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Category Archives: Theory

Is there A Right Way To Handle Criticism?

When the class discussed the importance of having a “critical” friend, I thought back to a YouTube video I watched some during the fall semester. It was from comic book storyteller and artist Mark Crilley and he touched on a topic that’s considered controversial to every student designer: criticism. Every art major receives some sort […]

There is No Such Thing as Good Design.

Reading the short essay “Warning: May Contain Non-Design Content” taught me one thing: there is no such thing as good design. I know it’s probably design blasphemy to say that, but it’s true; the author convinced me of that fact. If you’re a graphic design student you might feel like I’ve just slapped you in […]

Design Starts From Your Lunch Table

Does designs just should appear in movie, games, posters, bill boards, or business commodities? Since humanity developed their own culture, It was natural human nature to imply and utilize cultural aesthetic into their everyday life object designs such as furniture, building, houses, window, pencil or pen, book, even broom stick.                   I read article today about […]

Is that what kids are listening to these days?

If I don’t stop listening to house music my brain is going to melt. I’ve had this whole genre of music stuck deep into my bone marrow for the past week. It’s a non stop buzzing and head bobbing with light shows flashing off in my head. I’ve never had anything so distracting take over […]

Too many things are true…

Although poorly written, I thought some of you might get a kick out of it.  The link is to another graphic design blog where someone came up with a list of 50 reason not to date a graphic designer.  Particularly, my girlfriend says that number 5 and 9 are right on point.  I hope you […]

Why Color Matters

I recently read an article by Jill Morton called “Why Color Matters”. The article is more or less a bullet list of statistical research about circumstances where improvement in human acknowledgement, recognition, and understanding of any visual media is directly correlated to color. The article is not very well organized or in any way an […]

What Graphic Design Says Our Culture

A martian lands on earth and asks you to describe the current culture to him. What elements of society might you look to for the answer; politics, the economy, music, television, fashion?  While those are all significant in shaping the culture of a country, a lesser known indicator is lurking.  Graphic design can be a […]

When It Comes To Type, We’re Not So Different

It is reassuring to know that others occasionally share our habits, mannerisms, and idiosyncrasies. Such is the case for many designers that, no matter how experienced, have their favorite fonts just like you and me. These are fonts that they can default to and depend on no matter the project. When designer Michael Osborne was […]

What truly makes a font terrible?

I know that I ‘ve posted up at least 5 different fonts that have been viewed as “disgusting”, “tacky”, etc. and frowned upon by graphic designers. Whereas some of the featured fonts such as Comic Sans and Papyrus are universally reviled by any graphic designer, are seen as the mark of a complete amateur, and […]

Art vs Design response

This is a response to Tucker’s Art vs Design blog post. Asking what defines art is a good question and something that every artist asks themselves (I hope)—I wish everyone did but to be honest some most definitely don’t. Before talking about it some more lets look at some literal ways to define art to: […]