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Monthly Archives: April 2008

In defense of the eternal copyright

As it’s come up in class a couple of times, here’s a link to Mark Helprin’s NY Times op-ed from May 20, 2007.

“Everything I do always comes back to me”

“I always try to go in a direction where the final piece incorporates the process visually”              A designer i have recently found interest in is the Austrian-born designer Stefan Sagmeister. The above images are direct examples of the the process being evident visually in the final product.  The image to the left, an […]

Anyone else into cameras?

I collect cameras…I only have a small collection but it does boast a spy cam from the 70’s. Most of them are old and made of plastic. After a long day staring at a monitor it is fun to get outside and shoot without having to worry about all the technicalities.  So when I came […]

Graffiti breaking through

It was mentioned in class the other day that it would be nice if a “graffiti artist” would break through into the mainstream art-world.  I may not remember that correctly but I believe it was along those lines.  While no graffiti artist will probably reach the status of Gaughan or Van Gogh, several artists whose […]


As per our discussion tonight, a link to on Technorati.

What makes a Graphic Designer and what makes us.

hey everyone I have some questions about what makes a graphic designer. This topic has come up often is still racking my brain about what make a designer and how that has anything to do with us as students in the quest for a carrer. So in my own quest for knowledge i found an […]

Magazine/website combos

As per our discussion in the last class, I’ve been thinking a lot about magazines vs. websites. Particularly if there is a middle ground where the good qualities about a magazine and the good qualities about a website are properly combined. Its in my own belief that there is no one site that exhibits all […]

Links from tonight’s discussion

A new web site on sustainable design is a graduate student project. I only looked at it briefly, but it appears to have links to a lot of valuable information: Creative for a Cause Readership studies came up in discussion. Here’s a link to the Readership Institute which is responsible for many of the eye-track […]


For Wednesday: A Graffiti Polemic, AIGA Voice Of Fonts and Students (short) Speak Up! The Birth of the User, AIGA Voice

Entertaining and Informative speech by Ellen Lupton

I found Ellen Lupton foreboding at first. but only because our 311 teacher had surprised us with a visit from a famous graphic designer that was going to critique our work. Although when i meet her she was nice and knew her stuff when it came to graphics. She went over every students work and […]