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Category Archives: Famous Typographers

What Does “Breaking the Rules” Mean?

How many times have you seen a list of design rules that ends with, “You’ve got to learn the rules before you can break them”? This advice is rarely well-explained, and it’s a bit confusing, because ignoring design rules haphazardly results in something atrocious like this: Which rules should be broken, and why does design […]

Craig Ward

I’ll be honest here and say I don’t generally have a favorite designer. However, Craig Ward is the exception to that statement; he has become a big influence on my design work. Craig Ward is a freelance graphic designer whose style focuses on typographic elements. He has worked with many different famous companies throughout his […]

Type that Transcends

Let’s talk about Stranger Things: Specifically, the incredible designers we find behind the show and its typefaces. The Stranger Things opening credit sequence brings in waves of nostalgia due to the TV show’s opening credits typeface, ITC Benguiat. Please, do yourself a favor and view their awesome opening sequence here: Stranger Things Title Sequence This typeface […]

Design Thinking and How to go About it

What is Design Thinking? How do you define the process in which a design comes about? Every designer has a process of their own in which they believe “works” for them. Some go for a linear route and some would be called organized chaos. The most important part that all designers have in common though […]


*NJen Behance* There are so many designers in the world, one of my favorites is Natasha Jen of Pentagram. She is a designer from Taipei, Taiwan but currently resides in New York City; where she received her BFA at the School of Visual Arts. She has designed for Nike, Kate Spade, Target, Guggenhiem Museum, and […]

Si Scott

Si Scott is a talented designer/typographer who creates beautiful graphics in black and white. His work has been published almost everywhere and his skills are flawless. As designers, we are constantly being inspired by other designers and the world around us. We should be looking for inspiration in order to push our limits, build up our […]

Shhh! Now You May Speak

Graphic Design is more than pushing pixels, drawing cute logos, or figuring out the best color combination to apply to your local pizzerias website–it’s much, much more than this. As a graphic designer, my responsibility to my client is to mitigate the complexity of their brand and apply the fundamentals of design to execute an overall harmonious user experience. […]

All Things Sewell

  Okay, so we all have our celebrity crushes. For a 13-year-old singer, it may be Taylor Swift. For a 17-year-old basketball star, it may be Stephen Curry. As for me, a 20-year-old graphic design student, my idol is Carolyn Sewell. Before coming to Mason I did not have too many people I looked up […]

Typedia by John Langdon

So I was browsing through some graphic design sites for inspiration for an upcoming art project and I stumbled on Typedia. It’s an encyclopedia of type and they also have a blog. One of the posts was dedicated to the creation of Typedia’s logo. The reason I’m sharing this with you guys is because I […]

Karloff Typeface

It is not easy to run into really interesting typefaces. As students we usually cannot afford the kinds of typefaces we would like to use in our projects, so we try to find free substitutes, most times which are unsatisfactory knock-offs of the real deal. So we browse through the endless waves of the web […]