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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Just a computer artist?

This semester I’ve been exposed to countless rules, ideas and principles of design that I wish I learned my first semester of school.  From proper color use, formatting, business ethics, working with clients, being innovative and design resources out side of the classroom, what I have learned this semester has almost equated to the amount […]

Shifting Style

It is bright and bold! Something of this nature is hard to miss when your eyes cross over it for the first time. The canary yellow poster I spotted in the distance of the Ballyhoo! Gallery is called Nightclubbing, and it grabbed my attention right away when I walked into the exhibit. When you walk […]

Ballyhoo Crit Final – Blixtens Broder

A lot of thoughts go through your head when your surrounded by you’re enemies, not knowing their next move, or your own for that matter.  Your skill and wit may have gotten you out of this situation before but this time, there wasn’t enough time to figure out a logical means of escaping the predicament.  […]

Student Design: Practice, Portfolio, or Practical?

Over the summer, my father came up to me and asked for me to modify some pictures for use on Ebay.  A simple enough project, but an interesting moral dilemma for me.  If it had been anyone other then my father, I would have immediately responded “How much are you gonna pay me?”  Why did […]

Design Ethics: Photo or Illustration, Where is the Boundary?

Every year Trains Magazine holds a photography contest that showcases some of the most amazing shots of trains in every climate and situation. Recently though, this popular event has hit a snag that has effected everything that uses photography, and that is a lot of stuff. A couple of years ago, one of the forums […]

What My Copy Editor Taught Me

As many students in the class are taking their first turns as editors, I thought I’d share a touching remembrance of an editor who was beloved by the writer whose words she improved: Helene had no literary theories — she had literary values. She valued clarity and transparency. She had nothing against style, if it […]

Store Wars

After working at Wegmans Food Markets for almost 3 years, supressing competition is important, in a non-tyrannical way of course. While I was matching prices one day in the Saturday paper, I had noticed Giant’s logo that had been redesigned. Before, it was a large serif “G” with some sort of slab serif inside it, […]

Ballyhoo! Critique: Winner?

You might think that a poster featuring Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin, two of the most recognizable 60’s rock icons, would include the flamboyant colors and embellishments associated with their music. There is, however, absolutely nothing psychedelic about the L&S Productions poster, Winner? Created in 1970, the year Hendrix and Joplin died, both of overdoses, […]

Designing for Good

In todays corporate world where design is often used to sell things and make a product look larger then life, it is nice to see design used for something good. Denver Water is a water company that has actually started an ad campaign to get people to conserve their water.  This is one of those cases where […]

The role of an Artist vs. Designer

I believe that designers and artist operate very differently. Artist can’t become a graphic designer without the similarly obtained knowledge that a designer has through their experience in the practice of design-related art disciplines. Designers may have to absorb everything there is to know about art to help broaden their perspective to compliment the execution […]