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Category Archives: Design Ethics

Let’s K.I.S.S.

Remember your first time…taking a graphic design course? I do! I was completely terrified. I didn’t know what to do or say. It seemed very daunting at first. But like all things worth doing well, it takes time and practice. We’ve all been there as design virgins at some point. I had no clue what a […]

8-bit Posters

( ) I stumbled upon this article a while back, and I’ve spent a lot of time contemplating the efficiency of having an 8-bit poster.  The only time I can think of it being appropriate to use an 8-bit poster is for a video game, or for the cover of a book about a […]

Minimalist Designs

article : I was attracted to this article because of the title, “Minimalist Designs- Is it a trend or are we just being lazy?”  I always find the simplicity of design to be clean and sophisticated.  This blog talks about different steps to help you decide what you think about minimalism- is it design […]

The Mystery of Design

I found the article, Demystifying Design, by Jeff Gothelf, an interesting read.  The idea he conveys, that graphic design is perceived as a mystery to those outside the profession as being something that actually holds graphic design back as a profession, intrigued and drew me in as a reader. The initial idea of being perceived […]

Power by Design

I recently read an article by Rick Poynor, “Power by Design”, which defines the role of power that people hold in their job communities.   Specifically, we learn about the role of power graphic design artists have.  The first statement Poynor makes is how graphic designers never actually feel like they have any power.  Because […]

Which stranger’s car should I jump into?

There I was, belted in the backseat of some stranger’s car as he drove out of the train station. I had never seen this guy before, this man who asked me where I lived in a gruff, heavy accented voice. It was just he and I in his car, and I just hoped that he […]

The Lost Art of Design Etiquette

Like it or not, graphic design is largely a team sport. Designers must be capable of interacting with clients, web developers, printers, and various company departments. So it should come as no surprise that there is sometimes tension between these groups of professionals. In addition to the human element, projects like a new website require […]

Label and Brush Aside

Who consists of the “media”? It’s easy to blame an abstract concept for our problems, but when we analyze it, many people might come to the conclusion that the design industry is responsible. Whether we like it or not, our profession has a lot it for which it must answer. With this in mind, I […]

Yes, Learn to Say No.

Learning to say no applies to more than just saying no as a designer, it applies to life. However when pertaining to design there will be times that we just need to say no. Saying no isn’t necessarily selfish. When you say no to a new commitment or client, you’re honoring your existing obligations and […]

What truly makes a font terrible?

I know that I ‘ve posted up at least 5 different fonts that have been viewed as “disgusting”, “tacky”, etc. and frowned upon by graphic designers. Whereas some of the featured fonts such as Comic Sans and Papyrus are universally reviled by any graphic designer, are seen as the mark of a complete amateur, and […]