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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Digital Animation and Graphic Design

I found that a lot of jobs for graphic design, aside from knowing the graphic design elements, nowadays, many places preferred knowledge of digital animation such as flash, and html as well. Graphic design is not just a field that is secluded to just illustrations and computer graphics. For the competitiveness in the job search […]

Thank you Ed Fella and Paula Scher

Thank you Professor Rothstein for introducing me to the work of Ed Fella and Paula Scher. From when I started college to now, the way I thought of graphic design has changed a lot. I had always believed that graphic design was ultimately just another medium for artists to express themselves and like I had […]

Adamo: Dell’s catwalk blunder

Of all the advertising campaigns for selling computers, I find the latest “fashion” technique being pumped out by Dell quite absurd and almost, but not quite amusing. Adamo, the new Dell laptop, has fallen prey to cliche ads featuring fashion models sporting the latest in high fashion black dresses holding the slick new laptop. Pouting […]

Why Pay More

With the woeful economy sites like CrowdSpring seem to be gaining popularity and graphic designers need to defend/explain why $200 won’t necessarily buy you a good logo. Linking my previous post and our class discussion about what to tell a customer who wants to know why they should pay more, is this article that highlights […]

Invisible Design

Craig Ward is an Illustrator and a Typographer who did this poster for Bucks New University, UK. It says BAD TYPOGRAPHY IS EVERYWHERE and behind it says GOOD TYPOGRAPHY IS INVISIBLE. How true, I wonder how many hours have been spent on making design look as though it has always been that way, surely it […]

The Breeds of Clientele

A client, is a client, is a client, right?  This article says differently.  Freelance Switch, a blog dedicated to all things freelance, wrote this article that talks about  who to talk to 12 different types of clients ranging from the very low tech to the high-minded.  For each we learn how not only to talk […]

When Does Comedic Drawing goes too far?Is Discrimination the real factor?

About a month ago, there was news all over television and online about the controversy cartoon drawing in the New York post about the stimulus bill. A photo of the drawing can be found at the below website. The drawing is of two policemen shooting down a chimpanzee with captions saying, “They’ll have to […]

The Emphasis of Graphic Design

Graphic design is a powerful tool that can easily bring success to companies if it is taken advantage of. With it, designers can completely change an ad to appeal from a small select group to a large consumer market. One example of how graphic design can be used to manipulate the consumer market is how […]

Designing outside of the Box

Changing things up helps any creative endeavor. Many graphic designers, myself included, have a strong tendency to keep type, images and everything in between strictly glued to the invisible grid that is ingrained in each of us. Keeping all type horizontal, right justified, and images or ornamentation all within the “box” has been done to […]

Periodic Table of Typeface

I stumbled across this on the internet at work and thought it is rather an interesting idea. Instead of elements the designer Cam arranged the top 100 fonts in order of how many lists a particular typeface was on and its ranking on those lists. Also listed is the family and class as well as […]