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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Pimp my bus ride

Think of it as too much, but even busses are being decorated today for advertisement purposes. They are glued on all sides of public transportation busses and advertise anything from tooth brushes to the National Geographic. Usually interacting with the bus elements such as the wheels, doors and windows these designs are clever and inventive […]

Business Cards To Remember

One of my favorite things to do in the rare occasion I’m not busy is to browse unique business cards. Business cards are important to anyone who offers services as it’s a miniature resume that can potentially discover new clients. One such unique business card that caught my eye recently was the ninja star business […]

Just Sharing

I came across a set of images by a graphic designer named Stefan Kirov Kanchev.  His work is eye-catching and interesting.  There were two that really stood out from the rest (at least to me they did).  Both images appear to be made for the same company.  They have the same typeface, logo, and layout. […]

An AHA! Moment…with Surface Magazine

For my AVT 313 Editorial Design class, I have been searching for a magazine to do a redesign of, but have not had any luck so far. I am trying to find a fashion magazine that is not too mainstream and at the same time is sort of, well, “bad.” So on this quest to […]

Weekly Inspiration

One of my favorite graphic designers is Maurcio Estrella, ceo/founder of Banicci Imagineers Collective, a branding/ design firm. Known for his use of adding abstracted forms on top of beautiful photography via photo manipulation. Although comfortable in photography, logo designs, and illustration, my favorite artwork from him is his desktopography, which adorn my background and […]

Misleading Information Graphics

As designers, it is our job to be able to manipulate images to convey ideas. But what happens when designers manipulate  images to the point that the design moves beyond a creative representation and on to a downright lie?  This is a question that designers must ask themselves when dealing with information graphics in particular. […]

Facebook.. really?

Facebook has become very popular over the last few years with its simple design and appeal to college students. However, the popular networking site is doing way too much nowadays in terms of design and membership rules. The design of the site continues to change, and every time it does there is negative feedback from […]

Dirty Little Decepticons!

Deliciously proportioned perfect little pure pleasures describes most of the advertisements that entice humans to buy food from various food companies. I know that these corporations have hired graphic designers for one purpose…to illustrate their product perfectly. I completely understand that and truly have no problems with it because generally everything that I buy always […]

iTunes and Podcasts

Many of us use iTunes. Actually, I’m pretty sure anyone who listens to music and is living in this century uses iTunes for whatever reason. I’ve also recently discovered that iTunes has a lot of features that are commonly overlooked, one of those is podcasts. Podcasts always sounded a bit weird to me. However they’re […]

Win/Mac: ColorChecker Passport Introduced for Digital Photography Raw Workflows

I found an article that was posted on September 17th saying that the new hardware provides Adobe users with  integration of DNG profiling. “X- Rite’s Color Checker Passport allows digital photographers working in a Raw work flow to capture accurate color, enhance images and maintain color control from capture to edit. The goal is to […]