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Monthly Archives: April 2010

The Magic Button

Finally, I found the magic button I’ve been dreaming of for years. I stumbled upon this the other day and couldn’t be more excited since it now lives in my bookmarks, and at a touch of a button while at any website, I can easily print what I want. What I need. Not all that […]


Group ixi is design network created by Xavier Moulin and Izumi Kohama.  They are actives in France, Italy and  settled in Japan’s Okinawa Prefecture, while stayed in Japan they share and exchange new ideas with the foreign exchange artists and designers. ixi is shorten word stands for the personal individual times individual.  ixi believes that […]

Tado Ando(architect)

Once you look around, the most important in our life is food, cloth and the house. But as you can see house is a serious problem in our life. The condition of the houses are bare cement texture, the square will not stray from the straight form dozens of years. According to some 5000 years […]

When It Comes to Your Portfolio, There Are No Excuses

I’m sure you’ve all had a professor or boss look over your designed work and suggest that you modify elements in your designed piece in order to have a more successful outcome. You may have heard, “move the title over, change the body text typeface, or tweak the layout.” Many times these suggestions are helpful. […]

questions and concerns from a young designer.

Although I did not get a chance to attend this years ADCMW Career Day, I have already heard such great things from fellow GMU design students. I was actually extremely intimidated by the responses from my colleagues that did attend Career Day. Comments such as, “You have to be more bold and more ballsy to […]

Call Numbers are Calling My Name!

One source I can always trust for inspiration is the library. It’s free, easy to access on campus, and filled with amazing material. Whether at Fenwick, the JC stacks, or your public library, you can always count on the call numbers to lead you in the right direction for that creative boost. The fourth floor […]

Color Me Creative!

Back in March I had the great opportunity to attend the “Josef Albers: Innovation and Inspiration” exhibit at the Hirshhorn. His “Homage to the Square” pieces were the very reason for my visit. I love colors and think that they are a language within themselves.  To see Albers’ work–pure color–was exciting and reminded me how […]

Are You Wicked Talented?

What does it mean to be wicked talented? If you think it’s having the perfectly designed resume, portfolio, and business card… spending countless hours getting your leave-behind up-to-par and finding the perfect personal logo… think again. These steps will help in landing a design job. However, in order to become sought and fought after by […]

Skittles Vodka

While I’m on the topic of skittles, has anyone heard of the new drink skittles vodka?  I just recently found out about it through my sister.  Fruit has always been used in drinks and  it was only a matter of time before someone thought to use fruit flavored candies in drinks. I’ve heard of gummy […]

Taste the Rainbow

I don’t know if ya’ll have eaten skittles lately, but I noticed that they changed their logo this year. Miles Newlyn worked with Dragon Rouge to change the logo to a multi-colored tongue which is literally translating the skittles slogan, “Taste the rainbow.”  I think it is pretty clever and I am surprised that it […]