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Definition of Art?

…It’s a very broad discussion, actually, but I wanted to share one definition that I ran into when I was reading Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud. (You can find a critique of his work here.) Scott McCloud says: “Art, as I see it, is any human activity which doesn’t grow out of either of our species’ two […]

Love Typography?

Typography was one of the best classes I’d ever taken. Recently I did a quick research on a professional organization for Typography and found this site: They are the “International Society of Typographic Designers.” Basically, if you are considering making a living by designing typefaces (or just have nightmares of Comic Sans), you should […]

Art e-books

I was making some research tonight for my photography assignment. My assignment requires that I have one resource that is a book. Now, I understand that we need to do some good research for our assignments. But I have so little time that I don’t want my resting time to be library-time or bookstore-time. So […]

This is MySpace.

In the past two days I have seen Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr blow up over MySpace. They have released a preview of their new website. It takes me back to middle school doing random surveys and changing my top friends every few days. From the preview video that they show (click here), it seems like […]


As we go about life, we leave traces behind, unknowingly and unaware. As we walk long the beach shore, through a snow path into the wilderness, or touch the foggy window of a taxicab going about our daily routine, we are always leaving our traces behind everywhere we go. With the exception of those that […]

Serif & Sans

The other day I came across the website Serif & Sans. Their work is minimal, but pretty fantastic. It seems like they do a wide variety of work. If you scroll down on their blog you can see the coffee company that they designed for (or click here). I really enjoyed how they incorporated Native […]

#The 50

I will be graduating next week and I am excited, but also scared to get out there in the real world. As a designer I heard how competitive it is, but I’m ready to take the challenge. I stumbled upon this website that designer Jamie Wieck created. Jamie made this for all graphic design graduates, […]

The Beauty of Paper Art

Link to article In a recent article that I read from Smashing Magazine titled “The Beauty of Paper Art,” talked about how artists are not just using paper to jot down their sketches and ideas, they are using it to construct beautiful pieces of artwork. It’s called paper art. I found this really fascinating that […]

Minimalist Posters of Pixar Films

                    Designer Wonchan Lee, created a series of posters of Pixar’s most popular movies. These posters were very minimalistic. I loved how each poster had an eye-catching color with a pair eyes or a mouth that represented a specific character from their films. I thought it […]

Organic Phone and Ipad Cases

On an internet journey the other day I stumbled upon a fun product designed by a company named Grove. Grove came about when an engraver met a furniture maker and it was love, well at least for the crafts they did. And what they did with that love was create something that no one could […]