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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Photo Manipulation = Social Degradation

(I feel this is a bit redundant. It needs a good cleaning.) Photo manipulation is the application of techniques that alters photos to create illusion or deception encompassing some arterial motive. Types of photo manipulation vary from traditional photography to digital photography, photomontage and the application of ink and paint by hand. In traditional photography […]

Are Radio Campaign Ads Just as Effective and Invoking as Printed Ads?

McCain Lies   The campaign race is finally over, but the words from the paid advertisement from each party that was broadcasted over the radio are still regurgitating in my mind.  McCain was called out for campaign ads with half-truths and many reports have proven his claims to be completely false and misleading in many […]

Define Typography Plz

ty⋅pog⋅ra⋅phy/taɪˈpɒgrəfi/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [tahy-pog-ruh-fee] –noun 1.) the art or process of printing with type. Stemming from recent bouts of boredom, I have always found myself doodling. Not the regular kind of doodle, but oddly to say, typographical. It reminds me of the days of High School where some of my female friends would make […]

Workgroup Assignments

Group 1 will meet from 4:35 to 5:25 Amanda Ali Chau Both Davids Group 2 will meet from 5:30 to 6:20 Dustin Heather Jamie Jessica Leeda Leslie Group 3 will meet from 6:20 to 7:10 Elizabeth Lauren Matt Minh Hei-Lun

Poster Show

After attending the Ballyhoo! poster exhibit earlier in the semester, it made you realize that posters can actually be considered art.  Replicas of paintings from Picasso and Degas that hang on dorm room walls are not the only things that count as poster art just because it has famous art on it, other detailed designs […]

Design Proposal Draft 1 edit by ARE

[Where is you letter?????] Design Proposal After looking at your plastic cup design a redesign will help with [ your] organization get[by getting the ]word out about your cause. The cup so far is clean and simple which makes it easy to take in the information given. The problem is the information given is limited. […]

Artistic Direction – Creative Utopia?

CNN, Fox, BBC, NBC, CBS, ESPN, The Weather Channel.   They all have such pretty designs and graphics running on their screen and such aesthetically pleasing sets.  And the anchors are dressed so nicely and they compliment the backgrounds in which they are presenting so perfectly.  Notice how that orange desk matches the blue suit he […]