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We The Sheeple

Wake up, people! Have you herd, we are about to nominate our 45th president of the United States of America. Do you care? No, seriously. Do you? The designer for this poster obviously does. Your voting participation, or lack thereof, implicated by this poster’s visual rhetoric attempts to define how you give to society […]

Are You Voting?

My mom and I find ourselves talking about the upcoming presidential election almost every time we see each other. She and I have always had the same view on politics, so you can probably assume there isn’t much argument between the two of us; we tend to feed off of each other’s inputs. About a […]

Web Design Do’s and Don’ts

     Are you a designer? If so, you probably have a website of your own. Or at least you should have one…. If you don’t have one just yet, don’t panic. You still have time to make one and get your work up there for the public to see. But before you dive into […]

Fashion in Architecture

Fashion designer and Architect, Shamekh Bluwi, has a unique style to design. He takes a simplistic outline of a possible dress, shirt, skirt, whatever, and holds it up to different backgrounds. This includes anything from interesting patterns or wall papers, to cityscapes, to anything found in nature. The designer says he uses this tactic to gain […]

Change of Biblical Porportions

Book designer, Adam Greene completely redesigned the classic Bible to be an easier read. So he’s basically taking the Bible and breaking it up in sections, as separate books, to create reading experiences as if you were reading a fluid story. Honestly, if this makes more people want to read it, that’s great because Jesus […]

The Pen Tool

Yes. The dreaded pen tool. Both friend and foe and more often than not it is the latter. When you are first introduced to the pen tool it seems simple enough but that’s until you want to attempt the most stupid shape on earth. Hello Kitty’s head. But seriously there are some forms such as […]

Eye Candy Mash Up

Warning: the video above may cause goosebumps of awe. This video really showcases so many different styles that artists have been using. It can please a large range of audience preferences. Honestly as a designer this video blew me away. I didn’t even think of combining such different styles in a single piece of work. […]

Invisible Street Artists

The secret is out! I’ve always wondered if machines create road signs or if professionals are hired to do them. I am very impressed with the precise freehand work they do found in this video, posted on The Verge. Road signage in general can be considered an art in itself. There are lots of extensive research in choosing […]

Verizon Also Has a New Logo?

It seems this week all we have been hearing about is big companies changing their logos for all intensive purposes. Verizon has hopped on this boat as well with a new logo design which has already seen quite  bit of backlash on twitter from other designers and CEO’s of other companies. The theory behind the […]

Forgot Your Password?

  You’re checking your email, logging onto iTunes, signing into Facebook and that annoying little phrase pops up once again: “The password you entered is incorrect…Did you forget your password?” If you’ve received this message, take heart; you’re not alone! According to one study tracking password usage, researchers found that nearly half of all participants […]