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Monthly Archives: October 2008


Something that can be totally overlooked by the average viewer, meaning not a graphic designer, is the typography that is used in and on different forms of design.  As a graphic design student I catch myself looking at advertisements, brochures, and magazines and thinking “What an interesting font.” or “I wonder why they chose to […]


Dear Patrick, Thank you for your interest in discussing an alternate poster for your upcoming play Dog Sees God. I am very happy that you have chosen me to help you with the project and can assure your satisfaction. To introduce myself, I have been a student at George Mason University for three years now […]

Proposal Final

Apple Credit Federal Union, First off I would like to thank you very much for the consideration of redesigning your Apple Federal Credit Union Owner’s Manual Brochure.  You are a very well known and respected company, and to work with you would be a great honor.  It is my understanding from our meeting last week […]


Design Proposal by Amanda Egbert Dear To Whom it May Concern, My experience working with previous clients has been successful. I have redesigned several marketing pieces for clients and they have been very happy with the results they have received. I want to start out by thanking you for choosing me to do the redesign […]

The Obama Factor

The Obama Factor Without any hesitation I would say that this is one of the most defining presidential elections to ever take place in America. There have been new candidates who have emerge which have crossed the lines of traditional ones, and particularly one that comes to mind is the man who is neck in […]

Final Design Proposal

Lauren Tokarski Graphic Designer Olympic Design Firm 2038 Studio Drive Fairfax VA, 22030 (703) 846-1414 October 21, 2008 Ms. Dolores Gomez-Moran Ombudsman George Mason University Student Academic Affairs Ombudsman 4400 University Drive Fairfax, VA 22030 Dear Ms. Gomez-Moran: I am responding to your inquiry about producing a more professional and up to date […]

Proposal to Re-design techtools4u – Final

MY COMPANY Proposal to: YOUR COMPANY for Update and Re-design of Your Current Website: October 5, 2008 Prepared by: David Corsino Introduction MY COMPANY is pleased to have the opportunity to present the following proposal to YOUR COMPANY for updating and renovating your current website with up-to-date graphic elements, branding, and interactivity to maximize […]

Evolution Discovered at Ballyhoo! FINAL

I have to admit that I was not interested in the Ballyhoo! exhibit. Go see a bunch of movie posters as an exhibit in a portrait museum? No thanks. Not my thing. Boring. I understood the idea and educational value of going, but honestly, I’d rather go look at the posters in the hallways at […]

Proposal – FINAL

Dear Philip Hallmann, Thank you for choosing Chau Studios; we are proud and honored to be at your service. Any concerns you have is our concerns – our mission is to visually revolutionize your ideas. Chau Studios, a newly found graphic design firm with more than 4 years of professional experience and growing, is hoping […]

“Cool” Logo Design

As a designer and a consumer, you realize how important a brand’s logo is.  It has to capture your attention, draw you in and be easily recognizable.  I think that being a designer and taking on a job of designing a logo for a company is a large responsibility.  You could potentially be designing the […]