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Category Archives: Theory

The Invisible Triangle

Test your eyes: Do you see a triangle? Fact: There is no triangle. This is a Kanizsa triangle, an optical illusion—that triangle isn’t really there. That’s the gestalt law of closure. If you’ve been paying any attention in your design classes, then there’s no way you haven’t come across some mention of gestalt. In the […]

Surrealism in Furniture

Have you ever thought about a relationship of surrealism and furniture? Everyday human dreams. Dreams can occur during sleep. In order to sleep comfortably, human needs furniture. Furniture provides us comfort. Usually, furniture art is based on nature. In a house, furniture is a bridge to connect people with nature. Designer Stephanie Marine creates furniture […]

What’s a BFA worth?

How likely will you work as an artist with a BFA? A 2014 study by BFAMFAPhd, Artists Report Back: A National Study on the Lives of Arts Graduates and Working Artists, shows that more US art graduates work in art-related fields but only eight percent make a living as artists. This means, out of two […]

Pixel Money

Pixel and flat design styles are so in. The simplicity of pixel art and the beauty of flat design are mysteriously attractive to many designers and consumers. However, the style must have gotten serious attention in Norway. Norway’s currency designs definitely sparked my interest. I know that design trends impact countless marketing ads and companies but to […]

When are pirates invading a hospital a good thing?

Have you ever been sick? Seriously sick? Have you ever needed to go to a hospital? If so, you probably weren’t too excited about it. You already felt terrible, and, on top of that, hospitals aren’t known for being particularly friendly places. But what if they were? One statistic stated that 80% of children undergoing […]

Is there A Right Way To Handle Criticism?

When the class discussed the importance of having a “critical” friend, I thought back to a YouTube video I watched some during the fall semester. It was from comic book storyteller and artist Mark Crilley and he touched on a topic that’s considered controversial to every student designer: criticism. Every art major receives some sort […]

There is No Such Thing as Good Design.

Reading the short essay “Warning: May Contain Non-Design Content” taught me one thing: there is no such thing as good design. I know it’s probably design blasphemy to say that, but it’s true; the author convinced me of that fact. If you’re a graphic design student you might feel like I’ve just slapped you in […]

Design Starts From Your Lunch Table

Does designs just should appear in movie, games, posters, bill boards, or business commodities? Since humanity developed their own culture, It was natural human nature to imply and utilize cultural aesthetic into their everyday life object designs such as furniture, building, houses, window, pencil or pen, book, even broom stick.                   I read article today about […]

Is that what kids are listening to these days?

If I don’t stop listening to house music my brain is going to melt. I’ve had this whole genre of music stuck deep into my bone marrow for the past week. It’s a non stop buzzing and head bobbing with light shows flashing off in my head. I’ve never had anything so distracting take over […]

Too many things are true…

Although poorly written, I thought some of you might get a kick out of it.  The link is to another graphic design blog where someone came up with a list of 50 reason not to date a graphic designer.  Particularly, my girlfriend says that number 5 and 9 are right on point.  I hope you […]