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Graphic Designer Appreciation

I don’ t know about you, but some days, I feel unappreciated. Many people take design for granted, never realizing the work and frustration that can go into every design. I’ve seen on the internet where people don’t classify design as a “real” job, making comments that designers spend time coloring or doing other simplistic […]

Legacy appropriation in graphic design

  In February of this year I found several flyers online advertising Martin Luther King day events, mostly parties at clubs and other entertainment venues. But what was rather unsettling to me was that a lot of these flyers used Dr. King’s image in ways that to me at least, seemed borderline disrespectful. They Photoshopped […]

Hand lettering

Today, many graphic designers solely work digitally and would not even have drawing or painting skills. Like other bloggers state here, it makes it hard for designers to stand out when there is not unique skills that can set them apart from others. I personally relate graphic design more towards drafting, maybe because I have […]

What the X is the Real Art?

    I have little grievance in Art School. and I am not going to mention which art school or TPO. because I do not want to offend anyone or organization.   When you learn aesthetic, principle of art, even art history classes, You are often listen that they said, “there are no high art […]

A sound mind in a sound body

“A sound mind in a sound body” Juvenalis, Roman Poet     I personally believe that a right amount of deprivation and discipline is necessary and good for soul. creativity is not cheap. It comes with the price. Hypothetically, If our body and minds remains fully satisfied, then Hunger for needs and creativity is also […]

Test Vehicle Camouflage

Here is a picture of a BMW test vehicle covered with interesting camouflage patterns. Before launching the new cars, car manufacturers have to go thorough series of testing processes to make sure that the production vehicle does not have any issues with safety and performance. During the testing process, the test vehicle has to be […]

Graphic design in different languages

  Movie posters are always a good topic when it comes to graphic design. The attached poster is actually the Chinese version of the movie Avengers poster. The Image is not really different from the original, but the text is the interesting part. The Avengers logo is written in Chinese but it delivers the same […]

Asiana A380 painting   This is about an aircraft livery again, but I wanted to share this video on the blog. Even though I am not really a fan of Asiana Airlines, I think the aircraft, the process and the video itself all look great and beautiful. Airbus A380 is actually the largest passenger aircraft and the […]

Norwegian Air unique livery design

Norwegian Air Shuttle has one of the most unique livery designs in the industry. An usual airline liveries features a colorful tail fin with the airline’s identity. The name of the airline is then located on the top front section of the fuselage. Except for special liveries, most of the airlines have consistent tail and […]

The Good Old Days of Design

One of my favorite things to do is talk to my former teacher, who I call my graphic design mom, about her time spent working as a designer before computers took over. I love to see her books of paste up art and hear about how they would have to cut them out and glue […]