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What does a business card say about you?

Business cards are often overlooked elements of representing your business, when they are a very important part of your brand.. A Business card is the first thing potential clients will look at after meeting you. So when done properly you are leaving a good last impression after your first meeting. The card will identify your […]

Games Are Useful in Life

I found this in shirt form a long time ago and am still kicking myself for not getting it. This is one of the best video game shirts I’ve ever seen. This is a list of all the helpful things that you can learn from video games, and a good deal of it I can […]

Empire Tested

This ad campaign created for Nike by Hort explores Nike’s connection to New York City. The use of typography and imagery link great sports moments and inspiration to a great city, also full of inspiration. I think this is one of the strongest ad campaigns I’ve seen in a long time, and I love the […]

How To Be a Graphic Designer Without Losing Your Soul

Adrian Shaughnessy’s excellent book highlights the hardships—and the value—of the career of the graphic designer.  Shaugnhnessy’s introduction emphasizes the ability of the designer to use his or her creativity and aesthetic sensibility to give value to anything, and the ability to distill a culture and time period down to graphic forms. The pure focus on […]

Font #5: Curlz MT feat. Gigi (aka: It’s So Pretty Pretty Princess That I’m Going to Puke)

  I personally believe that, while it’s encouraged to take chances, just go all out and be crazy and outlandish in certain areas of art and graphic design, the use of subtlety is also a good thing, especially when it comes to a majority of graphic design projects. While I understand that you want to […]

Meaningful Design for the Common Good

Graphic Designers clearly have a significant ability to influence people and to shape culture. In fact, I wrote my entire paper about this for the third project. With this potential for influence and power comes a significant responsibility to use this for good. Hyperakt, a design studio in Brooklyn, NY is seeking to do just […]

Designing For The Reader

Think about magazine spread design for a second. It seems easy, right? At least, that’s what I thought. Recently, in my typography class, we were assigned our final project which was to design three spreads for a six page article. You wouldn’t believe how much thought really goes into it. The negative space is almost […]

Papyrus (aka I’m Trying to be Ancient and Mysterious, but in Reality, I’m Being A Hack)

Almost as notorious as Comic Sans, Papyrus is another one of those infamous fonts that is reviled by graphic designers and typographers nearly everywhere. While it hasn’t come close to the absolute and utter hatred that Comic Sans has firmly established (although there is a website dedicated to destroying the Papyrus font once and for […]

Comic Sans (aka: Public Enemy #1, How To Fail In Graphic Design, Oh God That Font, Get That Thing Away From Me, Why Your Design Fails In The First Place, etc.)

Yes, yes… I know for my first examination of horrible fonts, choosing this font to pick on is like shooting fish in a barrel. It goes without saying that in the world of graphic design, Comic Sans is an absolute joke; a complete punchline to the testament of horrible typographic selection and design choices, up […]

The Aging Print

Is printed material still relevant in today’s culture, or will it grow into obscurity as the decades goes on?  When is the last time you read a newspaper or magazine?  The internet and new media has made exponential progress during the last decade.  Now it is rare for people to look for news on the […]