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How to Retrieve Dried-out Prismacolor Markers

ANOTHER dried out marker? Come on… Why do markers have to dry out so fast? Art materials can be quite pricey and being a college student, money can be tight for a lot of us. However, you don’t have to worry because I have found an easy solution to revive your old Prismacolor markers! Did […]

Photoshop Timeline

This technique is useful for creating Ads with good quality and low file size. I thought to write a blog about it because I was talking to my friend about using Photoshop timeline and she wants familiar with it. Basically what you see moving on the side of your webpage or small advertising on your […]

Olympic 2020 logo

The previous winner of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic design logo has been stripped of their title on the basis of plagiarism leaving the competition still open. Kenya Hara re-entered his previous design incorporating the colors and the iconic dot known on the Japanese. This isn’t the official logo design for the Tokyo Olympics, but this […]

Combining Digital and Traditional Media part 1/3 Digitizing Traditional Work

Any artist that wants to sell their work in the modern age needs to know how to best to optimize it for computer viewing and print, even if they never touched a computer while they were making the actual art. First of all the golden rule: NEVER POST HIGH RESOLUTION IMAGES ON SOCIAL MEDIA. It […]

Combining Digital and Traditional Media part 2/3 Incorporating Scans and Photos into Digital Art

Photoshop makes it really easy to incorporate physical media in digital designs these days. I’ll be demonstrating how to make a logo for a fictional dive bar/restaurant, using a sketch as the basis for the line art and incorporating a texture from a photo. What you’ll need: A sketched design, paper with an interesting texture, […]

Combining Digital and Traditional Media part 3/3 Bringing Digital Work Into The Real World

Something that’s a little more rare in the modern age is converting digital media to traditional. While there are dozens of methods, including collage, projection, and ink transfers, I’ll be giving you an in-depth tutorial in an unusual method I use to turn very precise geometric line work created in illustrator into an equally precise […]

OK – I’m Jealous….

I have just heard of a new app that hopes to give some Adobe products a run for their money: Bohemian Coding’s Sketch 3. Since I found out about it from a graphic designer at a local web design agency, I decided to check it out. Here’s a screen shot from the developer: It looks […]

Doll Face

Doll Face by Andy Huang Here is a cool animation done by a filmmaker and artist Andrew Thomas Huang. I thought it was a very interesting video. The short film shows a battle that many young girls and boys have on appearances. Many teenagers think they should look like many of the stars on TV or […]

Plain Air Painter

  Plain air painters are those that take pleasure in the act of painting outdoors, and paint the landscape that surrounds them. Many plain air painters will create and capture amazing scenery, especially places that many have not visited before. I’m sure it was quite popular in the times where we lacked air transportation such […]

#The 50

I will be graduating next week and I am excited, but also scared to get out there in the real world. As a designer I heard how competitive it is, but I’m ready to take the challenge. I stumbled upon this website that designer Jamie Wieck created. Jamie made this for all graphic design graduates, […]