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Category Archives: Design Ethics

Just Making Sure!

Whats something that is looked over a lot when deciding to get a tattoo? The placement. Getting your first tattoo is always such an adrenaline rush and usually quite sentimental, but there could be instances where you may think its the perfect place for your new ink but in actuality it may not be exactly […]

Take Care of Yourself: Mental Health and the Design Field

In 2018, mental health issues are not a rarity. In the creative industry, there is an even greater chance of developing poor mental health. According to the Eye On Design article “The Links Between Creativity and Depression,” the industry’s “frequent long hours, stressful projects, glass ceilings and frantic working environments can all exacerbate latent mental health conditions, […]

Digital Album Cover Designs

With the rise of technology, album covers and vinyls are becoming less popular among the common music listener. Luckily, musicians still depend on album art to express the emotion of their current releases. The ability to capture the meaning of the entire album with one photo; or artwork is much more difficult than many would […]

What is Fair Use?

Fair Use. You see it all over the internet, especially in the disclaimers that accompany most of the fanvids posted on YouTube. Fair use is also something that is considered and used by many students when doing presentations or even when making artwork for class. People claim fair use all the time, but do they […]

As a Client for a Designer

If you’re planning on being a client for a designer, then there are two details you should know regarding making a request. The first is that the designer doesn’t know you, and you don’t know the designer. You literally just met a professional who is not your friend in anyway. If you want to designer […]

Design Thinking and How to go About it

What is Design Thinking? How do you define the process in which a design comes about? Every designer has a process of their own in which they believe “works” for them. Some go for a linear route and some would be called organized chaos. The most important part that all designers have in common though […]

Design and Illustration: an Alluring Match

Graphic design and illustration are two separate yet comparable arts and are often used in their own independent ways. For example, when we think of design, we think of streamlined type and images on a website or publications, and when we think of illustration we often think of comics or children’s books. These two fields […]

Know Your Values

What separates you from the designers around you? When you stop to think of your differences, there may not be as many as you had originally thought. Designers today are starting to use the same styles, following the same trends, and being influenced by the same inspirations. Although the solution seems odd, designers need to […]

Shrinking Our Brains to Expand Them

Do we think like children? As designers, we have to be ready to design anything that comes our way. With this being said, when we have to design for children, who are we truly designing for? As a result of the increase in internet accessibility, children’s environment is changing now more than ever. These children […]

Graphic Designers are Contributing to Global Warming

In the graphic design field, it is important to see the drafts and final products on paper because it can look different on printed paper compared to the screen. Designers have to evaluate color, size, and even different types of paper to have the best finalized product design to show to either clients or for […]