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Monthly Archives: February 2010

“Blogs” I like

There are really only two blog like things I can enjoy reading or watching (one is a video blog) and somewhat follow.  One is by Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw and is called “Extra Punctuation”. In a previous post I mentioned his video game review show “Zero Punctuation” and this a kind of play off of that […]

Why I love Twitter/Facebook.

Posted by Emily Posner I think there is a lot more to Facebook and Twitter than meets the eye. I have found the previous posts to be very negative outlooks on these social networking sites. I, too, overlooked the powers of Twitter at first, making fun of my friends for posting their “status” updates every […]

My Two Cents on Facebook and Twitter

I find it interesting how many people are mentioning that Facebook and Twitter can be used as valuable networks for graphic design. I never thought to use them that way until AIGA began to issue messages about meetings, portfolio reviews, etc. While I see the merit in using Facebook and Twitter to build your connections […]

Design is More Than a Pretty Face

Can design be more than skin deep? Recently I’ve been thinking about the canvas bag and aluminum water bottle that with the aid of good design have helped consumers become conscious of eco-friendly alternatives. In order to promote these alternatives to the plastic bags and water bottles that are polluting our landlfills, made of non-renewable […]

Facebook and Twitter

I use facebook almost everyday, especially when I’m at school.  I use it mostly just to keep in touch with all my old high school friends that go to different colleges.  I think it is great for networking and finding out when events are.  It is a great tool for event invitations.  It is also […]

Use of Twitter for Designers

Many designers and others working in the creation field have recently recognized the value of the use of Twitter for promotional purposes. You can design your twitter background; provide a cool social media avatar and post links to your design blogs. Millions of people tweet everyday and if you become an active member with in […]

Facebook: Valuable Networking Tool or Too Much Information?

Ever since Facebook exploded onto the Web it has greatly impacted the way people relate and connect with one another. Political and social activists can use it to rally support for their causes. Because the Web covers the entire planet great multitudes of people can be reached in a very short time. Family members and […]

The Importance of Functional design

Efficient design is often overlooked. If memory serves, one of the Visual Voices speakers last semester talked about this issue at length. As an example of good design, she referred to a kind of soy sauce bottle whose red top has an opening that is the correct size to allow the exact right amount of […]

Great Business Networking Tools…in the Future

Kris Celeste | AVT 395 Facebook and Twitter haven’t made a substantial amount of difference in advertising and promoting companies; at least for now. They’ve been good tools in connecting one person to another. Almost every company and business is using one or both of these networking tools in an effort to connect with consumers […]

And All the World’s a twitter

I tweet on twitter. I don’t “tweet” or say anything valuable on twitter besides my own pithy statements. With 140 characters or less to each tweet, I like that it’s called “micro-blogging.” So why do I seemingly waste my time with twitter? I like to read. I am a follower (for once). I follow 51 […]