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Monthly Archives: March 2009

“Imagine Being Here Now” by Lucy Lippard

Lucy Lippard is an author, curator, and activist known worldwide. She is the recipient of many awards including The Frank Mather Award for Criticism and the Guggenheim Fellowship. She held a lecture tonight at the Harris Theater at GMU and mainly talked about an exhibit she did called “Weather Report: Art and Climate Change,” which […]

Get what you pay for?

The more I am introduced into the world of graphic design the more I learn.  Jim Wells recently did an experiment where he used to design a logo for his fake company (you can read the whole article here).  For $50 dollars can you guess what his results were?  This has me wondering about […]

William Morris – The Ideal Book

Book design has evolved into a very different concept since the time of William Morris, but his ideal book design continues to have important influence. In his 1893 lecture concerning book design, William Morris discusses some important aspects to page layout that still ring true today. Morris was concerned with balance between illustration, type and […]

Am I justified?

Justification, though a standard practice in type setting, does not seem to carry over to the web. There seems to be an endless amount of debate on whether or not a paragraph needs to be justified. While the distracting “rivers” of white that can form when the spaces between words line up above one another […]

Poster Boy

Poster Boy, Graffiti Artist or Graphic Designer? How far can we go to interpret someone’s artwork as graphic design, rather than as fine art? In the subways of New York City, a graffitist known as Poster Boy has recently been dismantling the posters and advertisements that litter the walls of the subway stations. Unlike most […]