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Category Archives: Design Business

Looking Into Logos

Logos. We are all surrounded by them. They can look deceptively simple. But how many of us truly look at logos to determine the subtleties? Here’s one that surprised me: So the Toyota symbol actually has all the parts to make up their brand name. Uh…wow! Despite hours stuck in traffic surrounded by some half […]

Spot the Difference

As designers, we know that revision is key to any project that we are working on. Even those very minor details that other people may not notice at all and wouldn’t bother changing for any reason. But to us designers, everything matters. Everything. For example, check out this change made by Google earlier this year:     Can you […]

Is Graphic Design really needed?

In this age of technology, to include Google, YouTube, and more, anyone who wants to do something, say design a logo, can look it up on the web or buy a program at the store; sit down, take some time to absorb the info, and, Voila!–they are graphic designers. What’s the big deal about it […]

Do we need Graphic Design degrees?

There are many people who feel they have a knack for design. If these people  have a knack for computers as well, they can maybe fake it and get away with it. How can we distinguish ourselves, as students of design, and persuade potential clients that our education is worth the time we’ve spent? We […]

Social Media vs. Recruiting Agencies

I recently read an article about the recruiting world and design research/ethnographic studies. The article explains how the standard means of recruiting in the commercial retail space is to hire recruiting agencies to connect the researcher with participants that are relevant to the project at hand. This list documents many aspects of the participants lives ( what […]

Ento: The Art of Eating Insects

I recently came across a post on design blog Core77 about the case study dubbed Ento. With the world’s  ever increasing demand for sustainable foods, four post graduates from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London created Ento as a blueprint to introduce insects to the Western diet. the project intends to explore this […]

The New Way of Setting Up Your Samsung Tocco Lite Phone

            Link to article/video The packaging for a cell phone, Samsung Tocco Lite, is a new way for customers to set up their cell phones. A London creative agency, Vitamin, came up with this ridiculously awesome idea for the packaging of the Samsung cell phone. The idea of this design […]

The Starbucks’ Siren

I thought this article was rather interesting and extremely informative about the mythology of mermaids and the significance of the Starbucks logo and name.  It’s quite possible that I’m the last to know, but before reading this article I wasn’t aware that the Starbucks logo used to have the whole siren figure displayed before later […]

Designer/Client Relationship

Not knowing what to write about for my next post, I stumbled onto this image.  The interactions between graphic designers and their clients is very important.  So far this semester, it has been interesting listing to what my teachers often discuss in class about their experiences with clients who are indecisive or those who expect […]

Originality in a Media Saturated Market

This article highlights a major problem and drive that pushes designers today.  It starts with the technology that is available to the public.  We have much more advanced designing programs that come standard on most computers.  They have come a long way from the “Paint” program.  From PowerPoint to editing programs, even children today are […]