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Category Archives: Design Education

Cell Phone Apps & Designs

The article (3 Design Essentials For Early Adopters by Seth Priebatsch) drew me in mainly because of its title and pictures. Who am I kidding, it was definitely because of the pictures. The article’s main subject was about adopting three design essentials when creating a new application for smart phones. Keeping it simple, creating a […]

The Power of Graphic Design

After seeing the title of the article, “Can Graphic Design Make You Cry” by Jessica Helfand, it is like a magnet pulls me in. Following along the article, I am expecting to find the answer. However, the question didn’t get a yes or no answer but an open-ended conclusion. But the example she use to […]

Websites are the new Magazines

I am confidently predicting that most of us here spend way more time on websites than we do reading magazines. Websites are the new magazines for designers and as such, we should be learning website design a lot faster than we learn editorial design. Fortunately, there is a lot of overlap between editorial and websites, […]

What do you know about Pro Bono?

So, how much do you exactly know about designing for pro bono? As working designers, especially for students, we should all be educated about designing for pro bono.  Surprisingly, a lot of people have wrong perceptions to how pro bono is worked. When done correctly, pro bono design can be one of the ways designers can […]

Some type tutorials

Speaking of typography and tutorials…here is a link to a blog post that links to some cool typography tutorials. Some of them are a bit meh but some of them are really cool.

The need for peer review

Recently I was writing a research paper, and I was having an extremely difficult time finishing it. This is a problem I usually don’t have, but I eventually realized that I needed a fresh set of eyes to read over my paper and help me filter through some of my thoughts. Unsurprisingly, shortly after I  […]

What truly makes a font terrible?

I know that I ‘ve posted up at least 5 different fonts that have been viewed as “disgusting”, “tacky”, etc. and frowned upon by graphic designers. Whereas some of the featured fonts such as Comic Sans and Papyrus are universally reviled by any graphic designer, are seen as the mark of a complete amateur, and […]

Why printing matters… After working at SoA Print for one semester and returning for another I have come to realize exactly how important printing is to design as a whole. It goes hand-in-hand with craft which has been beaten into me this semester. Good paper, good craft, and good presentation can make an OK design look better. […]

Importance of Web Design Knowledge Apparently it’s a big deal or something now-a-days to know how to code a website. Who knew? I just thought I should write about this with the addition of the AVT 217 class required for BFA students. I know it was frustrating and almost screwed me over and still kind of did seeing as […]

Writing for Designers

For my last post I thought I would write a little on the topic of writing in design. I remember we had a discussion in the beginning of class about how much writing there actually is in design and if it really is important. From what we’ve done in this class and from what I’ve observed […]