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Monthly Archives: February 2009


How could Volkswagen sell Hitler’s favorite car to the American people only a decade and a half after World War II? This was the question asked of the advertising agency Doyle Dane Bernbach in 1960. In order for them to solve this problem, they would have to find a new way to advertise their products. […]

Eric Elms: The Graphic Designer-ARTIST

A playful graphic illustration of a pencil and a joint leaning on a hand-drawn type that reads “Never not working”. This is the motto of New York based designer, Eric Elms.  Starting his first job screen printing posters for the well-known designer, Shepard Fairey, Elms has landed multiple projects with reputable companies such as Nike, […]

Modern with Vintage

Established in 1886, Coca-Cola has become a recognized brand name internationally with numerous advertisements around the world. Coca-Cola currently owns four out of the world’s top five non-alcoholic sparkling beverages. Promoting their product with the slogan, “live on the coke side of life”, they incorporate this slogan not only digitally with television commercials, but graphically […]

All-Star Design

According to 26% of average car buyers claimed a magazine article, versus only 9% from a web site, would influence them in their CAR BUYING decision. 26% isn’t a big number in the grand scheme, but it does lend credibility to the automobile magazines. However, purchasing a car isn’t the only reason to pick […]

Not Your Usual GEICO Gecko Ad

GEICO Auto Insurance is known for many different humorous ad campaigns that they use to advertise their insurance. They have used cavemen, lizards and even a little stack of money with eyes to sell the value of insurance. However, when it comes to GEICO Powersports Insurance, they have taken a completely different approach. Motorcycle insurance […]

Modern Art, Really?

I was in the bathroom, and ran into a former classmate you took an two art history classes with me. We came upon the topic if whether taking a bunch of coke cans, or garbarge from the streets to create a meaningful piece should be considered a piece of art and worth thousands of dollars. […]

“Fair Use”

Understanding the law regarding fair use can save your career. Not knowing the law is not going to excuse you if you infringe on someone’s copyrighted material. The financial penalties can be quite severe, not to mention the irreparable damage that can be done to your reputation. The four factors listed in section 107 of […]

Interstate Aesthetics

Interstate and road signs provide travelers with an array of information, from mileage to bathroom locations. Consistent and effective signage is crucial to travelers. The design that goes into making these signs is commonly taken for granted. Had the designers of these signs been less aware of effective layout, the result would have been disastrous. […]

Stock Photo

The use of photographs in graphic design has always been an important aspect of presentation. Today, many designers opt to make use of the millions of royalty-free stock photos readily available on hundreds of websites. While buying these ready-made images is certainly easier than taking the pictures yourself, there are certain drawbacks. First, the designer […]

Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds You

“Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” It’s not hard to imagine that that saying came from a dog owner. Now however it seems to mean something along the lines of how you treat those who support your living. With the First Things First Manifesto 2000, I wonder are designers biting the hand that feeds […]