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OK – I’m Jealous….

I have just heard of a new app that hopes to give some Adobe products a run for their money: Bohemian Coding’s Sketch 3. Since I found out about it from a graphic designer at a local web design agency, I decided to check it out. Here’s a screen shot from the developer: It looks […]

Doll Face

Doll Face by Andy Huang Here is a cool animation done by a filmmaker and artist Andrew Thomas Huang. I thought it was a very interesting video. The short film shows a battle that many young girls and boys have on appearances. Many teenagers think they should look like many of the stars on TV or […]

Plain Air Painter

  Plain air painters are those that take pleasure in the act of painting outdoors, and paint the landscape that surrounds them. Many plain air painters will create and capture amazing scenery, especially places that many have not visited before. I’m sure it was quite popular in the times where we lacked air transportation such […]

#The 50

I will be graduating next week and I am excited, but also scared to get out there in the real world. As a designer I heard how competitive it is, but I’m ready to take the challenge. I stumbled upon this website that designer Jamie Wieck created. Jamie made this for all graphic design graduates, […]

Packaging Design For Your Pets

I absolutely love packaging design. Sara Strand, a graphic designer, has done a personal project for birds, fish, dogs, and cats.  The packaging design was for a line of organic food and candy. I love the use of colors and the fun illustrations, which really make the design work together as whole.  I also like […]

Info Graphics- Evolution of the Geek

Im sure many of you have had to create info graphics for your graphic design courses.  I came across this info graphic about “the evolution of the geek” and wanted to share…Interesting execution and gave me a laugh.  I liked the typography for the headline of their info graphic.  Overall I think it’s a little […]

NASA invites students to design technologies for deep space

Article:   The title of this news article caught my attention, Nasa Invites Students to Design Technologies for Deep Space. As I began to read the article, I learned that NASA is inviting college students to design technologies that can be integrated into a habitat in which future astronauts could live and work in deep […]

100 Artists – Shea Hembrey

I watched a TED Talk last night and I was left amazed. Shea Hembrey is a very complex person; Abstract I’d say. He has worked hard over two years to create such a large and diverse project. Two very great things have been accomplished by Hembrey: 1. He created 100+ different styled art pieces and […]

Ento: The Art of Eating Insects

I recently came across a post on design blog Core77 about the case study dubbed Ento. With the world’s  ever increasing demand for sustainable foods, four post graduates from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London created Ento as a blueprint to introduce insects to the Western diet. the project intends to explore this […]

Peaceful Art

I came across a graphic design blog and noticed an article titled  “15 Harmless Weapons Made from Unusual Objects- Peaceful Art!”  I immediately had to click on the article to see what these images were about.  They were pretty comical and I began to read what the blogger had to say.  He talks about the […]