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The Total Package

When walking across the cereal aisle of a grocery store, shoppers are enveloped in a colorful sea of options. Some individuals already know right away what brand of cereal they want specifically. Other customers simply do not have the time to compare the pros and cons of products, so they result to judging by the […]

Designing for Friends

It always gets tricky as a designer when family members or friends expect free design work from you. If a designer gave free work to every friend they had, they would never make a dime. This being said, as professionals we need to stand by our prices and be firm about the quality services we […]

Intuit: How Design-Thinking Drives Business

“Talking and thinking about design wouldn’t accomplish much if it didn’t show up in our products.” -Brad Smith Now more than ever, our world as consumers is oversaturated with options. How does a company stand out? For Intuit, the financial technology company of Mint and TurboTax, success comes from being a design-driven company. Realistically, most […]

And the 2017 PANTONE Color of the Year Is…

Announced annually, PANTONE unveils the Color of the Year each December. The corporation explains that the thoughtfully selected color is “a color snapshot of what [they] see taking place in our global culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude.” This year’s chosen shade has been characterized as “a fresh and […]

Hey, YOU!

Did you know there are “74 million children under 18 in the United States”? Looking at the poster submitted by graphic designer Cheryl Sheeler, the message she is trying to get across is intriguing to everyone. She is bringing awareness to the importance of voting because it will not only affect the current generation, but […]

Seriously, Just Walk Away!

Stop what you’re doing and just walk away. This simple task will allow a designer to take a break from their work and come back with a fresh look. It can be hard to sit behind a computer for hours or create sketches and ideas; after a while it all starts to look the same. […]

The Importance of Design When “Yes” Isn’t Enough

If I asked you to name the best examples of strong branding, I’m sure the first place your mind goes to isn’t college acceptance packets. Interestingly enough, however, if you take a look back at your acceptance packets, a lot of them will have really strong visual and verbal identities. Why is this? Shouldn’t a […]

3 Ways to Stay Motivated as a Graphic Designer

                    It’s no secret that it can be easy to feel pressured, drained, and overwhelmed as an active designer. However, by following three, miniscule steps, you can kick-start your motivation and creative energy levels in no time. 1. Find Your Work Flow Do you consider yourself […]

Let Art Happen!

Could you imagine your life without art? Unfortunately, removing art in elementary schools is being contemplated in our society, and many kids may grow up without experiencing art. Art is a form of expression; it allows a person to connect within themselves and release emotions that are either good or bad. Creating art will allow […]

Jesus Christ Is Alive!

Have you ever been so desperate that you got down on you knees and started praying to God? That is what happened to me when I was addicted to alcohol. I started praying to this rosary I had, and ever since then, I haven’t had a single drop of alcohol. The art piece, “La Apparizione,” […]