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Google Doodle – Akira Yoshizawa

In my Aesthetics class, I was instructed to read and watch a video about the art of paper folding. I never realized how much effort goes into folding a single piece of paper. The math, the intricate folding, whether the paper is slightly damp; all these are just a few of things to keep in mind […]

Apple’s New Logo?

I just stumbled upon an article online talking about Apple’s new logo. Well, maybe. When the new iPad was unveiled about a week ago, a new retro looking apple logo was displayed at the end of the keynote. It was multicolored and very reminiscent of Apple’s first rainbow colored logo. It features the same colors […]

The Transformer Apartment

A Tiny Apartment Transforms Into 24 Rooms: Official Video ( ) I personally found this video to be pretty fascinating, as I’ve recently looked around at the real estate market and have noticed how hard it is to find quality apartments at an attainable price for a college student.  If more apartments were this […]

Drawing in photography

I found a link to a blog post with a number of images that the artist has drawn over photographs to alter the original image. I am not positive as there is no information on the site but I do not believe that the photographs are owned by the illustrator but it was interesting to […]

“Soft-Ride Bike Has Steel Tires”

              Link to article I could never imagine a bike made out of steel (including the tires) be a smooth ride. Ron Arad, who is also famous for a chair that he designed in 1986 called “Well Tempered Chair”, created this masterpiece. I found it interesting that he works […]

The Effectiveness of a 2minute Guinness Commercial

GUINNESS Commercial (  ) I found this commercial on youtube extremely entertaining and really enjoyed how different stereotypes of men were played on.  I was also very surprised to find out it was a beer commercial at the end (I guess I should have read the title first). However, with that said, I can’t […]

The Starbucks’ Siren

I thought this article was rather interesting and extremely informative about the mythology of mermaids and the significance of the Starbucks logo and name.  It’s quite possible that I’m the last to know, but before reading this article I wasn’t aware that the Starbucks logo used to have the whole siren figure displayed before later […]

Building a Museum of Museums on the Web

I watched a TED talk online the other day about a fairly recent online project designed by Google. Amit Sood, head of the project, gave a short and sweet talk about the website. Google Art Project is what they called it. This spectacular website allows any user, whomever they may be, to navigate, explore, wander, […]

Texture, Not Just A Fad Anymore

With everyone and their grandmother launching a website these days, it is getting harder for businesses, organizations, and individuals to make their sites distinct, professional, and innovative.  One thing designers are doing to combat this issue is adding texture to their repertoire. Texture adds depth and visual appeal to a website and can also help […]

Sometimes typography is just awesome.

      In the words of Bernie Mac, “nuff said.”