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Duotone is a lovely book all about two-tone palettes and limited color schemes in design. Even the cover of the book has a two-tone palette. Duotone has three major sections: color matching, duotone effects, and gradation. The purpose of this book is to show how effective and strong limited color schemes are in design. By […]

Netflix’s New Logo Animation

Netflix recently came out with a new logo animation for when you open-up the app. It writes out the “N” and then it zooms in to these long colorful lines as the sound . There’s a lot of controversy to the new logo because it reminds people of 2013 or 2012 but I really enjoy […]


            Info graphics have been gaining so much light recently. I was not aware of them and what they did. They are some way to inform people from young to the older generation.  These infographics are ways to communicate important details in picture form. I had to do one of these info graphics for a […]

The Art of Fake Design

What’s the sneakiest, most successful kind of design? The kind you don’t even think about. The kind you simply accept, even when the reality before you fits in a box. That is the beauty of design, that is, its beauty lies in its ability to be invisible; to slip through the cracks of our subconscious […]

Computer Build

Recently I came across computer builds these computers are mostly used for gaming but can be used for other things such as process work. Building a computer can be a bit pricey and good in the long run. You can customize them and make the computer builds budget friendly as well. Not only that you […]

Interview with a Baby Boomer: Ikea Is A Four Letter Word

I asked my mother, born in the Baby Boomer generation, if there was something design-related she dislikes. It took her awhile to think of something, but soon her face scrunched up as she uttered, “sleek, modern, Swedish furniture.” I, of course, asked her why she did not like it. My mom described Swedish furniture, namely […]

A New Outlook

At the beginning of this year, Microsoft created a new set of logo marks for their entire office suite collection. However, one Microsoft program redesign, in particular, proved to be most intriguing. The email software, Outlook. In the past, the logo for this popular email service had a navy blue and white look. On the […]

Gryffin’s Album Covers

Album cover art has changed significantly over the years. Technology plays a big role in how music album covers are designed, and most are taking on very unique and stylistic approaches, incorporating different elements to make a cohesively fresh visual. Dan Griffith is one of my favorite DJs; he goes by Griffin, and had recently […]

Swamp Thing

Detective Comics announced that on May 31st it will premiere Swamp Thing. Swamp Thing first appears July 1971 in House of Secrets issue 92 and since then has appeared in many other comics and has earned a comic of his own. Alex Olsen was a talented scientist in the early 1900’s married to Linda. Olsen’s […]


“Not everything is design. But design is about everything. So do yourself a favor: be ready for anything.” Reading these words from a design review by Michael Bierut felt like my inner child had been given the keys to the biggest toy store in town. Like permission had been given to continue reading that page […]