the space their work will be in. Either it is placed in a point of […]

The What’s Underneath Project

I recently stumbled upon one of the YouTube videos that are a part of the What’s Underneath Project. Never having heard of it before, the first one I watched was quite interesting. It’s basically a collection of videos which feature a selected group of individuals who will remove their pieces of clothing while talking about […]

Been aMUSEd lately?

Well I have. I recently subscribed to Adobe’s Creative Cloud and it comes with many programs, some that I use on a daily basis and some I have never used. One of the programs that caught my attention was Muse. Muse is a program that allows designers to create websites without writing a single line […]

Vik Muniz “Wasteland”

  The well known photographer Vik Muniz requested to make portraits of the pickers in Rio and sell them and all the money will go back to them. Muniz described the pickers as being like garbage with people not knowing about them. Some were proud of what they did but others were sad. They would […]

The Future of the Mall

I was blown away at these renders of what the future of The National Mall might look like in the future. Smithsonian announced a $2 Billion proposal to update the mall with all new architecture and underground tunnels that will connect certain museums. The designs are really gorgeous and give Washington D.C. an all new […]

Cyber Museums!

Could you image visiting any museum around the world without the need of transportation? Well technology has once strike again. In this particular TED talk, Amit Sood designed and created this website called the Art Project. It consists of a variety of museums that you can visit around the world. For instance, if you want to […]