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Invisible Street Artists

The secret is out! I’ve always wondered if machines create road signs or if professionals are hired to do them. I am very impressed with the precise freehand work they do found in this video, posted on The Verge. Road signage in general can be considered an art in itself. There are lots of extensive research in choosing […]

Verizon Also Has a New Logo?

It seems this week all we have been hearing about is big companies changing their logos for all intensive purposes. Verizon has hopped on this boat as well with a new logo design which has already seen quite  bit of backlash on twitter from other designers and CEO’s of other companies. The theory behind the […]

Forgot Your Password?

  You’re checking your email, logging onto iTunes, signing into Facebook and that annoying little phrase pops up once again: “The password you entered is incorrect…Did you forget your password?” If you’ve received this message, take heart; you’re not alone! According to one study tracking password usage, researchers found that nearly half of all participants […]

Carrying Death: It’s a Metaphor, See

This is such a cool packaging idea for cigarettes made by Reynolds and Reyner! I believe it is a very effective design, because it is very honest. Smokers know what they are getting themselves into with this kind of design. By carrying cigarettes in a casket, they realize what their decision can cost them. If […]

Ralph Lauren Design

How can something as simple as collared dress shirt, with a small design of a man playing polo on a horse on the right chest area of the shirt, be so popular. The most you see, as a pattern with these shirts, are the occasional strips and gingham (not gangnam) style. So why is Ralph […]


Have you ever had trouble with coming up with a color palette for a design? Or created poster online that just needs a simple background pattern? They’re small little details but they mean so much if the colors you choose are unpleasant to the viewers eyes or a background that causes more confusion to the […]

Spot the Difference

As designers, we know that revision is key to any project that we are working on. Even those very minor details that other people may not notice at all and wouldn’t bother changing for any reason. But to us designers, everything matters. Everything. For example, check out this change made by Google earlier this year:     Can you […]

Huggable Bacteria

Have you ever wondered what causes you to become sick? Not the reason why “Oh I caught a cold from my friend” or “my kid caught the chickenpox by another kid from school.” I mean those little, tiny, itty-bitty, teensy-weensy critters known as bacteria. Well a toy company in Stamford, Connecticut did and then decided […]

Sell Yourself

Earlier in the semester, someone showed me a link to this story. This young woman was applying for internships and came up with a very creative way to get noticed. She turned herself into a Lego project kit, complete with pieces, and used it as her resume. I think the idea is brilliant, for one. […]

Is it me, or is most design becoming interactive?

Whether we know it or not, graphic design is pretty much everywhere we turn. Ads, food product containers and boxes, posters, and even official boring documents that we need to fill out. But lately I’ve noticed all these forms of design slowly becoming interactive in one way or another. The other day at the mall […]