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Have you ever had trouble with coming up with a color palette for a design? Or created poster online that just needs a simple background pattern? They’re small little details but they mean so much if the colors you choose are unpleasant to the viewers eyes or a background that causes more confusion to the […]

Who Knew?

The art of letter forms is not new. We study writing and its origins, generally agreed as Sumerian cuneiform writing circa 3300 BCE. We study multicultural progression of written languages. As designers, we study its display. Until March 22, 2015, the Sackler Gallery is exhibiting Nasta’Liq: The Genius of Persian Calligraphy. I went to see […]

Is Graphic Design Still Invisible

  On August 30, the Washington Post wrote an article by Jessica Contrera about the new Tysons Galleria sign. The article started, “The letters are clean and smooth, no extra frills or flares, just basic, readable type.” What? When I was younger, you know during B.C. (Before College), I was not aware that graphics design […]

Is it me, or is most design becoming interactive?

Whether we know it or not, graphic design is pretty much everywhere we turn. Ads, food product containers and boxes, posters, and even official boring documents that we need to fill out. But lately I’ve noticed all these forms of design slowly becoming interactive in one way or another. The other day at the mall […]

For Knowledge or Inspiration: Books for Designers

With the end of the semester approaching, many students are getting ready to return their used textbooks and try to get a few bucks back. I have noticed over the past 2 years that the books I never seem to sell back are always design books. As a result, I have quite a little library […]

Critique, or Hand-holding?

As we all know, critique is an extremely useful facet of art and design school. However, I honestly wonder if I’m the only one that feels like they actually NEED a class critique for the majority of my projects. For instance, in a design class I (and many of my peers from this class) have, […]

Design Processes

I recently came across a really useful article written by Lee Munroe, a designer based in San Francisco. I found, Logo Design Process Start To Finish, very interesting and similar to my own design process, from start to finish, but a little more sensible and organized. Munroe gives some excellent source sites that I think […]

Milton Glaser

I never knew who Milton Glaser was until he was introduced in one of my classes. After watching a documentary film about him, I became aware of all his works and how, through them, he impacted the world. In the film Art is Work, (an Adobe Documentary.) I enjoyed seeing most of his works, presented […]

A Cute Take on Learning Typography

hyperactivitypography I found this book online awhile back and I figured it might be worth sharing. This book is based off of the old workbooks I remember having in elementary school when I was first learning how to write but instead of just teaching me my ABC’s this is all about typography. You can go […]

The Shape of Design

Video on The Shape of Design by Frank Chimero Above is a link that takes you to see the video about the new book that Frank Chimero is writing. Frank Chimero is one of my all time favorite designers. Chimero is not only a graphic designer, but a teacher and writer as well. He has […]