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Category Archives: Design Education

Seriously, Just Walk Away!

Stop what you’re doing and just walk away. This simple task will allow a designer to take a break from their work and come back with a fresh look. It can be hard to sit behind a computer for hours or create sketches and ideas; after a while it all starts to look the same. […]

3 Ways to Stay Motivated as a Graphic Designer

                    It’s no secret that it can be easy to feel pressured, drained, and overwhelmed as an active designer. However, by following three, miniscule steps, you can kick-start your motivation and creative energy levels in no time. 1. Find Your Work Flow Do you consider yourself […]

Let Art Happen!

Could you imagine your life without art? Unfortunately, removing art in elementary schools is being contemplated in our society, and many kids may grow up without experiencing art. Art is a form of expression; it allows a person to connect within themselves and release emotions that are either good or bad. Creating art will allow […]

Jesus Christ Is Alive!

Have you ever been so desperate that you got down on you knees and started praying to God? That is what happened to me when I was addicted to alcohol. I started praying to this rosary I had, and ever since then, I haven’t had a single drop of alcohol. The art piece, “La Apparizione,” […]

The Worst Habits of Clients

In design as well as most fields, clients may be a real pain to deal with on many levels. Although professionalism is required as a designer when engaging with clients, designers do have pet peeves just like other human beings! This blog post is not meant to bash clients, it just mentions the annoying habits […]

You Belong at AIGA

Why should you join AIGA? AIGA, the American Institute of Graphic Arts, is the oldest and largest professional organization for design. It is a community and network of artists, designers, and creative people. This is the place where design leaders are—people who influence the profession of design. However, you don’t have to be a pro. AIGA […]

From Print to Web: A Brief History of the Drop Cap

brief history of the drop cap. I love drop caps—they always clutch my attention. Initially, drop caps or initial caps were incorporated into illuminated manuscripts dating back to the 4th century. Drop caps from this time period originally were heavily designed with more illustrative elements. For example, the photograph below illuminates that the illustration of […]

How Cereal Boxes are Designed

Cereal box design is stunning. At first glance, this may seem like a ridiculous statement, because how can a product as simple as a box of cereal be a topic of discussion on this blog? There may be more to this topic than most may assume. Cereal box advertisers use psychological methods to sell their […]


If your a person who needs to make color decisions, the Pantone Matching System is your best friend! A PMS fan book or digital color libraries are a go-to when designing. Especially for picking and pairing brand colors. Note: it is best to invest in the printed PMS because it shows the true colors; The monitor gives an electronic representation. […]

How To Meander Book

A meander book, also called an accordion book, is a fun and easy way to showcase digital designs with a special touch of handmade! Many online tutorials use glue, tape, and scissors to make this book. However, a traditional meaner book is made using only paper and folds. It is also referred to as an origami book […]