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Wait, What’s My Homework?

I have finally passed the threshold into all AVT classes in one semester, something I have been looking forward to since my transfer to Mason a year ago. One building to walk to, one Jazzman’s to frequent and one thing on my mind – ART and the world of graphic design. This semester however, I have noticed […]

A Spectacle

A question for Steven Heller in regards to his lecture on Iron Fists: Branding the 20th Century Totalitarian State. Q. Was there a correlation between the amount of propaganda and the success of the régime? A. “Yes, absolutely, it was about spectacle, you need a lot of promotion.” It seems to me that if want […]

Get seen out there…

I subscribed to this site a while ago called DesignFlavr which is a blog that shows the work of many artists of digital art.  I’ve read that a couple of artists from this site are seen by companies to use for their projects.  Some are seen for products as well.  I’ve wanted to post some […]

Poster Boy

Poster Boy, Graffiti Artist or Graphic Designer? How far can we go to interpret someone’s artwork as graphic design, rather than as fine art? In the subways of New York City, a graffitist known as Poster Boy has recently been dismantling the posters and advertisements that litter the walls of the subway stations. Unlike most […]


How could Volkswagen sell Hitler’s favorite car to the American people only a decade and a half after World War II? This was the question asked of the advertising agency Doyle Dane Bernbach in 1960. In order for them to solve this problem, they would have to find a new way to advertise their products. […]

All-Star Design

According to 26% of average car buyers claimed a magazine article, versus only 9% from a web site, would influence them in their CAR BUYING decision. 26% isn’t a big number in the grand scheme, but it does lend credibility to the automobile magazines. However, purchasing a car isn’t the only reason to pick […]

Not Your Usual GEICO Gecko Ad

GEICO Auto Insurance is known for many different humorous ad campaigns that they use to advertise their insurance. They have used cavemen, lizards and even a little stack of money with eyes to sell the value of insurance. However, when it comes to GEICO Powersports Insurance, they have taken a completely different approach. Motorcycle insurance […]

Interstate Aesthetics

Interstate and road signs provide travelers with an array of information, from mileage to bathroom locations. Consistent and effective signage is crucial to travelers. The design that goes into making these signs is commonly taken for granted. Had the designers of these signs been less aware of effective layout, the result would have been disastrous. […]

What is Graphic Design?

Last Thursday I think we had a great discussion on what we all thought graphic design was. I think this is one of those things that will be re-defined over and over again as time goes on. Graphic design today maybe completely different from what it is 15 years from now. I think we all […]

Art or ??

Anyone can interpret anything anyway they want; that’s the beauty of life. I was first introduced to graphic design in my junior year of High school. We did projects where we had to manipulate and layer images or photos to create new images.  This was how a first fell in love with graphic design. Thinking […]