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Monthly Archives: April 2009

New York Lights

I recently went to New York for pleasure with friends, and we were all sitting in Times Square. Looking around, I noticed the many billboards with lights. The different billboards with designs, and I came across a big screen with the advertisement for Coca-Cola. The Coca-Cola ad, caught my attention, because it had three lines […]

2012 Olympic logo and issues of design

The 2012 Olympic logo has been creating a storm of comments and many that are quite negative. ABC news ran an article here that highlights the designers intention and some of the responses. This article set off a bunch of red flags, first regarding the following quote about how a competition would have been better. […]

All about Helmut Krone

While looking for information for writing the final research paper I found that a book was released about the life and design of Helmut Krone.  It’s entitled “Helmut Krone.  The book.”  and is now out for sale.  I have read that it’s about “what advertising could be if we were all geniuses”.  Do we really […]

Writing for Designers

Before taking the Writing for Designers course I suppose I had some amount of awareness of how important writing is to the fields of design and art. But little did I know just how important having a deep understanding and skill in writing is to being a successful designer. Artists and designers alike must be […]

Color Theory 101

Tints, tones, shades, what does it all mean? Often misused in describing a color, a tint is adding white to a hue, resulting in a lighter color, a tone results from adding gray and shading is adding black. The color wheel can be divided into three major categories, the primary and secondary colors we are […]

Jacob Cass – The “Mates Forum” logo design

While reading some design articles on the Internet, I came across a website designed by Jacob Cass, a young graphic designer from Australia. As I continued to browse his website, I found out that despite his young age(21), he has already accomplished much. Jacob Cass is recognized as a great designer in Australia and received […]

Now I can deal with the face…for now.

While learning how to draw, I never liked to draw the face.  I always was facinated with the body and it’s movement.  I was even scared to take a Figure Drawing class here because I was scared that the teacher would focus more on the details rather than what the whole body was saying.  During […]

Who said you need to draw to design a logo?

Logos are designed to grab the attention of a possible consumer/client, so a pleasing icon or symbol will usually do the job.  However, some businesses have chosen much simpler tactics by using logotypes.  What makes a logotype unique is that it is a mark created using just a treatment of a typeface.  We have seen […]


Saturday on a trip to New York I stopped by Time Square for the first time and was blown away by all the billboards. They blocked out the sun, well, not really but the did hide the buildings. Some of the billboards have even been built into the structure of the building, and they are […]

Going back to move forward

The picture here is a graphite drawing from my high school sketchbook. During the time when I created this rendition of a young Bob Dylan (yes, that’s who it’s supposed to be) I was just learning about scale, proportion, tone and layout. What has amazed me over the many years that I have taken art […]