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Category Archives: Design Education

Stop What You’re Doing and Read This

I recently read an article titled, “4 Skills Every Artist Should Try To Perfect,” which to my surprise, was something that I needed to read that I didn’t know I needed until after I read it. Many artists are faced with difficulties throughout their career, and three of the greatest ones were covered in the […]

I Don’t Give A Data Set

Prepare yourself, I am about to ask you a series of rhetorical questions. What colors are all of your socks? How many times have you looked at the clock since you woke? Who did you say hello to up to this point of the day? What’s your favorite form of caffeine and how many have […]

We The Sheeple

Wake up, people! Have you herd, we are about to nominate our 45th president of the United States of America. Do you care? No, seriously. Do you? The designer for this poster obviously does. Your voting participation, or lack thereof, implicated by this poster’s visual rhetoric attempts to define how you give to society […]

Are You Voting?

My mom and I find ourselves talking about the upcoming presidential election almost every time we see each other. She and I have always had the same view on politics, so you can probably assume there isn’t much argument between the two of us; we tend to feed off of each other’s inputs. About a […]

Stop. Let me design!

“Every great design starts with a committee,” said no one ever. During your academic career as a graphic designer, you are occasionally expected to work in group projects to produce a substantial product, ex. an infographic, corporate branding campaign, a game design, logo, etc.. If you are like me then perhaps during one of those […]

This Blog Post Is Art

One of my pet peeves is when someone looks at an artist’s piece and states matter of factly, “that is NOT art, my little brother could make that.” Part of me wants to yell, “SHUT UP, YOU KNOW NOTHING! WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING HERE” but most of the time I quietly ignore their ignorant […]

Problem with Perfection

  Perfection. Why is it that we as artists strive for perfection, when it is impossible to reach? We as artist are programmed to push the envelope, to find creative solutions, to always find ways to better ourselves and our craft. Basically we strive for perfection in everything we create. We as artists know that […]

Top 50 Students to Watch? Really?

It’s always felt a bit unfair to be an art student at a public university. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, students who attend private art schools and pay boat loads of money seem to receive infinitely more exposure to the art world and encounter better overall opportunities. While going to school […]

Combining Digital and Traditional Media part 1/3 Digitizing Traditional Work

Any artist that wants to sell their work in the modern age needs to know how to best to optimize it for computer viewing and print, even if they never touched a computer while they were making the actual art. First of all the golden rule: NEVER POST HIGH RESOLUTION IMAGES ON SOCIAL MEDIA. It […]

Combining Digital and Traditional Media part 2/3 Incorporating Scans and Photos into Digital Art

Photoshop makes it really easy to incorporate physical media in digital designs these days. I’ll be demonstrating how to make a logo for a fictional dive bar/restaurant, using a sketch as the basis for the line art and incorporating a texture from a photo. What you’ll need: A sketched design, paper with an interesting texture, […]