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Monthly Archives: October 2009

I thought you guys might enjoy this :-)

Design does make a difference in our daily lives

How often would you choose stairs over escalators? Study finds that more than 99 % of the people choose escalators over stairs. Sponsored by Volkswagen, The Fun conducted an experiment at a metro exit in Stockholm, Sweden, where they covered the stairs with patterns that look like piano keyboards. ( and they do make […]

Sexism in Advertisment: A Thing Of The Past

In modern society equality amongst the two different genders is a practiced normality. Although sexism isn’t totally absent, outward act of sexism are definitely prohibited from print and advertising. However our the past tells a different story, when sexism wasn’t a word and saying that women were inferior to men was a generally accepted fact. […]

Hand Rendered Type

When I think about hand drawn typefaces, it reminds me of middle and high school. Anytime we were required to cover our books with grocery bags, students took the time to make their brown-paper-bagged-books unique by adding there own hand drawn typography. Boys and girls would pass each other notes throughout the day with all […]

Ethics in Design

While searching through the AIGA website, I came across an article by Paul Nini, an Associate Professor in the Department of Design at Ohio State University, entitled “In Search of Ethics in Graphic Design.” In his article he explained his excitement for finding good resources for explaining ethics in graphic design. He stumbled upon some […]

House Industries

I have always loved lettering and typography, but never actually knew how to use it. My AVT 215 class over the summer really opened my eyes to a lot more opportunities with type, but also to a lot more resources to find out about type. One of our assignments was to create a poster about […]

Posters about Inequality

Inequality is a problem among people in many nations. I recently read an article that is called Inequality Matters.  It was about getting the word out about inequality through displaying posters.  Each poster contained facts relating to various topics about inequality.  For instance, one was about the number of maternal deaths that occurred in Canada […]

What NOT to do when designing

Recently I stumbled upon a blog called Photoshop Disasters. It reminds me to pay attention when I’m working in Photoshop. Missing hands, extra fingers, and limbs that bend at funny angles are all reported to this site. Some are incredibly amusing and most will make you wonder how it is that this got into the […]

Designing Solutions

The process of designing and its overall approach is consistent. The most successful organizations and individuals follow a common pattern of success in their works when tackling tough problems. Here are the stages of designing solutions that could be applied to any business or project: DEFINING THE VALUE Defining the problem Envisioning the desired end […]

My Guilty Pleasure

I don’t usually treat myself to a lot of things. I’m very conservative with how I spend my money and I try to spend strategically as opposed to impulsively. But the one thing I seem to have no budget for is makeup. Makeup is my guilty pleasure. My favorite place to shop for cosmetics is […]