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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Banksy – British Underground

An artist who I’ve been following for a while is well known in the United Kingdom goes by the name of Banksy. I learned about him through my brother who had a collection of his work. Banksy is an underground graffiti artist whose pieces invoke thought and inspire others to take a stand. Banksy’s work […]

Design Masters

As a senior in graphic design here at Mason I find it sad that I am so uneducated with the history of my major. There have been so many incredible typographers and graphic designers who influence decisions I make today. To familiarize us with a few names, I thought I would go through several very […]

Cool Website  With this post I just wanted to bring to everyone’s attention a nifty and new (to me) website I heard about recently.  Mike brought this to my attention last week during 313, and I have found it a useful tool when designing.  Adobe created this website which is devoted to color palettes and […]

Design ethics

As i was doing research for my essay topic i ran across an interesting and relavent article. As i was thinking about what a graphic designer should be and how they should see themselves i was gathering a list of traits and characteristics. I figured that there would be such lists in other forums to […]

Photo Doctoring

Photo manipulation has been around since even before computers.  However, since the digital age the advances and capabilities of photo doctoring have skyrocketed.  Photo manipulation brings into question certain ethical issues.  That being said, every photo carries different stakes and circumstances.   A news publication should be responsible for relaying visual and written information to the […]

Helvetica, overused?

Helvetica, originally called Neue Haas Grotesk, was created by Max Miendinger with Edward Hoffman in 1957. It was changed to Helvetica in 1960. Designers of this time were looking for something new and a little more modern typeface, thus giving Miendinger and his crew a reason to come up with a clean, modern san-serif. In 1961 Linotype began […]

Trajan: The Movie Font

Has anyone noticed how almost every movie poster you see has the same ‘movie’ font? Well someone within the YouTube galaxy has, and he posted this video about how Trajan has become the catch-all go-to for movie poster designers. Check out the video here: (Does anyone know how to embed YouTube videos here? If […]

Absolut Design

From 1981 to 2005 Absolut Vodka ran somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,500 “bottle” ads. This campaign was created by TBWA Advertising, and revolved around Absolut’s distinct bottle shape which has become a contemporary icon. Over the years Absolut has involved artists, digital designers, musicians and fashion designers in their campaigns. In 2005 the bottle […]

Mirrors of Social Understanding

I would like to share an article with everyone that I recently read for my Aesthetics class. It is titled “How Brain’s ‘Mirrors’ Aid our Social Understanding”, and was run in the September 25th, 2006 edition of the Washington Post. The article discusses the idea that each individual, over the course of their life, develops […]

The Crooked E

Pursuant to our current conversation on designer responsibility and ethics, here’s a new piece on Design Observer on the Enron logo. It’s long, but well worth reading.