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Category Archives: Design Business

Say “NO!” To (Cheesy) Stock Photos

We’ve all been there: you need a photo, FAST, and you just don’t care if it looks super staged and cheesy, so you find the cheapest (hopefully free) stock photo you can find and use it. Maybe you mean to replace it (maybe you forget), or maybe you plan to leave it and move on, […]

Digital Album Cover Designs

With the rise of technology, album covers and vinyls are becoming less popular among the common music listener. Luckily, musicians still depend on album art to express the emotion of their current releases. The ability to capture the meaning of the entire album with one photo; or artwork is much more difficult than many would […]

The Good, The Bad, and The Slightly Horrifying

Alright. Don’t get me wrong, University Mall Theater (commonly referred to as UMall) really isn’t a bad place. They’ve got great movie prices and you really can’t find better customer service. However, being a sweetheart and hosting two buck movie nights doesn’t mean you make the best design choices. I guess I’m beating around the […]

Who Says Designers Can’t Make Money!

William Paterson is a hand lettering and logo designer on YouTube. He released a video in 2016 about how to make money as a graphic designer and a few things you can do to achieve passive income. He mentions that having a specificity in your field helps to attract a narrow group of clientele. This […]

Design is Everywhere, Even in your Salon!

One reason why I love graphic design is because of its versatility. Used in marketing and branding, a business is almost dependent on having a “look” for clients. For example, Nail Salons have to have a signature look and feel of their salon for customers to remember and differentiate them from other salons. Another important […]

Forever 21 is Killing the Independent Artist

If you want to design logos, brochures, posters, etc. for companies, then this issue won’t directly affect you; however, if you’re interested in selling your designs in the form of t-shirts, pins, bags, etc, and doing so independently online, companies like Forever 21 and Zara mean trouble. Forever 21 had been sued over 50 times […]

The Hesitant Designer

When I began a minor in graphic design, I thought it might be an enjoyable creative outlet. Instead, it became like a needy boyfriend, invading every aspect of my life, especially my non-design-related job. I guess my typography professor was right. The principles are everywhere. Graphic design and public relations are now conceptually inseparable to […]

Frustrated? Design it!

Frustrated with something stupid that you feel like could have an easy fix to it? Why don’t you take matters into your own hand, and design it yourself! That’s just what David Barnett did. Barnett was a professor who was simply frustrated with his headphone wires constantly tangling. He wanted something that was easy to […]

Gifts for Graphic Designers!

It’s officially Christmas season! Whether you’re shopping for a graphic designer in your life or just looking for fun and creative gifts, here’s a list of my top five favorite design-inspired gifts. The Slate 2.0 Lapdesk: Whether you’re working from your bed or the couch, Slate’s laptop desk protects your laptop from heat and even […]

3 Reasons to be Happy as a Designer

It’s Thanksgiving and there is a lot to be thankful about. Whether you are just now starting off as a student, or already have an existing career in the field, there are plenty of reasons to be happy as a graphic designer! 1. You get paid for being creative. While design is a procedural discipline, […]