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Category Archives: Exhibits

Be There or Be Square

The 2014 DC Design Week is coming up next month from Saturday, October 19 to Saturday, October 25 in and around Washington! I’ve never been to any AIGA DC events ever since I’m still relatively new to the whole “design” world; however, I plan on making my first trip to at least one of the […]

Museum Design

What is a museum? It’s basically a place that holds artwork, sculptures, rocks, bugs, etc for people to come and see, right? Lets take The Natural History Museum for example. It holds artifacts from ancient civilizations, to live bugs that creep and crawl. But have you ever just taken a look at the way a […]

Ai Weiwei at the Hirsshorn

Ai Weiwei is a contemporary Chinese artist who uses sculpture, photography and drawing usually to depict political statements and messages. He became popular during the 90s when he first started defacing Chinese artifacts to create his pieces. His art pieces had caused such waves in China that he was actually sent to prison for a […]

The Phillips Collection

A few weekends ago I went to the Phillips Collection on free museum day. Every year museums have one day that they offer free tickets. This year the the Phillips Collection opened their doors to the public. I have only been to this museum once and it was only for the last 30 minutes that […]

Is it fiberglass or human flesh?

While browsing the web, I came across this magnificent artist that makes astonishing works of art.  Ron Mueck is a man that makes sculptures of humans by using mainly fiberglass. Each sculpture that he creates of humans is either large in proportion, or small then the usual human. For instance, there is a photo of a sculpture […]

“No need to panic, it’s art”

Link to article Last week, I stumbled upon this article about an artist who created artwork to send out an important message to society.  Artist Mark Jenkins, created different scenes such as bodies lying on the floor, sitting at the edge of a building, and floating in a pond. He created these scenes to make […]

Minimal Design

Last year I was at the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C looking at some art pieces. While upstairs I went into a small gallery room that was called the Modern Lab: ‘There is Nothing to See Here.” At first it didn’t even look like an art gallery since it was just white and black pieces everywhere […]

When is art considered pornographic???

A few years ago, I was doing an assignment researching when art was considered to be pornographic. An artist I looked over was Jeff Koons. Although he’s known for his balloon animals, about 20 years ago, he did a series of work called “Made in Heaven”. That series was about his wife at the time, […]

Picasso at the Gagosian

This past Saturday, the 16th, I went on the Artsbus trip to New York. In the beginning our group took out some time to see some art galleries, one of which was at the Gagosian down in Chelsea. The gallery was housing a special collection of Picasso and his work on Marie Thérèse. Picasso approached […]

Brit Insurance Design Awards

Yesterday was the 83 Annual Academy Awards to celebrate some of Hollywood’s greatest but over in the design world a likewise show is going on to showcase their talents.  The Brit Insurance Design Awards often referred to as the “Oscars of the design awards” announced it’s finalists recently from its seven categories. The award show […]