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4 things every design student needs

Coffee: Even if you do not drink coffee, the implication by this option is that there are many late nights ahead. Choose your poison to keep yourself alert whether it is sugar, coffee, tea, or even just a strong will.  Perseverance: The hardest part about designing is getting started. Graphic design is not a field […]

Graphic Designers are Contributing to Global Warming

In the graphic design field, it is important to see the drafts and final products on paper because it can look different on printed paper compared to the screen. Designers have to evaluate color, size, and even different types of paper to have the best finalized product design to show to either clients or for […]

Books to be Business Savvy

Being new to the freelance world, I am always looking for more content to help me become a better freelance designer and business woman. Over the past year, there have been two books that I have referred to for tips, tricks, and advice. The first book is very well-known and is called GirlBoss. Written by the founder […]

The Power of Advertising

With only a second to gain a new customer, print ads have to come up with a way to catch someone’s attention at first glance.  This ad is one of many creative and successful ads that I have come across.  The composition and the gradient in the background draws the viewers eye across the ad […]