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The Art of a Great Uniform

February is here, and for some, it’s the month of love, but to others, it’s known as the culmination of the ultimate sports franchise in America; the Super Bowl, where two of America’s best football teams battle it out for the championship title. Up until the game, everyone talks all kinds of stats and figures, […]

No Outfit to Wear to the Ball? Just 3D Print it

We may have all heard of the unlimited potentials of the 3D Printing Technology ranging from manufacturing small parts to designing habitable houses. Even 3D printing wearable fabric designs is also beginning to become the new trend as I had found out during my Mathematical Art and 3D Printing internship with the Mason Experimental Geometry […]

Bold Type

  Graphic design has always been about creating solutions and better experiences for me. That is why when I read about the typeface called Dyslexie created Christian Boer I became intrigued. Boer designed the typeface while attending HKU University of the Arts in Utrecht in the hopes that it would help dyslexic people like himself. […]

Yahoo’s Logo Design Origin

Yahoo has been the site that Internet browsers have used for years. It is the source of sending emails, along with having news articles and a search engine. There are three questions that Yahoo users never thought of: what is the origin of the name Yahoo, why is its signature color purple, and why does […]

The Power of Designers

Graphic designers have a powerful tool in their arsenal, the power of influence. It is a necessary tool in other to have a successful design. With this tool, designers can influence the government, business, and even the media. To graphic designers, visual work is a must; it is what can make or break a company. […]

4 things every design student needs

Coffee: Even if you do not drink coffee, the implication by this option is that there are many late nights ahead. Choose your poison to keep yourself alert whether it is sugar, coffee, tea, or even just a strong will.  Perseverance: The hardest part about designing is getting started. Graphic design is not a field […]

Abram Games: Maximum Meaning, Minimum Means.

Abram Games’ first school report said that he was “lazy, careless, untidy, and his drawing was weak” (N. Games, Abram Games: His Life and Work, 11). Fortunately, for Games, he took this as an opportunity rather than an insult. He turned the need to succeed into his passion and went on to become one of […]

Pixel This

Video games have come a long way since their inception, starting with Atari’s simplistic commercial hit, Pong. As technology changed, the engines that render the worlds that games exist in today have evolved to create entire worlds within a disk or cartridge. The industry has moved far, far away from the pixelated art styles required […]

Two Worlds of Design: How Design and Death Metal Coalesce

Do you remember that kid in high school who wore the long hair, the black jeans, and a band shirt with an unreadable logo? You probably thought to yourself ‘What’s the appeal?’ or ‘Do people really like this stuff?’ The truth is, yeah, people do, and the artwork is partly to blame. The entire subgenre […]

Judging a book at first sight

Judging a book at first sight Book design has a lot to do with appearance; have you ever “judged a book by its cover?” As much as I’d like to say I read the content of a book first, I would be lying. I’m one of the many people that pick a book based on […]