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Category Archives: Design Education

Graphic Design–How Hard Can It Be?

The closer I get to earning a degree in graphic design the more annoyed I become when I see one of the many commercials on television suggesting that anybody can make an effective business card or website.  These advertisements belittle the tradecraft of graphic design by implying that anybody can be a great graphic designer with […]

Graphic Design Principles: Hierarchy Tops the List

An untrained individual can get lucky and produce a beautiful design, but doing so repeatedly—and often on the tight deadlines that graphic designers confront—is best accomplished by relying on the key basic graphic design principles. Alignment, hierarchy, contrast, repetition, proximity, balance, color, and space provide the foundation upon which a graphic designer can experiment and […]

If Fast-Food Is Considered Unhealthy, Why Is Everyone Still Eating It?

Fast-food is often the blame for many health issues that someone might be facing. However, people continue to make it the largest means of food consumption in the United States. This is predominantly because of the way that it is marketed and the design of its format.   The color red has been used by […]

What Does “Breaking the Rules” Mean?

How many times have you seen a list of design rules that ends with, “You’ve got to learn the rules before you can break them”? This advice is rarely well-explained, and it’s a bit confusing, because ignoring design rules haphazardly results in something atrocious like this: Which rules should be broken, and why does design […]

Performance Arts Have Gone Too Far.

“Helena” was a performance exhibition created by Chilean artist Marco Evaristti; this exhibition featured ten white Moulinex Optiblend 2000 mixers filled with live gold-fish. The blenders were visibly plugged in and were ready to use, anyone at the exhibition could press the yellow buttons on the blenders therefore to kill the fish, which made the […]

Why Do Human Have Biological Urge To Create Art?

Art comes in many styles and forms, these styles and forms will always differ depends on the regions and locations. Although these styles and forms kept changing, the fact that art is about beauty will never change, and artworks are to be beheld and admired.  Throughout history, much artwork was made for no other explicit […]

My First Ever Blog Post!!!

As weird as it sounds, I’ve never written a blog post before. People often blog to share their knowledge with others, build professional connections, or simply because they enjoy writing. And I… drum roll…do not like writing. I took three English classes at Nova, and an advanced composition class here at Mason, so I wasn’t […]

Changing Logos!!

Does changing the logo benefit a company’s business? For example; IHOP recently changed its logo. The first logo included the word restaurant, which is a good strategy to introduce customers to the business of the company. However, the new logo omitted the word restaurant, maybe because it’s well known now that IHOP is a restaurant. […]

When in New York…

As an AVT major at Mason you are required to attend ArtsBus trips up to New York City to gain the experience of going to one of the most artistically diverse and enriching cities in the US. When in the city, most students go to one of the well known museums: The Met, MoMA, or […]

The Useless Two Letters

Why is every designer compelled to brand themselves using a monogram logo? While I have fallen victim to this trend, this pattern needs to end. The main job of a designer is to communicate their client’s message, similar to the purpose of a logo. With this in mind, in addition to the broadness of the […]