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Monthly Archives: January 2010 Garbage In, Garbage Out

Ayn Roberts, AVT 395 For a struggling design student who feels the twinges of creative defeat on a near daily basis, surfing the web for craptastic design has always been a comforting pastime of mine. You know when you find a design that reeks of such a foul stench of suck, that the only thing […]

Logo Comparison: World Learning and Momentum Resources

When I first turn my computer on for the day, I like browsing different design websites and looking through different designers’ online portfolios. It gives me inspiration and motivation for my daily tasks. A friend sent me a link to Punch, a creative firm located in Richmond, VA. I browsed through their different categories and […]

Cover Letter: A great advice from a design critic

Students and young professionals often struggle with writing cover letters when searching for design jobs. I certainly do. Unfortunately, it is hard to find somebody who can help us understand what we should write and what is the proper way to relate to a possible employer. Therefore, at times we might ask a friend to […]