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Category Archives: Design Ethics

You Belong at AIGA

Why should you join AIGA? AIGA, the American Institute of Graphic Arts, is the oldest and largest professional organization for design. It is a community and network of artists, designers, and creative people. This is the place where design leaders are—people who influence the profession of design. However, you don’t have to be a pro. AIGA […]

Feminism & Graphic Expression

Design for social change and specifically feminism, the struggle for women’s rights, has been, and remains a catalyst for women’s liberation. Women have used graphics to empower and voice their beliefs since the first wave of feminism, the suffragettes, to the women’s liberation movement of the 60’s and 70’s, and the activist groups today, otherwise known […]

Political Activism 101: Cultural Jamming with Ad Campaigns

  Is your daily live polluted by boisterous advertisements? Do you want to make the public conscious of the contradictions with corporate America? Is the world’s current economic situation making you upset? Do you have a graphic design and art skills? If you answered YES to any of these questions, how about starting and employing […]

Beautifying the Streets and Educating Youth with Street Art

Wouldn’t you like to see more public art on the walls? Well the Mural Arts Program of Philadelphia does just that. The program was established in 1984—when the crack epidemic was at full peak—as a way to transform troubled youth into productive young adults by introducing them to art making techniques in street art. These […]

Books to be Business Savvy

Being new to the freelance world, I am always looking for more content to help me become a better freelance designer and business woman. Over the past year, there have been two books that I have referred to for tips, tricks, and advice. The first book is very well-known and is called GirlBoss. Written by the founder […]

The Client Isn’t Always Right

I hate it. I hate it when people talk about “just doing what the client wants.” How that’s a designer’s job. Maybe I hate the reality it implies, but I definitely hate the reality that mentality is creating. The more we say and abide by that phrase, the more everyone else believes that that’s all […]

Feminism in Design: Sex-Based Economic Inequality

If you know a woman or are a woman, you need to keep reading. Although the gender pay gap has narrowed in the last fifty years, it still persists today, and researchers maintain it won’t close until 2152. Women face a pay gap in nearly every occupation, and design is no exception. Even though women […]

For the Love of Aesthetics and Design, We Create

As designers, it can be difficult to express ourselves. Some readers may be thinking, but we are designers — everything we do is basically an expression of ourselves. But to the average person, it can be challenging to understand why people like us choose to design for a living. Many people say that it is […]

Are You Voting?

My mom and I find ourselves talking about the upcoming presidential election almost every time we see each other. She and I have always had the same view on politics, so you can probably assume there isn’t much argument between the two of us; we tend to feed off of each other’s inputs. About a […]

Stop. Let me design!

“Every great design starts with a committee,” said no one ever. During your academic career as a graphic designer, you are occasionally expected to work in group projects to produce a substantial product, ex. an infographic, corporate branding campaign, a game design, logo, etc.. If you are like me then perhaps during one of those […]