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Put your product on the line

Advertisements are all around us and on average a person will encounter around 4,000 ads a day. This number is shocking because how many can you recall at the end of the day, for many they might recall five or six and these could be the last ones the saw before going to bed. With […]

Bring Back the Fun!

Minimalism; straight, perfect lines and geometry; flat, bold colors with no sketchiness to be found. These are the attributes we assign to high-end design. Design that evokes prestige, class, and a coolness like marble. Design that transports you into The Devil Wears Prada universe where you’ll either soar or get stamped under a thin, stiletto […]

New Infinity

Lately there has been big advancements in the design of smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Many manufacturers have focused on making their products as ergonomic as possible. This includes making them light, thin, and pleasing to the eye. Sometimes this done while sacrificing other features in their design such as USB type a ports […]

Other Worlds

Ori Toor is an illustrator and animator who makes chaotic, colorful, and beautiful artwork. He has illustrated magazine editorials for The New York Times, Wired, and Bloomberg. He’s also worked with clients such as Adobe, Cartoon Network, and Nike. Among working for various clients and magazines, he spends a lot of time creating work for […]

Beyond the Scene

It’s almost impossible to not know them by now, especially with social media being an active part of nearly everyone’s lives. With their rising popularity and continuous top hits, BTS are at the face of all sorts of media sites. Fans who knew about BTS since their debut in 2013 until their rise in the […]

Taking the ‘Party’ Out of Mario Party

The Mario Party series has been around since 1998, the era of the Nintendo 64 console, and has continued to be released on every Nintendo console following the 64. Mario Party is a family-friendly party game that features a board game-like experience playfully interjected by fun minigames. Its logo, from the very beginning, was a […]

Pasta Please!

Lately I’ve been finding myself looking more closely to product packaging. There are so many elements that come into play when it boils down to a successful design. Nikita Konkin is an international and well-known designer and has recently won several awards for her pasta packaging design. Good Hair Day Pasta is a design that […]

Spotify’s Design

Spotify is one of the most widely-used music platforms today. Millions of people interact with it on a daily basis, whether on their phones, computers, or other devices. To reinforce the strength of their visual branding, Spotify has defined its own style through their graphics. Spotify uses a black background universally on its platform, which […]

Diary of A Wimpy Kid

Until the 6th grade, I did everything in my power to refuse a book. Reading a book was an activity that was left to class when the internet did not hold the summary. I would go summers, maybe even years, without picking up so much as a magazine. However, that all changed, with the publication […]

System Model vs Interaction Model: Where does the designer fit?

In the field of product design, it is important to understand the exact role of a Product Designer in relation to the system vs Interaction model. First of all, what is the system model? The system model refers to how something works. In contrast the interaction model refers to the how users use a product. […]