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We Made a Magazine!

NAPIZUM Magazine, Issue 002 is out now! NAPIZUM is an art magazine for artists of all mediums. This is a passion project started by Benny Harps, David Sharp Jr. and me.  We all came together with the same vision to create a platform for “artists without a voice,” Each issue features artists from all around […]

Where Graphic Design Meets Social Media

How often do you check your social media every day? According to an article written by Lauren Davidson, a digital reporter at The Telegraph, “the average person has five social media accounts and spends around 1 hour and 4 minutes browsing these networks every day.” So what does this mean for designers? As social networking sites […]

The “Graphic Design is my Passion” meme

Unless you are living under a rock, you have countered the presence of memes. The term, meme, is defined as an idea or belief that spreads rapidly throughout a culture, usually by means of social media.  In a sense, it is an inside joke in the internet. They tend to come out of social media […]

Can you design better than AI?

Are graphic designers being replaced by AI (Artificial Intelligence)? A need for designers come into question when programs like Logojoy appear. The service is described by the founder, Dawson Whitfield as using “AI and our own company’s unique algorithms to provide premium logo creation services to our users without the assistance of a graphic designer.” […]

From Print to Web: A Brief History of the Drop Cap

brief history of the drop cap. I love drop caps—they always clutch my attention. Initially, drop caps or initial caps were incorporated into illuminated manuscripts dating back to the 4th century. Drop caps from this time period originally were heavily designed with more illustrative elements. For example, the photograph below illuminates that the illustration of […]

Becoming Insta-Famous

  Getting people to care about who you are as in artist on social media can be a daunting task. After all, there are more than a handful of amazing artists with different specialties who are currently killing it on social media, and it may be hard to find your place in the world of […]

Babies, Bears, and Dangerous Kitties

If you haven’t heard about The Oatmeal then allow me to enlighten you to the most creative, funny, and inspirational comic and illustrator out there today. His name is Matthew Inman and he is a rad dude. Besides his popular online comic he has created a card game about Exploding Kittens. Yes, I know, […]

I Don’t Give A Data Set

Prepare yourself, I am about to ask you a series of rhetorical questions. What colors are all of your socks? How many times have you looked at the clock since you woke? Who did you say hello to up to this point of the day? What’s your favorite form of caffeine and how many have […]

One-page websites, the future of web design.

    Right now, there is a paradigm shift happening in web design. We are moving away from the outdated convention of print design and moving towards fully utilizing the digital platform. With the technological advances, we can now make web design a more easy and satisfying experience. A page less website is a better […]

We The Sheeple

Wake up, people! Have you herd, we are about to nominate our 45th president of the United States of America. Do you care? No, seriously. Do you? The designer for this poster obviously does. Your voting participation, or lack thereof, implicated by this poster’s visual rhetoric attempts to define how you give to society […]