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Can’t Solve a Problem with a Problem

Graphic designers are problem solvers. When given a task a designer’s job is to solve a problem by crafting harmony between visuals and communication. In 2016, the AIGA’s Get Out the Vote campaign offered graphic designers a chance to motivate the common man to perform the civic duty to vote. The series was an attempt […]

Propaganda is Art?

Can art be considered propaganda? I feel that propaganda is a subset of art. Its message is narrowed to a very specific point with no room for interpretation, though, and this is what separates it from other forms of art. All art is inspired, but other’s forms are open to interpretation of its message. Propaganda must […]

Design Without Color?

Could you imagine a world without color? Without color the world that we know would be and look completely different. Color is one of the most important elements in design. Color plays a huge role in design because it can attract attention, change your mood, define how we see design, as well as persuade. Knowing […]

Calling Something Minimal is Fine if it’s Actually Minimal

Often I will hear someone call a design minimalistic. One or two colors may be all the piece has, a single image or none at all, and just enough words to make a short sentence (maximum). These are the traits I use to categorize for works that were determined to be minimalistic. Other people have […]

Lizards Made of Sun and Snow

About a year ago, I made a purchase that changed my life and realized how similar animal breeding is to designing. Breeders make deliberate choices on which pairs can mix, or take away, desired colors and patterns. The lizard is now a canvas for breeders to make their designs on. Various traits are coined names, […]

What does it really take to become a designer?

Not much if you have the basic knowledge of some design techniques and know how to run at least one designing software. It would also be helpful to have some creativity stocked up in your head to really be successful. However, the question here should really be asking what it takes to be a “good” […]

Get Your Creative Gears Rollin’

We’ve all been there. A perfectly sharpened pencil held frozen against a blank piece of paper. Our minds lost in a cloud of what seems like a road block. There are a variety of ways to overcome this nightmare. One solution is participating in creative challenges that you can find online. You can even come […]

Is Design the Key to All Arts?

The word design itself is pretty cliché. It creates an image in your head with what you relate the term to in the art world. Often, the word usually makes you think about some kind of logo with different shapes. Design, however, is present in every single type of art out there. Being a photography […]

The Importance of Design When “Yes” Isn’t Enough

If I asked you to name the best examples of strong branding, I’m sure the first place your mind goes to isn’t college acceptance packets. Interestingly enough, however, if you take a look back at your acceptance packets, a lot of them will have really strong visual and verbal identities. Why is this? Shouldn’t a […]

Stay Out of Treble

One of the most beloved music symbols of all time is the treble clef—so prevalent that even the most musically illiterate can recognize it as a musical icon. As a result of this popularity, it is easily misused by artists and designers in their work. At the beginning of recorded music, the staff was written […]