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Monthly Archives: November 2008


When thinking about having to write a particular post on a personal design project, I couldn’t help to think of anything else but the one I am currently working on.  In AVT313 we were assigned to take an existing magazine that we thought was poorly designed and give it a “makeover”.  I decided to take […]

Minimalist Designs from Mirror’s Edge

“She’s on the first floor,” the radio blares. I weave down the vivid green hallway with great precision. A helicopter whizzes by the pale-lit windows, “STOP… RUNNING…” it said. A carpet of bullets comes raining down the skylight. Glass shards and debris overwhelm the air, but it does not faze me. I dash my way […]

Symbol Signs

Symbol signs are everywhere. They are essential for guiding and regulating our sense of direction in any given environment. Symbol signs are quite fascinating because they are made to be understood universally. It doesn’t matter if a person is Japanese, Jamaican, or even Russian; they will know when a sign indicates something like “this place […]

Take It Like a Man!

Recently in my Corporate Design class we were given the task of branding ourselves as designers.  As my professor pointed out, a designer can be their own worst critic, as it is for just about any artists, so naturally I was stressing this assignment.  After pages of sketches in my sketchbook, and multiple Illustrator files […]

Pepsi Logo Re-design: Is this Progress?

  Coke or Pepsi?” is a question that often appear in a personality questionaire from a social networking personal profile page. So really, what does your preference say about you?  The constant battle between two corporate brands Coke vs. Pepsi is apparent. Both sides are constantly seeking ways to win drinkers and prospective customers by offering […]

Google Doodles

Who designed the Catull typeface? Don’t know? Google it! If you use Google as much as I do, you’ve probably noticed that the logo is adorned with festive embellishments several times throughout the year. The official Google logo was designed by Ruth Kedar, based on the Catull typeface, but these special logos, known as Google […]

Oh It’s Free?: The Act of Software Piracy -Final

  Did you know that you’ve never owned the computer software that you’ve spend all of that money on? In fact, according to Adobe, the reason computer software piracy is such a mainstream issue is because “Unlike other things you purchase, the software applications and fonts you buy don’t belong to you. Instead, you become […]

Minimalist designs

Continuing on my previous post on simple portfolio designs, I had found some simple and minimalist inspiration pieces that seemed intriguing. Minimalist, in the context of art is the movement that emerged in the post-World War II era with Donald Judd and Robert Morris as well as other artists. In design, the term minimal refers […]

Online Portfolio Design

As of late, I find myself applying for internships; consequently, I’m beginning to worry about finding jobs in general. In applying for these internships, I have to submit a portfolio, and it dawned on me that the portfolio is one of the most important aspects of my future. It is a showcase of my work […]

Class Tuesday

As everyone should know, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving is the last class meeting time. Because final papers are all edited, class begin at the official start time—4:30 for everyone. Papers are due then. Have a good Holiday.