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Category Archives: Design Education

My First Ever Blog Post!!!

As weird as it sounds, I’ve never written a blog post before. People often blog to share their knowledge with others, build professional connections, or simply because they enjoy writing. And I… drum roll…do not like writing. I took three English classes at Nova, and an advanced composition class here at Mason, so I wasn’t […]

Changing Logos!!

Does changing the logo benefit a company’s business? For example; IHOP recently changed its logo. The first logo included the word restaurant, which is a good strategy to introduce customers to the business of the company. However, the new logo omitted the word restaurant, maybe because it’s well known now that IHOP is a restaurant. […]

When in New York…

As an AVT major at Mason you are required to attend ArtsBus trips up to New York City to gain the experience of going to one of the most artistically diverse and enriching cities in the US. When in the city, most students go to one of the well known museums: The Met, MoMA, or […]

The Useless Two Letters

Why is every designer compelled to brand themselves using a monogram logo? While I have fallen victim to this trend, this pattern needs to end. The main job of a designer is to communicate their client’s message, similar to the purpose of a logo. With this in mind, in addition to the broadness of the […]

Stickam: The Innovator of Webcamming

Let me introduce you to an old friend. was a website used for live broadcasting and or webcam streaming. This was during the time and was still active. On this rise, Stickam was a place where strangers could meet and become friends. Myspace musicians utilize this form of streaming to broadcast live […]

Do You Need Art/Design School to Become Successful?

Every student, whether they are in high school or college, must choose their career and take classes related to their career. There are some art and design classes we are forced to take and some that we can possibly pass through that we aren’t truly interested in. However, that doesn’t mean that we must follow […]

Quality Control

How good is good enough in design? When designers are working for clients, they strive for creating both perfect and fast designs. Unfortunately, with strict deadlines and budgets, it is impossible to achieve both. This forces us to determine how we should balance the time and quality aspects of our designs. Although no one wants […]

Design is all Around

Being a design major, my eyes for design have become more aware of the Earth’s natural design. Especially in rock and mineral formations, their chemical compounds allow for their colorful creation. I personally am fascinated by the opal rock because it is not the typical mineral. The opal rock has a more hydrogenous chemical formula […]

Say “NO!” To (Cheesy) Stock Photos

We’ve all been there: you need a photo, FAST, and you just don’t care if it looks super staged and cheesy, so you find the cheapest (hopefully free) stock photo you can find and use it. Maybe you mean to replace it (maybe you forget), or maybe you plan to leave it and move on, […]

Jedi Mind Trick

Do you suddenly feel the need to eat when you drive past fast food restaurants? These spontaneous thoughts of hunger are not a coincidence, but are instead thoughts that have been influenced by these restaurants. One of the most powerful tools that a designer forgets to use is color. Just by using a particular color, […]