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Category Archives: Design Business

Graphic Design–How Hard Can It Be?

The closer I get to earning a degree in graphic design the more annoyed I become when I see one of the many commercials on television suggesting that anybody can make an effective business card or website.  These advertisements belittle the tradecraft of graphic design by implying that anybody can be a great graphic designer with […]

Growing a Spine in Design

A client walks in and asks you to come up with a new logo for their brand of lollipops. You are probably thinking, “This will be so easy.” Then in the follow up, you have a bunch of sketches, fonts, and colors but all the client has to say is that none of it is […]

If Fast-Food Is Considered Unhealthy, Why Is Everyone Still Eating It?

Fast-food is often the blame for many health issues that someone might be facing. However, people continue to make it the largest means of food consumption in the United States. This is predominantly because of the way that it is marketed and the design of its format.   The color red has been used by […]

Animoji Yourself with the iPhone X

Among all the emoji apps coming out these days, the latest Apple update on the iPhone X has to be the best one yet! With “Animoji” you can now send animated and talking emojis to your friends on iMessage. What’s especially cool about these emojis is that they’re animated emojis of yourself! Your facial expressions […]

Food Made Fun For Kids

Ever since I was a little kid I have always loved dinosaur chicken nuggets. This was mainly because of how I was able to play with the dinosaurs with ketchup while I ate them, making eating fun. For my parents this was great because I never had an issue eating my meals when they served […]

Nature As Never Seen Before

A few days ago, I received an email from Artechouse inviting me to purchase early tickets for the New Nature by Marpi exhibition, which will be held October 12th to January 13th, 2018. Just like its name indicates, Artechouse (Art+Tech+House) offers a variety of art and technology based work. It’s a modern museum in Washington, […]

Bigger Phones, Bigger Pockets

Technology in recent years has been rapidly advancing, not just with specs but also in design. The cell phones that people own have been getting progressively larger with each year. Apple is a prime example of this occurrence with their frequent change in design biyearly.  From the iPhone 4 all the way to the new […]

This is Iphone Xs

If you haven’t heard yet, Apple just launched the new Iphone XS. And of course the timing of this new product release happens to be just weeks after I had purchased what I thought was the latest model Iphone. I try to keep up with technology, but I fail. The new Iphone design is a […]

Is Graphic Design a Dying Field?

“Why do you want to be a graphic designer? You need to consider changing your major to something else, something more stable and with a good steady salary.” This was a question I heard numerous times, but I am inclined to see the bright side of being a Graphic Designer. In the last few years […]

Good Music Doesn’t Sell Albums, Good Design Does

Good music is critical in the continued success of an artist. Exposure is the key in giving an artist an opportunity. Due to the high saturation of content in the music industry, and society’s increasingly shorter attention span and unwillingness to invest time, good album design is critical to give artists the chance to be […]