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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Making a Magazine

I had the pleasure this semester of taking Editorial Design, which allowed me to make basically my own magazine from scratch. We were assigned the task of redesigning a bad or out of date magazine, but it was pretty much tossing everything but the theme out. One of the hardest things about magazine design is […]

Ethical Behavior of a Graphic Designer

There are many roles and responsibilities of a graphic designer.  One extremely  important responsibility is to incorporate sustainability in their design practice as well as their designs. Designers who mainly work with print design need to be even more conscious of their decisions. A typical life cycle of a piece of print design consists of […]

Reflection of a piece I did in class

The objectives of the project were to develop skills in composition, typographic design, integration of text and image, and creative problem solving.  We also studied the application of design principles, as well as learned to use the camera to frame images.  I attempted to accomplish these objectives in my final designs, after going through a […]

Ethics and Social Responsibility in Graphic Design

According to Shel Perkins in the article “Ethics and Social Responsibility” (July/August 2005 Professional Practices): There are at least three levels different levels to consider in discussing ethics and design –professional behavior, professional expertise and professional values.” Here are some examples of professional behavior in graphic design. • Respect other designers • Be honest when […]

Typographic Advertisements

Within last 8 years, advertised industry has overtaken the media world. Nowadays, print advertisements are delivering a big message to the world in an impressive and unforgettable manner. I know that print advertisements to be one of the fastest ways to allure customers but if they are not interesting or memorable, then it is very […]

Amazing graphic design

As we are facing the 21st century, graphic designs are rapidly developing and this is how I realize by looking at image like Leto2 by unknown graphic designer. My first impression was wow and how did he or she make an art piece like this? I have seen lots of computer generated images from everywhere […]

Final Paper

As the semester is coming to a close, I know a lot of us are worried about getting as many drafts of our final paper looked at as possible. I figure, no better way to get everyones input than to get it up on the blog. It’s rather unfinished, but if you guys wouldn’t mind […]

Wearable Design

Because we’re so entrenched in the academic setting of graphic design, it’s easy to forget about the many ways graphic design is applicable in the world. One completely fun design opportunity is to design graphic tees. Everyone owns them. They are a great way to make a statement or just a fun way to express […]