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Organic Phone and Ipad Cases

On an internet journey the other day I stumbled upon a fun product designed by a company named Grove. Grove came about when an engraver met a furniture maker and it was love, well at least for the crafts they did. And what they did with that love was create something that no one could […]

Should Design Be Messy?

I came across this article a little while ago, The Messiness of Design , and a part of the article (in reference to using computers) that really stood out to me is this segment: “How often do we strive for efficiency, for productivity, for moving from one stage of the process to another with as […]

8-bit Posters

( ) I stumbled upon this article a while back, and I’ve spent a lot of time contemplating the efficiency of having an 8-bit poster.  The only time I can think of it being appropriate to use an 8-bit poster is for a video game, or for the cover of a book about a […]

Creative Photo

I love seeing creative images like this.  It is interesting to me to see how one object, in this instance, coffee beens, and two coffee cups are used to design a totally different image then what the objects are made of.  I would like to know the process and how the artist came up with […]

A Cute Take on Learning Typography

hyperactivitypography I found this book online awhile back and I figured it might be worth sharing. This book is based off of the old workbooks I remember having in elementary school when I was first learning how to write but instead of just teaching me my ABC’s this is all about typography. You can go […]

Google Doodle – Akira Yoshizawa

In my Aesthetics class, I was instructed to read and watch a video about the art of paper folding. I never realized how much effort goes into folding a single piece of paper. The math, the intricate folding, whether the paper is slightly damp; all these are just a few of things to keep in mind […]

Apple’s New Logo?

I just stumbled upon an article online talking about Apple’s new logo. Well, maybe. When the new iPad was unveiled about a week ago, a new retro looking apple logo was displayed at the end of the keynote. It was multicolored and very reminiscent of Apple’s first rainbow colored logo. It features the same colors […]

The Transformer Apartment

A Tiny Apartment Transforms Into 24 Rooms: Official Video ( ) I personally found this video to be pretty fascinating, as I’ve recently looked around at the real estate market and have noticed how hard it is to find quality apartments at an attainable price for a college student.  If more apartments were this […]

Drawing in photography

I found a link to a blog post with a number of images that the artist has drawn over photographs to alter the original image. I am not positive as there is no information on the site but I do not believe that the photographs are owned by the illustrator but it was interesting to […]

“Soft-Ride Bike Has Steel Tires”

              Link to article I could never imagine a bike made out of steel (including the tires) be a smooth ride. Ron Arad, who is also famous for a chair that he designed in 1986 called “Well Tempered Chair”, created this masterpiece. I found it interesting that he works […]