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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Steven Heller: Iron Fists

The way Heller explained how governments used graphic design to appeal to their subjects and to gain their loyal and unwitting support had a very powerful underlining message. Using propaganda such as posters, flags, badges, and armbands, the totalitarian governments gave off the image that they were a strong an unified nation, which is very […]

The Bubble Project

The Bubble Project was created by Ji Lee in order to give the people a voice in advertising. He printed 50 thousand stickers in the shape of a speech bubble and posted them all over advertisements in New York City, leaving them blank for the public to fill in. Ji Lee said “The Bubble Project […]

Girl in the Clouds

When I realized that we had to do a blog about a graphic design piece that we have done in the past, I freaked out a little. Besides little things that I done on my own time in photo shop a few years ago, I only have one real graphic design piece. It is from […]

Ethics: Inside and Outside the Studio…

I was recently thinking about an article I read in our Looking Closer textbooks by Tim Rich called “Who Needs Ethics”(page 190, Looking Closer). Though his article contained somewhat of a “snarky” attitude, it addressed a very common issue about graphic designers and ethics. Rich basically states that though he knows “whom he wouldn’t write […]


Listening to Steven Heller and viewing his slides I couldn’t help being reminded of the recent Obama campaign. His use of design was well managed and very successful, but now that the election is over there is still the same level of collateral.  So much in fact that business have been joining the bandwagon to […]

For some design inspiration…

I might have put this up here already, so I’m sorry.  I frequently go to this site, ABDUZEEDO, for design and drawing ideas.  This is a blog run Fabio Sasso, a web designer from Brazil.  It has some pretty amazing things like designs, illustrations, and graphic design ideas for products.  There are also a lot […]

Art Everywhere?

I was walking around, and noticing my surroundings.I realized that most of us sees, some kind of art everyday. Either it’s a poster or a landscape building. Buildings are build by architects, but it still is some kind of form of art. It uses shapes and colors, the only difference is the materials to create, […]

One place for a Freelancer…

I found this on the Freelance Switch site, it’s about a couple of places where you can find jobs and also a list of places where you can place a bid for a job.  As I was reading I got to the spot of sites where you could put in a bid for a job […]

A Spectacle

A question for Steven Heller in regards to his lecture on Iron Fists: Branding the 20th Century Totalitarian State. Q. Was there a correlation between the amount of propaganda and the success of the régime? A. “Yes, absolutely, it was about spectacle, you need a lot of promotion.” It seems to me that if want […]

Steven Heller:Why Propaganda?

Steven Heller’s lecture was about his latest book “Iron Fists: Branding the 20th Century Totalitarian State”. He spoke about how communist and fascist countries Russia, China, Germany and Italy used graphic design in their propaganda. I was intrigued on how he got interested in the subject. It was something that I had honestly never thought […]