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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Ellen Lupton

I actually got the opportunity to meet briefly with Ellen Lupton before her lecture. She came to my AVT 311 class and critiqued our theater poster designs. I gathered from that how knowledgeable she was in the field of design, she offered some excellent advice on my project. I did not foresee though just how […]

Ellen Lupton’s Lecture

I’m enrolled in AVT 301 so I’ve been required to attend a few other artist lectures so far this semester, and Ellen’s was the only one where I wasn’t checking the time to see if I could leave soon.  She was very entertaining!  I brought my boyfriend (a non-designer) with me and he thought she […]

Ellen Lupton: Design is also driving me CRAZY

I found Ellen Lupton to be an incredible speaker. She was very informative in a creative and hilarious way; I was extremely entertained! “Design is driving me crazy.” I never realized being a designer also comes with a nit-picky attitude for all type to look perfect. I have seen that the more I learn about […] is an pretty nifty site I stumbled upon recently that I thought people might enjoy.   The site is dedicated to logos in general and content ranges from examples of famous logos to favorite logo polls, and even includes a logo glossary of terms related to logo design.  A recent post debated the merits of […]

Chabon on “Graphic Purity”

This is a link to one of my favorite entertainment blogs ( that featured a post written by author Michael Chabon concerning the power of print over reality.  His post focused on the translation of a comic book superhero’s costume from the hand-drawn printed serial illustrations to a 3-D concoction made for a Hollywood production.  Of […]

Grids and how we as graphic designers use them.

As graphic designers working with the formatting and creative programs that we use today must be able to use and understand the grid. We use them for ease of reading and handling we use them because it helps make our designs more ordered and helps with hierarchy. Yet as creative people how are we supposed […]

Why do we design?

I have sat and pondered this question for a while now trying to come up with the reason I choose design. Initially it was because I liked working with computers and being creative. But now that I think about what it is we are doing when we design I realize its more than just liking […]

Business Writing Links

The (painfully) poorly designed has links to a lot of great resources, including guides to writing GD business proposals. As with all writing (web and print) consider the value of the advice before applying it to your own work.