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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Who’s Hiring Whom? Web Designers in Demand

  Man, I can’t tell you how bummed I am to see “print design” in the bottom 25%. Print design is the area of the graphic design field that I am most interested in, and it is also the field I feel most qualified to work in. Currently, our graphic design concentration course requirements seem […]

What’s Your Destiny?

As graphic design students about to enter the real world, we should all be thinking about our destiny. After attending the AIGA Student Portfolio Review and Career Day yesterday, I was fortunate to have gained some insight on what we can expect after graduation and thought this would be great information to share. Designer Nathan […]

“The Father of Grunge”

David Carson started out as a sociology teacher and a professional surfer in the 70s.  He was qualified as the 9th best surfer in the world.  In the 80s he started to experiment with graphic design.  He created a whole new graphic design style, now known as grunge.  The type on a page became a […]

It’s always 10:10

We see almost all watches are pointing at 10:10 in advertisement. Is it because it’s just looking good or are they any other reasons for that? I started wondering why the advertisement companies choose to show it that way. There are some rumors about 10:10 that it is the time when Abraham Lincoln, John F. […]

Design It Like This

Kris Celeste | AVT395 In-House Designers often work under the restrictions of the content. The colors have to stay a certain way and although they may be able to add a swatch or two it most likely would be a shade of one of the already existing colors. It’s hard to be able to work […]

Think Small

Many ads are placing in everywhere. Sometimes I feel like I have some kind of pressure that I have to digest all of the information and adopt new release every week. Every second, new word for a day is created and people expect to see something new and attractive. Companies seek to have better and more vibrant […]

Coke’s New Bottle Design…..kind of

Some time on Friday my friend tricked me into driving her up to Giant. Long story short, she smiled and batted her eyes and the next thing I know I walking around the grocery store with her. So we were wondering around, jumping from aisle to aisle because she can’t figure out what she wants when I notice that […]

The Act of Schmoozing

When reflecting on previous work experiences, we can usually identify lessons we learned in each unique working environment and/or with work projects. I, for one, can look back on my last job and honestly say that the biggest lesson learned was how to successfully schmooze. Schmooze? Yes, I am serious, I believe that I actually […]

“Am I filling my life with design, or my design with life?”

A friend sent me a link to this blog the other day, and I thought it was worth posting/discussing. Growing up, I always loved doing D.I.Y. craft projects at home for fun…that could be the reason why I found graphic design such an appealing career for me. I still enjoy looking at blogs with “how-to” […]

You Found a Job, Now Search for a Mentor

“No matter where you start your career, make sure you find yourself a mentor.” Tim Cripps, Art Director of Threespot Media These words still resonate, even months after Tim’s AIGA-GMU presentation last semester. I’d never had a mentor until a few years ago. During an office meeting, our CEO made an announcement about starting up […]