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Monthly Archives: October 2009


In today’s modern age practically everybody uses some form of social networking. Websites like Facebook and Myspace make it easy to socialize and/or stalk those important t0 your life. Social networking allows for a sense of community within a group of people via the internet as well as offer a easy means of communication. Graphic […]

A is for Alligator

Jeremy Pettis is a graphic designer who undertook the task of creating a type face of 26 different animals. He used an animal beginning with each letter of the alphabet, for example he used a for alligator and b for bear and so on. Each type face is representative of the animal in either appearance […]

Cross-Cultural Design

Every day, technology, mass media and the global economy make the world smaller and create a better understanding of the issues of cross-cultural communications. With this, companies are expanding their customers to national and cultural boundaries. Ensuring usability and user experience over our country’s border is important and to do this, we must first understand […]

David Carson Design

David Carson is a popular Graphic Designer of Logos and loose art. He is proof of why we as designers need to take the time and make tons of different designs of one project. If you think that working on one design for a long period of time will be a success to the company […]

Paul Renner (from a project I am working on)

Paul Renner was born in Germany on August 9, 1878. He was a German graphic artist, painter, type designer, author, and teacher (Lineotype).   When he was older he attended the art school of Berlin.  Then began his first career as a painter.  He then moved on to designing book covers for a publishing company in […]

How/Why do we choose a typeface?

How do we choose which typeface we will use for a specific project? And after we choose this typeface, can we explain to our clients why this is the right typeface for this particular job?  In my own search for the perfect typeface for my body copy in my editorial redesign project in AVT 313, […]


I don’t drink coffee everyday, but when I do it is always Starbucks.  Call it a sickness (because, yes it is) but I refuse to drink anything else when I do have my occasional dose of caffeine.  I had never really paid attention to the mermaid they use as their logo until, a few years […]

Working with Vinyl

As a hobby of mine, I designed a vinyl graphic for the side of my car a couple years ago. it was a process that really brought to light what it was like to work with a “printer” and the process of slowly making edits until you have a final product that you can call […]

Don’t Judge A Book By The Cover, Right?

Everyone is taught not to judge a book by the cover. I remember in elementary school, our classes would go to the library at the beginning of each year. There, our school librarian would demonstrate that the proper way to decide on a book was to randomly open to a page, read the contents for […]

I hate to admit it…

but Britney Spears may seem not too bright, but she’s got some fantastic people doing work for her. Single after single, album after album, crazy news story after crazy news story. I’ll confess: I do love Britney. Recently flipping through my ipod I came across her single “Womanizer” from earlier this year. The album artwork […]