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Category Archives: Design Ethics

Kenya Hara, Muji and Minimalism

Kenya Hara is a Japanese graphic designer who is a leading design personality in Japan. He faces daily life with his attitude of ignoring the rapid development of the outside world, with a modest but at the same time  keen sense of design to seek for things need to be design or to be redesign. […]

Pixel Money

Pixel and flat design styles are so in. The simplicity of pixel art and the beauty of flat design are mysteriously attractive to many designers and consumers. However, the style must have gotten serious attention in Norway. Norway’s currency designs definitely sparked my interest. I know that design trends impact countless marketing ads and companies but to […]

Too Close to Home(page)?

As I take a dive into the world of web design and coding I noticed that it is really easy to get the coding for websites. And I mean REALLY easy. With a simple right click I can view ALL of the coding for a particular website. For a newcomer in this intimidating world of […]

All Things Sewell

  Okay, so we all have our celebrity crushes. For a 13-year-old singer, it may be Taylor Swift. For a 17-year-old basketball star, it may be Stephen Curry. As for me, a 20-year-old graphic design student, my idol is Carolyn Sewell. Before coming to Mason I did not have too many people I looked up […]

What role a designer should play in book designing

Along with the appearance and development of the new media technology, the form of books and people’s reading habits are undergoing tremendous change. These are forcing traditional book publishers to make reform and innovate, book designer is no exception. When you get a book in the first sight, book designer is always your first encounter […]

Typedia by John Langdon

So I was browsing through some graphic design sites for inspiration for an upcoming art project and I stumbled on Typedia. It’s an encyclopedia of type and they also have a blog. One of the posts was dedicated to the creation of Typedia’s logo. The reason I’m sharing this with you guys is because I […]

Web Design Hell

How does a web design go straight to hell? Find out here in this hilarious comic posted on the Oatmeal: I want to share this with you because one of my professors shared it with me, and I love it. I find this comic so brilliant because it is able to effectively communicate a big […]

Design Chicanery

I like magazines – and yes, I mean the good-old-fashioned type (pardon the pun) I get in the mail! As a designer, I look forward each month to perusing the designs and layouts. I just got my October issue of Cosmopolitan. Here’s what was right on front: For a second or two I thought Cosmo […]

Let’s K.I.S.S.

Remember your first time…taking a graphic design course? I do! I was completely terrified. I didn’t know what to do or say. It seemed very daunting at first. But like all things worth doing well, it takes time and practice. We’ve all been there as design virgins at some point. I had no clue what a […]

8-bit Posters

( ) I stumbled upon this article a while back, and I’ve spent a lot of time contemplating the efficiency of having an 8-bit poster.  The only time I can think of it being appropriate to use an 8-bit poster is for a video game, or for the cover of a book about a […]