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Monthly Archives: March 2010

What’s up with the new Burger King Commercial?

So I turn on the TV on day and find the Burger King mascot in a track suit and with a Burger King mascot mask over his “face” breaking into a building.  He does a lot of Mission: Impossible-esc moves and come across a few filing cabinets with the McDonald’s golden arches above them.  He […]


Nintendo has been making me unhappy with their decisions for awhile now.  They have been pushing their front man Mario of years now in games with repetitive game play.  There has been similarities to other games of theirs: The Legend of Zelda and Metroid.  In all three games, the player must track down a dragon like thing and save […]


One of the reasons why I decided to go in to the field of graphic design is the idea that design work circulates without a face or name connected to it. This thought was appealing to me and made me feel more comfortable. If you are in the field, you probably know who designed certain […]

Generation Speed

Maybe I see this from a graphic designer’s standpoint, but the technological advancements in the art world have made enormous impacts on what artists are able to do today. The Internet, photography, even software programs such as Adobe Photoshop that allow the manipulation of photography and the creation of digitally enhanced, fantastic realms, have all […]

Font Change Helps University Go Green

What – a change in font helps a university go green?  Just recently the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay switched their default font on their email system from Arial (designers Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders) to Century Gothic (designer Morris Fuller Benton) in order to cut costs and go green. Apparently their computing department determined that […]

Psychonauts poster

So I’m still trying to crank out some posts and keep up with the class, so I decided to look at some game poster design, and found I really liked: Psychonauts. Now my experience with the game can be summed up in about 30 min, though I think the game is really cool and in […]

Is CS5 already blowing my mind??

I saw a youtube video on cs5 explaining their new patchmatch system: a randomized correspondence algorithm for structural image editing, quickly finding approximate nearest neighbor matches between image patches. Whoa that was a mouthful. But what it basically does is allows for an easy interactive experience of editing elements within the picture and changing the […]

SEX. The Designer’s Cheap Trick?

Yes we all know that sex sells, but how well does it sell the designer? Now I’m not bashing all advertising that uses sex or beauty to sell an image, when done correctly (and by correctly, I mean creatively) it can garter both the attention of the audience and some savvy designer peers. When I […]

Blue Ribbon

i am pro-competition. And i will make it known that im a sore loser. i wont enter every competition, i think you know a shady deal when it’s presented to you. i can tell you the most motivational, ego-boosting, blissful moment is winning. Even if its not really a contest, ie, if you were selected […]

Graphic Design and Aesthetics

Don’t Judge a book by its cover: it’s an important proverb that we must keep in mind! However, in the graphic design world (and the visual world in general), the “cover” often allows us to read into the book.   “We’ve all seen arguments in the design community that dismiss the role of beauty in […]