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Category Archives: Ballyhoo!

The wonderful (older) world of Disney

One of the small things in life I have become obsessed with is cartoons, especially Disney characters, drawn in a different light as opposed to how they really are. What do I mean by that? Well sense you asked, seeing characters drawn out as to how they would look as humans, how they would look […]

Donald Trump

With the upcoming presidential election underway, the potential candidates are making headlines especially the oh so popular, Donald Trump. I’m not here to voice my political views or bash/give praise to the man and his hair style, I let the internet do that for me. What other way than through memes. For those unfamiliar, memes […]

What do you think about in the shower?

We’re all artists here, right? I can be frank about this then: are you doing what you love? I’m serious. I once read a 99% article that said to pay attention to what you think about in the shower. It will show what occupies your mind when you allow yourself the freedom to wander. We’ve […]


Two of my favorite artists Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin are up on a poster at the National Portrait Gallery in the Ballyhoo! exhibit. I think back to the songs I sang with them. Not many people my age have their albums on vinyl, but I do. I admire them, so it is hard to […]

Visiting Ballyhoo! Posters as Portraiture

My visit to Ballyhoo Poster gallery was a good experience. I had never visited a graphic design gallery with a variety of older and newer poster designs before. This gallery was featuring sixty posters about American movies. There were also some other interesting non movie posters, like a reward poster for John W. Booth for […]

America Needs McGovern Final

Among the variety of posters on exhibition in Ballyhoo! at the National Portrait Gallery, “America Needs McGovern” responds with a strong connection in context of current politics. The presidential election confronts many Americans about the importance of voting. We all want a better life and country; better education for our children, cleaner environment and fuel, […]

Evolution Discovered at Ballyhoo! FINAL

I have to admit that I was not interested in the Ballyhoo! exhibit. Go see a bunch of movie posters as an exhibit in a portrait museum? No thanks. Not my thing. Boring. I understood the idea and educational value of going, but honestly, I’d rather go look at the posters in the hallways at […]

Ballyhoo! Graphic Design is Art, too

As a graphic designer, I found the Ballyhoo! Poster show at the National Portrait gallery very worthwhile. It gave credibility to design as an art form, as the show was surrounded by the elaborate oil paintings of famous musicians, presidents, and just plain wealthy people that are without a doubt considered art. To have posters […]

Ballyhoo Final

Imagine walking into an exhibit filled with comic book-like posters. They are not quite the Pop-Art of the famous Andy Warhol, they are much more typographic. The Ballyhoo Poster Exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery features celebrities of the past and present. It can be difficult not to jump into the question of whether or […]

Combat America

I’ve always thought Clark Gable was awesome. He is one of the most recognizable faces in American movie history and rightly so. A winner of an academy award for best actor, and nominated for three other academy awards, Gable was referred to as “The King of Hollywood” during his prime. With all these achievements under […]