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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Graphic Design Contest: Do You Win or Do You Lose?

                            Should you do design work on spec, that is work often done for no pay? It starts off quite simple- you land on a website that hosts all sorts of design contests, and the payoff are cash prizes and fame. As a […]

Do You “GET” Promotional Emails?

I guarantee that right now in your inbox you have over 50 emails, (if not more) and only 2 of those are worth reading. As someone who creates the spam that clogs your arteries of your email, I know how much time and thought actually goes into making those annoying sales ads. First you have […]

Design Proposal

Bed Bath and Beyond Coupon Redesign Proposal Proposal Submitted by Leslie Berlin October 28, 2008 With a redesign from Leslie Berlin you can expect an innovative, savvy design solution that compliments your existing marketing collateral and enhances your current design to its full potential. With over four years of retail design experience, I understand that […]

Design Proposal Final

Dear Mr. Smith,             Thank you for meeting with me on Thursday. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to redesign your menu and signage for your restaurant. I have designed menus for two restaurants in the Syracuse area, l’Amoré and Phoebe’s Garden Cafe. Since these redesigns, customers have been telling their servers that they like the […]

The Work of Jim Woodring

I would consider it a waste of an opportunity if I did not mention one of my favorite contemporary artists, Jim Woodring on this blog. Most of his work is inspired from hallucinations he has had since his youth. Fortunately enough for us, rather than letting these visions drive him utterly insane, he has opted […]

America Needs McGovern Final

Among the variety of posters on exhibition in Ballyhoo! at the National Portrait Gallery, “America Needs McGovern” responds with a strong connection in context of current politics. The presidential election confronts many Americans about the importance of voting. We all want a better life and country; better education for our children, cleaner environment and fuel, […]

Redesign proposal for Viper Inc.

                    Brochure RE-Design                                               HEI Design Studios Date of Submission: October 24, 2008   Hei Design Studios owns the copyright for this document and […]

SkopArt Redesign Proposal

Dear Madam or Sir, Enclosed please find a redesign proposal for the Skopelos Foundation for the Arts brochure. While the current brochure has many virtues, adjustments to the color, typography, and layout will better communicate the foundation’s message. SkopArt’s potential clients are young and artistic, so the brochure must cater to their tastes. An effective […]

Start Thinking Globally in Technology

My next-door neighbor rides into work with me almost every morning. And almost every morning, he has an interesting story to tell. His stories aren’t necessarily interesting because of the premise or delivery, but because he is from Serbia and most of the time, there are very thought-provoking ties (or contrasts) to American culture which […]

Update to Phelp’s Logo

Here is something that is directly related to what we’ve discussed, or will be discussing, in this class. As it turns out, the golden 8 ball logo was scrapped. Seems that the toy company Mattel has a copyright on the symbol of the 8-ball. Certainly this is because they created the Magic 8-Ball toy and […]