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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Will you sign my sketchbook??

My all time favorite, oldie but goodie, better than the rest graphic designer is Niklaus Troxler. His work reminds me of those 3D optical illusion books you read as a kid. I like his work because he takes simple elements of designs to create intricate and visually entertaining pieces. Using contrasting colors like red and […]

Feeling Uninspired?

If you’re ever in need of identity inspiration, I found a great site to reference! is a site for designers to use a reference or source of inspiration. It’s known as “a place to fish for ideas, Brand and Identity showcase.” Anyone can see the posted logo’s for review. Each company is credited and […]

Liquid Art

This amazing image is created by Italian artist, Alberto Seveso. Alberto Seveso is a graphic designer and illustrator who has simply created a fantastic style by mixing colourful vectors with black and white photos known as “sperm shaping.” He was born in Milan 30 years ago, but lived for in the marvellous Sardinia Island for 20 […]

Rock, Me, Hard Place (in that order)

It happens to the best of us. You run out of ideas. Put your pen to the paper and draw.. absolutely nothing. I don’t know how everybody else gets past the creative block but I have a few ways to get around it. The method to escaping my madness depends on the amount of time […]

Is this my job?

Most of the job postings I’ve seen for graphic designers list HTML and/or CSS skills under the qualifications. I think to myself, after years of studying graphic design, how am I not qualified for an INTERNSHIP, an opportunity to learn more about my profession?? My simplified definition of graphic design is type plus image. As […]

No words

Kenya Hara is one of the most Japanese respectable thinker and graphic designer. He devotes considerable attention to the pursuit of future communication in Japan. A record of his work is full of very beautiful, elegant and restrained design solutions He’s perception of having communication is interesting. People believe that communication is an action of […]

Right Under Your Nose

Where can you find design? Graphic Design has no limits. You may find it on the side of a bus or to the right of your facebook page. Watch your step on the way to work, or you may walk by a good design. Thanks to artists Julian Beever, companies can reach potential customers anywhere. […]

iphone recession case design

Iphone cases have become a fashion statement since the type of designs and styles have grown in variety. A lot of these cell phone cases average around 35-40 dollars. If you collect cases on a regular basis like I do, you end up spending hundreds of dollars on them. I came across the “recession” iphone […] a visual guide to your music tastes

I have been a member of for well over three years. It’s a site dedicated to the scrobbling of your music being played on your computer and mp3 player. You can collect the stats concerning the your fav artists and songs. You also get suggestions for other bands and genres that might interest you […]

Tumblr Popularity

Tumblr is a blogging service that has been gradually gaining popularity on the internet along with other networking sites such as twitter, wefollow, and facebook. Users can relink blogs post that they like and enjoy so their own followers can view blogs from other users on the site. In a way it becomes a popularity […]