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Monthly Archives: November 2009

I was on looking at portfolios of different designers.  I came across one designer who did a job for a magazine called Re-Magazine.  The simplicity of her work prompted me to investigate the re-Magazine website.  The magazine covers different topics in each biannual edition.  One in particular caught my eye which was about different […]

Can you find the invisible man?

Mr Liu Bolin, a young artist from Beijing has also become known as “The invisible man” due to his incredible ability to transform his body as part of the surroundings. He paints every single spot on him, to the point where he becomes one with the background. He sometimes works up to 10 hours on […]

The Ethical Graphic Design Company

“The question is whether concern about the consequences of one’s work can become part of the ethos of [graphic designers’] field. We all say no to many things that violate our ethical standards, why should our professional work be an exception?” This quote by Milton Glaser is featured on the home page of The Ethical […]

Velvet Strike and Video-Game Art

  I am a big fan of the video game and of course I am also the person who believes a video game as an art. Nowadays, video games use high technology to create unique visual performance to give extra enjoyment to the viewer. However while I was enjoying the video game and give my […]

Starbucks Logos

Starbucks Logos Starbucks has been using the company’s familiar predominantly green logo of a mermaid encircled by the words “Starbucks Coffee.” However, because the green Starbucks logo is too pervasive, switching to the retro version was an immediate attention grabber. Starbucks is using a special brown logo to evoke the chain’s beginning and restore some […]


Brainstorming plays an important role in design.  There are several ways to brainstorm. You can sketch, research, use think tanks, etc.  In an article I recently read called A Foolproof Technique for Fooling Around, the author, Ralph Caplan, shares a different kind of brainstorming through the use of post-its.  Ideas are sketched out onto several […]

OooOoo Shiny!

I am a sucker for good packaging. If I see a product on the shelf, despite the brand name or effectiveness of the product I will go for the product I find to be the most “pretty”. Pretty packages catch the viewer’s attention, which is the reason companies spend millions on their product designs. Cocoa […]

For Typography Lovers

What is an ambigram? The word comes from the latin “ambi”, which means around or both. The prefix is used for words like, ambidextrous, and, ambiversion.  The greek suffix, “gram”, which means drawing or carving, is used in words like, diagram, and, histogram. Basically, an ambigram is a typographical design where a word can be […]

Making Beauty Artificially

Recently France has been playing with the idea of  having a warning placed on images that have been photoshopped or retouched. Beauty is different to everyone, it changes with the decade and with the time. It morphs from person to person and with every nationality. Those of us in the AVT program are both designers […]


Symmetry is an interesting subject in art, on one hand most of nature is made up of symmetrical objects, on the other hand we are all slightly different. Asymmetry, on the other hand, is also very pleasant for the eye. We are told, as children, that we must pick three dandelions, not two in order […]