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Category Archives: Design Education

Sport Logo Design

  Sports. Some people enjoy it, some do not. Many types of sports exist. It is a huge industry worldwide. Since there is such a big demand for the sport’s franchise, sports teams and businesses that are in association with a sports team need designers to place their name and image out there in the […]

Designing Album Artwork

Album artwork is amazing. Everywhere we go we see it. Whether it is at stores, you might own your own music albums or know someone who does, or you might even be specifically shopping or searching on the internet for it, music can always be found. The music industry is a huge business no matter the genre. […]

Beautifying the Streets and Educating Youth with Street Art

Wouldn’t you like to see more public art on the walls? Well the Mural Arts Program of Philadelphia does just that. The program was established in 1984—when the crack epidemic was at full peak—as a way to transform troubled youth into productive young adults by introducing them to art making techniques in street art. These […]

Letter Lovers and Lingo

Designers will always have a fondness for perfect fonts but there is something special about beautiful hand lettering  that can turn an occasional type enthusiast into a serious letter-lover. Today, graphic design students are submerged in the digital world and hand lettering is one way to experience pre-digital typography. Hand lettering goes back to the roots of pre-historic mark […]

Andy Warhol: The Intersection of Art and Design

In light of recent class discussions about art versus design, I would like to introduce you to Andy Warhol. Warhol is the highpoint at the intersection between art and design. In the 1950s, before Warhol became celebrated in the art world, he was a ‘commercial artist’. Back in the day—when Warhol was alive—the term ‘commercial […]

Books to be Business Savvy

Being new to the freelance world, I am always looking for more content to help me become a better freelance designer and business woman. Over the past year, there have been two books that I have referred to for tips, tricks, and advice. The first book is very well-known and is called GirlBoss. Written by the founder […]

Floating Heads?!

You have probably seen a pattern of cut out heads in the history of graphic arts. This method is frequently used in books, magazines, posters, and signage. You may be wondering how the floating head turned into a contemporary visual convention. The first designer to disembody someone is unknown, but the trend caught on and […]

Feminism in Design: Sex-Based Economic Inequality

If you know a woman or are a woman, you need to keep reading. Although the gender pay gap has narrowed in the last fifty years, it still persists today, and researchers maintain it won’t close until 2152. Women face a pay gap in nearly every occupation, and design is no exception. Even though women […]

What’s a BFA worth?

How likely will you work as an artist with a BFA? A 2014 study by BFAMFAPhd, Artists Report Back: A National Study on the Lives of Arts Graduates and Working Artists, shows that more US art graduates work in art-related fields but only eight percent make a living as artists. This means, out of two […]

Logo Design

Logo design is all around us. Whether we walk outside and see a billboard of a particular brand that looks familiar or whether we shop at the grocery store and notice logos on food products, logos never cease to show up. They are everywhere. Even when surfing the web, logo designs may show up in […]