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Monthly Archives: February 2009

How Long It Lasts

Giambattistas Bodoni grew up in Italy quite some time ago. He is relavent because he is  highly revered in the typographic world for his contribution to the trade. He was born with the advantage of being raised within a family that was lead by a father and grandfather who were prominant printers of that time. […]

Complex Logos

Somtimes I wondered how they did that. I visit this site Abduzeedo that shows daily inspirations of design by various artists.  This one is about complex designs used as logos.  This first set was created in Illustrator and I think it is very interesting to see how these logos are made.  They look very technical […]

Who Needs Skills?

Recently I read this article that was directed towards the statement, “Who needs skills? We have software!” Before reading it, I remember thinking that I was about to read someone’s ignorant rant about how graphic designers don’t have to do any real work; about how we just sit around and let the software do all […]

Tired of Graphic Design Courses at Mason

After going deep into this major, I have grown to sometimes get sick and tired of this field. I always have to be creative, and sometimes I have a designer’s block where I can’t think of any design. I’ve spoke to a couple of graphic designers working in their field, and they say we would […]

The Shapes Project

Allan McCollum has designed a system to create a unique two-dimensional shape for every person on the planet. Using Adobe Illustrator, McCollum creates small shapes, which he cuts and pastes into larger and larger shapes, keeping track of each assembly to guard against duplication. His system could potentially be used to create 31 billion shapes, […]

VFX Online Training – is it for me?

3D World Magazine:  Vol. 111 – December 2008 “The rise and rise of online training?” by Andy Price While it is true that online training in the 3D / VFX industry is rising, it will not give attention to the needs of personal interaction with others, i.e. clients.  Online training should be seen as a […]

What is Graphic Design?

Last Thursday I think we had a great discussion on what we all thought graphic design was. I think this is one of those things that will be re-defined over and over again as time goes on. Graphic design today maybe completely different from what it is 15 years from now. I think we all […]

Online Design

It seems that lately getting a well-paid graphic design gig via online job posting services is next to impossible. There are hundreds of sites on the web that list jobs, short term and long, for anyone looking for a designer. For freelancers and beginner designers, these posting sites seem to be the way to go. […]

Poster Boy… Graffiti artist or Graphic Designer?

How far can we go to translate an artwork as a graphic design piece, rather than as fine art? In the subways of New York City, a graffitist known as Poster Boy has recently been dismantling the posters and advertisements that litter the walls of the subway. Unlike other graffitists, Poster boy does not create […]

How well does avant-garde design age?

Does high style or contemporary design age well?  Looking back at the futuristic automotive designs of the 1950’s, bell bottom pants of the 1970’s, and the hair of the 1980’s all have me wondering about the dated look of the past.  I’m not saying that appearing to be aged is bad, but not all design […]