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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Everyday a graphic designer receives clients with a multitude of messages and causes they need to promote. Some of these messages a designer will agree with and some he or she will not. Is it ethical for a designer to design for a cause he or she does not agree with? Professor of Philosophy Anthony […]

change the tv channel with an apple

have you guys seen this? Designer Jason Roebuck has designed a remote control for Sony, and it is an apple! The concept is a bowl that has several apples; one for each family member. With the apple you can operate the television with gestures. The physical movement with the apple operates the television, by swaying […]

Symbols’ History

Knowing your history is important. I find it fascinating to learn how simple designs were put together, for what occasion, and why.   I travel a lot and I have often thought about the fact that there are some symbols that we all recognize internationally. Those symbols are able to guide us wherever we are. […]

Puma’s Clever Little Bag

Think sustainable. Think light-weight. Think well designed. Puma redesigned the shoe box. If you do not want to read the whole article about Puma’s new redesigned shoe box, at least scroll to the bottom of the article and watch the video. After 21 months of design and redesign, The Fuse Project crafted the Clever Little […]

Designing a “Window” to the Company’s Soul

Upon my recent one-day-turn-around trip to New York City, I hopped off the bus, shook out my stiff legs, and became one with the city. I had a plan to have no set plan. If a store pulled me in, I’d follow that tug. If a coffee shop’s beans were too tempting to pass-by, I’d […]

The Aim of Archer

On AIGA’s main page, this article on the typeface Archer sits on display. Look familiar? I began to wonder if I was the only one who had noticed this typeface absolutely everywhere. Apparently, the author, a grad student at MICA, noticed it too. She outlines Archer’s beginnings as a commission from the Martha Stewart Magazine, […]

TEAnking out of the box

 This post relates to an earlier entry about tea packaging design. I am a tea lover and I fully enjoy my “tea experience” every time. I love to look at the way tea is packaged, paying particular attention to the tag. Sometimes the tag works like a fortune cookie at a Chinese restaurant. For instance, […]

When Did the Right Lane Become the Passing Lane?!

I have noticed that when I drive, I have to keep switching which lane is the passing lane (suppose to be left) and which is the cruising lane (suppose to be right) and it is becoming quite annoying. I am driving down the road and am passing several cars while in the right lane to […]

amazing beautiful & creative

I found this unique approach to creating an art form through nature. I find it very clever how the designer used maple leaves to create a beautiful bouquet of roses. It must have taken a lot of precious time, dedication, and creativity to create such a wonderful piece of art. I love how the most […]

Buckle Up,it’s the Law

So I on a rode trip this weekend and on the way back home on Sunday I saw the Virginian Buckle Up sign. It is a pretty big sign with a seatbelt across the state of Virginia that says to wear your seatbelt because it can save your life and it is the law.  I have seen […]