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A Woman on a Dollar Bill?

Start spending all those $20 bills you may have stashed under your mattress, because our paper currency as we know it is about to enter a new phase. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew wants to replace seventh U.S. President Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill with a yet-to-be-decided woman. The possible women candidates for this honor includes Eleanor Roosevelt, […]

To Photoshop or Not To Photoshop: That Is the Question – FINAL

If you had an image of a murderer on the cover page of a magazine, is it ok to touch him up if he didn’t look mean enough? Just a few wrinkles and extra shadow lines won’t hurt anyone, right? But where do we draw the line about what is acceptable or not when it […]

Artists That Matter?

Graphic designers are not just designers they are artists. They create things for the masses. Before Gutenberg, monks would sit in their monasteries and write the words of God. Putting together intricate and beautiful bibles so that others could read them and have it affect their lives. Although graphic design is now commonly viewed in its […]

Camouflaged Covers

Walking down the rows of magazines that line the bookstore shelves one cannot help but to be drawn to the pictures that grace the covers. The wind blown hair, flawless skin, and idealized bodies of the women on the magazine covers seem to portray an unrealistic image that one could only hope to live up […]

The Role of Graphic Design in Today’s Presidential Elections (Final Paper)

Graphic Design plays a vital role in the United State’s presidential elections. Many people think that design is not as important as television or other media resources. They say graphic design does not have a positive or negative influence on the presidential nominees. Graphic design does matter, especially during the important presidential election seasons. Whether […]

Restore natural beauty to life! (Final)

Picture this. At home one night, you hear a helicopter circling the area around your house. A house was broken into a few streets down and the police were searching for the criminal. The next day a picture on the front page of the paper resembles a person matching your height, weight and similar facial […]

The Reality of Political Design (final)

In the beginning of our careers, our concerns are based on building a well rounded portfolio in order to reach our dream job. We are given the responsibility of handling our financial situations. Generally, we take the jobs we can get. Of course as a designer, we can opt for our favorite job to a […]

Oh It’s Free?: The Act of Software Piracy -Final

  Did you know that you’ve never owned the computer software that you’ve spend all of that money on? In fact, according to Adobe, the reason computer software piracy is such a mainstream issue is because “Unlike other things you purchase, the software applications and fonts you buy don’t belong to you. Instead, you become […]

Design Ethics- Final

Say I am a designer who is working for a design firm. My boss comes into my office one day (Yes, I have my own office. I am a great designer. Play along.) She tells me that the firm just got a new client, and she would like me to take the lead in designing […]

Shepard Fairey

“To be honest, I started with a surface appreciation of hip graphic nature and rebel posturing. But it sparked curiosity and exposed me to substance later.” Shepard Fairey, on his evolution from deviant punk to political graphic artist. With a rap sheet featuring thirteen arrests and as founder of an international graffiti operation, Shepard Fairey […]