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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Find Out if You are a Lousy, No Good Graphic Designer!

So in trying to come up with something fabulous to write about for my final paper for this class, I will confess– I googled “hot topics in graphic design.” Yes, this is just slightly lame, I know, but I came across something very interesting that I wanted to share. On the website is a […]

Inspiration has an interesting section called Design Journeys Archive.  It is under the inspirational tab.  In it you will find links to various graphic designers and their personal design stories. Some of these stories really are inspirational and build appreciation. I read one story about a man named Saki Mafundikwa. He came to America when […]

Amazing Product Design

From an earlier Post, I found this website . One of the recent products was Tempo, a Feminine Hygiene  product. While very taboo to talk about such things, I love the packaging. The package is beautiful, with cool blues and calm tones that are a nice break from lime greens and pinks that assault […]

Dollar Dollar Bill Y’all

When I travel I love collecting the currency of different countries, I enjoy the different colors, the varying sizes, and the practicality of most currency. One of the ones I admire the most is the Euro, and the one I dislike the most is the US Dollar. I find the US Dollar to be very […]

The Smallest Piece of Graphic Design

Barcodes are those boring little graphics combined with lines and numbers. I assume no one would pay attention to them except for cashiers. Perhaps a well designed package can bring an enjoyable shopping experience to customers. So why not also design barcodes? A Japanese design firm called D-Barcode is now putting creative ideas onto products […]

Stop Drop and Roll

Rolltop is a future designer laptop concept that would be great for designers who like to travel and do all their design work in their local Starbucks. Overall I think it is a great concept yet I’m not too sure how practical it would be if it went into production right now. I worry about […]

Take A Look Around

There is an area of graphic design that seems to be discussed less than, if at all, typography, web, editorial, and packaging design. It is an area of design that people experience on a daily basis, and one that serves a greater functional purpose than the more obvious areas, in my opinion. This area is […]

Enough is enough is enough is enough…

There aren’t many design pieces that I come across that I don’t particularly like. I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or not; either I lack a critical eye because I can find something I like about anything, or I’m an optimist. Either way, there’s so much design around us that sometimes it can […]

23 Skadoo

Atelier Martino and Jana are two graphic designers from Portugal who paired up to form Martino Jana Design. Their work mainly deals with editorial and print design, but they have occasionally dabbled in web design. However, when the pair includes illustrative elements in their poster designs that’s when it really stands out. When one first […]

Stitch Design Co.

Stitch Design Co. is a Charleston-based design firm founded this year and made up of the female design duo, Courtney Rowson and Amy Pastre. They do some cool stuff and have been very successful this past year, winning seven graphic design awards, including Best of Show in the annual awards of the South Carolina Chapter […]