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Designing a New Way to Read: Interactive and Insta Novels

As an avid reader, I’m fascinated by the increasing number of people who read books on mobile devices. In China, for example, serialized e-books have become an explosive trend; the company China Literature has grown bigger than Amazon Kindle. Some designers have observed the success of e-books and are incorporating interactivity and illustrations into stories […]

Why Do Human Have Biological Urge To Create Art?

Art comes in many styles and forms, these styles and forms will always differ depends on the regions and locations. Although these styles and forms kept changing, the fact that art is about beauty will never change, and artworks are to be beheld and admired.  Throughout history, much artwork was made for no other explicit […]

Stickam: The Innovator of Webcamming

Let me introduce you to an old friend. was a website used for live broadcasting and or webcam streaming. This was during the time and was still active. On this rise, Stickam was a place where strangers could meet and become friends. Myspace musicians utilize this form of streaming to broadcast live […]


It has been over a year now since the death of Vine, but it is remembered by many as the birth place of some of the most well-known memes. Only after becoming a graphic design major could I finally come to appreciate the classic meme, FR E SH A VOCA DO. If you haven’t seen […]

The most useless websites ever made

Deep within the digital jungle of the world wide web lies an especially peculiar website called “” It is a remarkably simple website consisting of only one page, with the words “Take me to another useless website,” and a button below doing just that. It’s not the website itself that’s magical; the dozens of other […]

Erickson Stock: Your One Stop Shop for All Your Stock Photo Needs

I know, I know. Didn’t I just write a post about staying away from cheesy stock photos? Yes, I did. Erickson Stock, however, has the perfect balance of both cheesy and actually usable stock photos that it may just be our solution. The photos on Erickson Stock may not be free, but you really do […]

How to Attract Graphic Designers

As graphic designers, we know what makes good design; consequentially, we know what makes bad design too. The City of Los Angeles creatively capitalized on this principle when they posted a job opening on their Facebook profile earlier this year. Horrendous in its design, the job listing drew the attention of designers and non-designers alike. […]

What if Adobe created a keyboard made especially for its users?

You’d probably agree that right now there’s a world of possibilities going on in any creative mind. Usually these ideas begin with the famous phrase “what if”,  until the idea results in something that can be seen and appreciated, even if it is just a concept. The designer Vinicius Araújo created a cool concept that […]

Design Thinking and How to go About it

What is Design Thinking? How do you define the process in which a design comes about? Every designer has a process of their own in which they believe “works” for them. Some go for a linear route and some would be called organized chaos. The most important part that all designers have in common though […]

Befriending Satan

Regardless of whether or not you think web design is Satan, every graphic designer needs to befriend it. Due to the rapid expansion of the internet over the past few years, graphic designers are now expected to be able to code. Upcoming graphic designers are upset with this new expectation that requires them to learn […]