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Don’t Judge a Book By…Wait, What?

You know how the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover. I was recently in the Rizzoli Bookstore in New York City for the first time. Rizzoli is teeming with pretty coffee table books all vying for attention. The old adage is useless in a bookstore like Rizzoli, with tables and tables of […]

Fly Away With Inflight Magazines

While 30,000 miles in the air­ en route to LAX, I was scanning the Hemispheres magazine in the seat pocket of the chair in front of me. After learning more about Editorial Design in my AVT 313 class and putting these lessons into practice, I noticed the detail of margins, column numbers, and all-things grid! Not […]

Judging a Book by its Cover

When a person first sees an eye-catching book cover on a bookshelf in a store or a library, the cover gives the potential reader an impression. Whether the cover is for a Biology 103 textbook, a popular new thriller novel, or a fashion and beauty magazine for teens, the individual focuses their attention on these […]

From Print to Web: A Brief History of the Drop Cap

brief history of the drop cap. I love drop caps—they always clutch my attention. Initially, drop caps or initial caps were incorporated into illuminated manuscripts dating back to the 4th century. Drop caps from this time period originally were heavily designed with more illustrative elements. For example, the photograph below illuminates that the illustration of […]


If your a person who needs to make color decisions, the Pantone Matching System is your best friend! A PMS fan book or digital color libraries are a go-to when designing. Especially for picking and pairing brand colors. Note: it is best to invest in the printed PMS because it shows the true colors; The monitor gives an electronic representation. […]

The Iconography of Safety Pins in Punk Fashion and Album Art

The iconic aesthetic of punk fashion is shirts, jeans, and other apparel items that are ripped on purpose, and held together by safety pins.  The Sex Pistols were trendsetters for punk fashion. According to fashion historian Bonnie English “the Sex Pistols helped to put punk rock into the popular media with their loud anti-music and […]

Why go to the Bathroom if you’re not going to take a p!#$?

That’s my question for Ann Ford, the designer of the “Don’t Piss Away Your Vote” poster shown below, which she created for AIGA’s “Get Out The Vote 2016” campaign. Ford has an MFA in design and visual communications and is currently an Associate Professor teaching graphic design, typography and graphic design history. In a statement […]

Foiling Techniques

The DIY transferring foil printing is a fun crafting techniques that can be done at home with a few materials. As graphic designer student, most of us probably have these simple equipment to use this technique for some of our projects. If you have a regulars inkjet print, steam iron (or laminating machine), and some […]

Pixel Money

Pixel and flat design styles are so in. The simplicity of pixel art and the beauty of flat design are mysteriously attractive to many designers and consumers. However, the style must have gotten serious attention in Norway. Norway’s currency designs definitely sparked my interest. I know that design trends impact countless marketing ads and companies but to […]

Does It Grab You?

We all know a book cover has to grab your attention. Unless you have heard about the story, all you have to go on is the cover – so it needs to be good. Here’s one I think works on several levels. For one thing, the one and only picture – the ends of hair […]