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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Styling the Harvey Nichols 2009 press launch

Combining a photograph with illustrations to create the cover for a press launch fashion collection can result in a disaster. Abstract, brightcolored illustrations and crisp, detail oriented photographs can’t possibly mix together into one design piece. Or can they? On a first glance at Kate Forrester’s press launch cover design for the 2009 Harvey Nichols […]

K-9 Lifesavers

The first and only piece I’ve done for a client was for K-9 Lifesavers, a local dog adoption center whom at the time needed a logo reinvention. Their previous logo had a cartoon dog within a lifesaver, which was too literal for my tastes. When designing the logo I had this idea of a paw […]

Being a Designer is a Mental State

I’ve often discussed with my friends the idea that being a designer means becoming one. Once you are a graphic designer and actively use your skills, it becomes more a life-style than a job or set of skills. You see your trade everywhere. From billboards to graffiti to art galleries, there is always something to […]

What was PEPSI thinking?

Redesigning a logo is a risky business.  If your product is the best in its category and you have loyal consumers, then yes you’ll still have your fans regardless of what your logo looks like.  However, Pepsi’s new logo definitely ruined my experience with the product.  Every time I see the most recent logo, I […]

Kinetic Typography

We encounter typography everyday. Most people are oblivious and ignorant about typography, despite their near constant exposure. In part, people’s ignorance to type is that it normally appears on flat, two-dimensional surfaces, and while design gurus can appreciate a unique application of type on a restaurant menu or on a junk-mail flier , the average […]


A few days ago, I stumbled across what could possibly be one the coolest web site directories. As I was browsing through it, I knew this was no ordinary website. The juicy and interactive content it offers was too impressive and I found myself clicking away for hours. After settling in the excitement of my […]

I <3 Graphic Design

I Love Graphic Design, the self explanatory title for the piece done by graphic designer Thomas Dufranne, is a personal piece that is both urban and fresh. Although flat by nature, the bold black in contrast with the soft blues and pinks creates a pop in this piece that is only heightened by the bold […]

Let Your Life Inspire You

Learned Design?

Sound design, can it be learned or does one have to be born with it in order to be successful at it. Personally, I am not sure which category I fall under.  I came into this field just a few years ago totally new – a blank canvas. Now, I am still overwhelmed. Yes, I […]

Chanel Logo…

Although some claim that Coco Chanel created this logo herself in 1925, others dispute this and say the logo was created for her. One thing is for certain; this logo for The House of Chanel is striking, yet classy and timeless. It is by far one of my favorites in the fashion industry.  It is […]