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Breaking the Grid

      “Don’t break the grid”, you hear this phrase often in a design class. Grid structure is an important element to keep in mind when designing an article, advertisement or anything that requires viewers to read. A grid brings guidance to viewers, and creates a visual path for their eyes to follow. Although following […]

Ori and the Blind Forest

  This is probably the most visually stunning and gorgeous looking 2D game I’ve ever seen. I haven’t even played it yet so I don’t actually know if the gameplay will be as good as the visual style, but I did watch the trailer and see gameplay videos so I feel comfortable enough describing it. […]

Run there’s a wolf!

I’ve recently come across the work of Konoike Tomoko’s work and had to share it. Tomoko is a multidisciplinary Japanese artist that draws inspiration from “manga, Shinto animism, Noh drama, and pop culture” ( to create otherworldly art.    Her art is amazing. I love wolves as an animal but her sculpture looks like a walking dream. […]


So this youtube channel is awesome if you love science and nerdy things. This guy asks a lot of big questions like: Is human extinction possible within our lifetime? Will we ever run out of names for things? How many things are there? His videos usually run about 10 minutes long and are super interesting, […]

Shameless Plug!

  (Screen shot from my website) Why do we feel the need to say this before we advertise ourselves? I understand that people groan when other people plug themselves in youtube comments on someone else’s video to collect their fan base. To me though, you can just skip over ads and annoying people like me […]

I’m Only Writing a Title Because Society Says I Have To

Which is better design: being intuitive or different? Is it better to be traditional or to try new things? This is a question that I’ve run into a lot this past semester in my web design class. There are certain things all web designers accept—drop down menus, navigation bars that are actually in the shape […]

Location, Location, Location

Imagine you are walking down a city street—maybe you’re on your way to work, or going to visit your favorite café for some coffee and a bite to eat. You pass dreary looking building after dreary looking building. Eventually you round a corner and are surprised by something you haven’t seen before—there’s a painting on […]

Bad News: All Designers are cursed

Have you ever had someone tell you how much he or she loves your work, and you can’t understand why? Designers often think, “My work is average, but theirs is amazing! What are they talking about?” If you’ve ever experienced something like this, then you suffer from the curse of familiarity. I despise this curse, […]

The Power of the Niche

Graphic design education today focuses on providing a wide breadth of artistic experience to design students. As a design student myself, I’m constantly told that it’s necessary to know something about everything—logo design, web design, editorial design, poster design, illustration, etc….But is it really necessary to know all of that? I was really surprised the […]

There Is No Santa Claus or Design Genie Either

As a graphic design major, I come into contact with a lot of amazing designs. These designs should be inspirational—after all, they are examples of the power and beauty possible in good design—but oftentimes my first reaction when seeing these designs is a feeling of discouragement. I have to slave over my designs to come up […]