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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Advertising Characters

What do you think, which one is more effective to advertise with, animated characters or humans? The companies care more about their sales and profits and so they always tend to come up with new ideas to advertise. Many companies nowadays introduce an animated character to sell their products. Designing an interesting and appealing character […]

Ethical or Unethical…?

Is this ethical to look at someone else’s design, get an idea and come up with your own design? I have a friend who is a graphic designer. He told me once that he thinks design is all about this (looking at other designs, getting an idea and coming up with your own design). He […]

A Project I did…

Last semester I had a design class which was actually my second “design” class I had ever taken. The process was still a little new for me and for the first project we had to design different versions of a tool or a kitchen appliance using Quark Express and Adobe Suite. This project was very […]

Tea Marketing: Smart Packaging Help Lure Non-Tea Drinkers

Tea drinking practice’s beginning has a long history dating back to thousands of years ago. There are simple ways of preparing and enjoying them as well as ways of brewing that require much more complicated steps in which matches the sophistication of collecting the tea itself. Here in America, coffee gain much of its popularity […]

Information Graphic’s Use to Bring New Meaning to Otherwise Boring Content

“Information graphics or infographics are visual representations of information, data or knowledge.” “These graphics are used anywhere where information needs to be explained quickly or simply, such as in signs, maps, journalism, technical writing, and education.” (WIKIPEDIA) The biggest challenge is that they need to be both aesthetically intriguing and functional at the same time. […]

My Experience As An Intern

When I was attending Northern Virginia Community College, I worked temporarily as an intern at a graphic design firm. Though I was an intern, it was far from what I would consider a normal experience. I remember the first time I saw the job offer on the bulletin board outside of my classroom – it […]

Advertising Slogans

What company or product does it remind you of when you hear “I’m lovin’ it”? How about “Breakfast of champions” or “Just Do it”? Most companies come up with brand messages or advertising slogans that they use in all of their television and print ads. Slogans like these will always go with the companies’ logos […]

Yeah I Studied Graphic Design…now I sell cars….

“Oh you study graphic design?  So did I in college” said the financing manager at the Ford dealership from which I bought my car two summers ago.  I have been fairly surprised by the amount of people that I have met who studied graphic design in college and don’t pursue it, or did only for […]

To Photoshop or Not To Photoshop: That Is the Question – FINAL

If you had an image of a murderer on the cover page of a magazine, is it ok to touch him up if he didn’t look mean enough? Just a few wrinkles and extra shadow lines won’t hurt anyone, right? But where do we draw the line about what is acceptable or not when it […]

2010 Winter Olympics Controversy

Would you pay $150 to be in a contest where the only reward is “the honor of entering”?  According to John Furlong, the chief executive officer of the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, expects all graphic designers to. Anyone can enter into the competition for creating the logo for the games, […]